Seiko is one of the world’s most iconic and experienced watch brands. With their watches being manufactured since 1881, Seiko has made some great watches through the years. Seiko isn’t known for insanely high prices, but, what does a Seiko watch service cost?

On average, a Seiko watch service costs $407,-, depending on the movement and model. Seiko’s mechanical caliber series service costs on average $384,50,-. Their quartz caliber series service costs on average $236,45,-. A Grand Seiko service costs on average $600,-.

We don’t just want to provide you with averages. In this article, we give exact numbers of the different Seiko models and their service costs. Also, we give tips on how to let your Seiko be serviced the best way.

What does it mean to service a watch

Let’s start at the beginning and explain what it actually means to service a watch. This general concept is seen as very common in the watch industry, but should probably be explained to less experienced people. When you talk about a “watch service”, we mean several maintenance actions that are required to maintain a watch, usually, done by a watchmaker who’s specified in maintaining and building watches.

The watch service contains the following maintenance actions.

  • Fixing and replacing damaged watch parts
  • Cleaning
  • Checking for invisible impurities
  • Adjusting
  • Fixing or replacing parts
  • Lubrication

These are all the maintenance actions that you can bring your watch to a watchmaker for. While you could do these actions yourself, a watch service costs money because it’s often done by someone who specializes in servicing watches. This service obviously varies from different watches, as every watch contains different specifies and parts.

A Seiko watch is often seen as an affordable watch on itself but does come with additional service costs, just like any other watch. So we broke down the exact cost of a Seiko watch service.

Seiko Watch Service Cost

How much a Seiko watch service costs:

How much a Seiko watch service costs depends on the different models that Seiko offers. The different price ranges, and also materials. While some Seiko watches can be serviced locally, some will have to be sent to Japan to get serviced which will also bring additional costs. Your best bet will be bringing your Seiko watch to an Authorized Seiko Service Center, but this service does cost money.

Seiko has an incredible tool on their website that gives you the average service costs of a specific model Seiko watch. Every Seiko owns its own caliber number. If you want to know more, we have an entire article on watch number here.

Finding a caliber number

Finding a caliber number is necessary to distinguish models and movements. Seiko uses caliber numbers to be designated to distinguish from other pieces. This consists of the first four digits of the eight-digit, hyphenated, number on the back of your Seiko watch. It’s usually not that hard to find.

Your watch has a case number engraved on the back of your watch, on the case. Just filling the first four digits of this number in this form gives you the average cost of a complete service of the watch movement.

In the table below, we give you the service cost of the different Seiko movements and models:

Average service cost of Seiko’s different movements:

Mechanical Caliber Series$384,50,-
Quartz Caliber Series$236,45,-
Grand Seiko Complete Service$600,-
Average cost mechanical, quartz, and GS services

In the following table, we’ll show you the exact movement service cost for each of the Seiko models and different movement types.

Service cost of Seiko’s mechanical movements:

Old mechanical calibers$290,-
Seiko’s mechanical movement service cost

Service cost of Seiko’s quartz movements:

Analog or rechargeable$100,- (average)
Analog / Digital$98,-
Discontinued calibers$154,-
Analog V series solar$116,-
Seiko’s quartz movement service cost

These are all service costs of most of modern Seiko watches. Although these are common watches, there are still some things to keep in consideration when buying a new Seiko watch. We explain in the following paragraphs.

Discontinued gaskets

If you’re thinking of buying a new Seiko watch, you should be informed about some discontinued gaskets. Seiko doesn’t offer any gaskets anymore for Seiko’s calibers 6138 and 6139 as their stock has been depleted. This basically means that if these movements need overhaul service for movement parts, new parts won’t be available. So, this might be something to take into account when buying these models.

Can all Seiko watches be serviced locally

Seiko Watch Service Cost

Something to keep in mind when buying a Seiko watch is that not all of their watches can be serviced locally. A fact like this could influence your choice on which Seiko watch you should buy.

