Hugo Boss is a very well-known brand around the globe that established itself in the fashion industry since 1924. Due to their varied product range, they have not only focused on watches, but also dozens of other fashion items. As a result of which they have outsourced their watch manufacturing to third parties. So, who makes Hugo Boss watches?

Hugo Boss is made by third parties and different manufacturers depending on the model and time. Think of brands like Seagull, Fossil, and Movado. Hugo Boss is a fashion brand which only sells its name. This means that they give out contracts to mass-produce quartz movements by third-party manufacturers.

How exactly does this process work, and why would Hugo Boss work this way. These are questions that we answer in the following paragraphs.

Who manufactures HUGO Boss watches

Hugo Boss is a big fashion brand that is known to produce several fashion items, including watches. The name of the brand says it all, it is a “fashion” brand. This means that both their clothing and accessories are seen as items that complement your style, make your outfit look more beautiful and fashionable.

This also means that Hugo Boss’s focus is not to manufacture watches and quality but to hand out contracts to increase the name of the fashion company. The most obvious way to do that is by outsourcing parts of their production equipment to make the name as big as possible.

This is what happens with Hugo Boss’s watches. They give out contracts to third-party manufacturers that manufacture watches with the Hugo Boss name on the front of the watch. But the question we also came for is which brands manufacture the Hugo Boss watches. We made a simple list of some of the possible manufacturers for these well known fashion brands:

  • Movado
  • Seagull
  • Peacock
  • Memorigin
  • Fossil

While fashion companies like to conceal their true watch manufacturers, the brands above are the few that are known to produce watches for these big fashion brands.

Who Makes Hugo Boss Watches

Does Movado make HUGO Boss watches

Movado is a different story though. Movado is a big party for Hugo Boss’s watch line. Since 2005, the Movado group made it possible for Hugo Boss to be available in over 110 countries. The Movado group even spiked a huge increase in quality for the Hugo Boss watch line. This was all due to an exclusive license agreement that caused Movado to manufacture Hugo Boss watches since 2005.

The Movado Group is one of the few brands that actually express that they are part of the design and manufacture of Hugo Boss watches. They explicitly state that Movado is responsible for the manufacturing of the sophisticated BOSS timepieces, and the BOSS Orange watch collection.

We have more information on Movado, Movado is a great watch brand that is highly preferred by many watch enthusiasts. The brand deserves information and we have an article that provides more information about this brand and its connections here.

Is HUGO a good brand watch

Now that we know that Hugo Boss is usually made by third parties and is not particularly seen as a watch brand, people probably want to know if their watches have respected quality within the watch industry. The fact is that Hugo Boss manufactures watches that have a pretty good reputation in the industry. However, this is usually by people that use their watches as a fashion item. This is for good reason, because their watches are known to be very affordable.

Hugo Boss watches are known to manufacture watches that are focused on fashion rather than real watch brands that focus on the finer details that are way more attractive for watch collectors. Hugo Boss watches certainly aren’t bad as a fashion brand though. The fact is that the movements are better quality than Chinese pieces and the finishing is good as well. This is also mainly due to the manufacturers and the license agreement with the Movado group.

Hugo Boss watches are good for a fashion brand. The movement and finishing are good and you won’t go wrong with Hugo Boss as a fashion brand. However, for watch collectors, there are better options and it would be better to look at specialized watch brands.

Is HUGO Boss known for watches

To what extent is Hugo Boss actually known for its watch brand, and why is this important for manufacturers. As we mentioned before, Hugo Boss is a fashion brand. This means that the brand doesn’t particularly focus on manufacturing watches. But Hugo Boss is a very popular watch brand and some people might even only recognize the brand for their watches.

The fact is that they are known for their clothing and fashion accessories. And their watches are just a secondary fashion accessory that they have in their assortment. Since 2005, the watches did become more attractive and recognizable due to the increase in quality and cooperation with the Movado Group. Which has already made quality watches for years and is known to produce great watches.

Although watches have never really been their main focus and have always been a secondary style item in their assortment. Hugo Boss has grown out to be a world-known fashion brand that manufactures several high-quality fashion items.

Final words

In this article, we went on an investigation to see who makes the Boss watches and who manufactures them. Let’s discuss everything in this final words section.

Firstly, Hugo Boss is a watch brand that doesn’t manufacture its own watches. It is a fashion brand, which stands for a brand that spreads out its assortment and doesn’t particularly focus on one specific fashion item. Therefore, this brand has contracts with third-party companies that manufacture their models with their name on it.

Although these watches aren’t known for being of the highest quality and expertise, the new license contract with Movado in 2005 changed a lot for the brand. Together with the Movado Group, Boss had an increase in quality and helped them be known in over 110 countries. This helped Boss with an incredible increase in sales for just their watches. As if today, watches are well-known around the world.


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