Although these watches can’t be service at your local watch store, there is a way of still getting these Seiko’s serviced. You’ll have to send your timepiece to Japan to get it serviced. This will usually take between 5-8 weeks to get your watch serviced when send to Japan. We are talking about the following models:

  • S760
  • S771
  • S770
  • 1BXX
  • 4SXX
  • 5R86
  • 6SXX
  • 7B25
  • 7B24
  • 7R87
  • 8B54
  • 9R01
  • 9T82
  • 9S25
  • 9SA5
  • 9RA5
  • 9R96
  • 9R86
  • 9R31
  • 9R02

If you find yourself owning one of these watches, additional shipping and customs charges will apply to your total service cost, as well as a waiting time of 5-8 weeks before you get your watch back in your hands.

On average, getting a watch serviced in Japan from the USA costs $460,-. The service itself will cost you an average of $400,-. The return shipping costs an average of $60 for the cheapest option. This is necessary to know because some watch models of watches can only be serviced in Japan.

Is the cost worth servicing a Seiko watch

Now that we know the service of a Seiko watch cost around $400 you need to take into consideration if you think this watch service is worth the money. We would like to state first, that this is of course entirely up to you. But you could consider the following factors.

If you want to determine a watch service for yourself, it is good to measure the materialistic value but also the mental value of your Seiko watch. Maybe received this watch from a family member, or this watch contains a lot of value to you for some reason. Then it might be worth servicing your Seiko watch.

The other side is to take into consideration the price of the watch, and the price to get it serviced. Sometimes, new Seiko watches are even cheaper than to get your old one serviced. With the exact numbers of your Seiko watch being serviced in this article, you can make this decision easily. After all, it is a personal decision.

Because of the price of a Seiko watch service cost is higher than $200 dollars, we can state that servicing a watch under that price point is probably not worth the price. Unless the watch has enough mental value that you want the watch to stay, it’s probably not worth servicing a watch under $200,-. As these watches have need a service of $200,- every three years, you might be better of buying a new piece every three years.

How often should a Seiko watch be serviced

Servicing a watch could depend on the watch its self. But, there are a few factors that determine how often a Seiko watch needs to get serviced. For example, this could depend on the country you live in and your usage conditions.

Some countries have warm climates and some are really cold. Keeping your watch in normal weather conditions will increase the time that your watch needs servicing. Keeping the Seiko watch in extreme heat or cold can cause damage to the movement and gaskets, which causes your watch to need a service earlier.

As a general rule, you should have your Seiko watch serviced every three years. Although this number depends on a number of factors. You can assume this, if there is nothing wrong with your watch before the three year mark.

How long does Seiko watch service take

As mentioned before, the time of getting a Seiko watch service cost will vary widely. While some watches can be brought to a local Authorized Seiko Service Center, some need to be send to Japan to get serviced. So, this completely depends on the service that your watch needs, and on the country or place you need to ship it to.

Getting your watch shipped to Japan from the USA and back, will take about 5-8 weeks before your watch is back in your hands. As a general rule, watches can get a service in at least four weeks, while some can take up to 6 months.

The biggest factors when it comes to the duration of your watch service would be the location of your watch company’s Service Center. After buying a new watch, it’s good to get to know your watch and its company. Because knowing its requirements will ensure the best possible care for your watch.

Final Words

Seiko watches are beautiful pieces that come with different models and price ranges. If you are planning to buy a new Seiko watch, its good to take the service cost into consideration. A service of a watch comes with costs, and every watch has additional ones, like shipping and service costs.

So, having a Seiko watch service will cost you on average, $400,- every three years. Depending on several factors, this price can vary. We should mention that this average cost does increase with the Grand Seiko line being the most expensive. The Grand Seiko watch service costs about $600,-. While the normal mechanical and quartz watches that Seiko offers only cost you about $300 to $350 dollars.

Getting a Seiko watch serviced is something to keep in mind when buying a Seiko watch for a good price. If you have a Seiko that comes under the price of $200,-, it might not be worth getting your Seiko serviced. Although mental value does play a huge role in this, getting a Seiko watch under $200 dollars serviced is usually not worth the price.

For more articles on watches, we have an entire brand that covers all of your watch question. For example whether Seiko is a luxury watch brand, you can check that out here!

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