Rolex is one of the most iconic brands in the watch industry. The brand experienced rapid growth in popularity resulting in becoming the biggest watch producer in Switzerland. Because of the extraordinary luxury and prestige that is put into each particular product, consumers have to make a large expense, if they intend to buy a Rolex. That is why it is important to prepare well, and why we listed all of the costs for you. We answered the question, how much does a Rolex service cost?

On average, a Rolex watch service costs $800 USD. The price depends on the state of the watch and the type of service required. Prices tend to range between $600 and $1000 USD on average for Rolex retailers and Rolex affiliates to service your Rolex.

Rolex watches cannot just be serviced at home because of their complicated mechanism. Therefore, Rolex has a complicated servicing process that is done by professionals, and in and in different procedures. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss the servicing procedures and the cost of all services.

What does a Rolex service cost

A Rolex watch service will cost you anywhere between $600 USD to a little over $1000 USD. The exact price will depend on various internal or external factors. For example, your watch would be in good condition, so it would have to go through fewer procedures in the servicing process. But it can also vary due to different types of services.

The following factors can have an impact on the service price of your Rolex watch:

  • Movement (Internal mechanism that makes the watch work)
  • Condition (Watches that are broken need more servicing procedures)
  • Model (Which Rolex model is being serviced)

To determine the price of the service, the condition of your watch will be evaluated before sending it to a watchmaker. After the evaluation, the watchmakers will hand you an estimate for your approval for the cost of the service.

Average Cost

To make sure your Rolex complies with its functional and aesthetic specifications, your Rolex timepiece requires a service every once in a while. It is recommended to contact an Official Rolex Retailer or Service Centre if your Rolex needs servicing.

These services are divided into different procedures, and variable costs are associated with them. A full service usually costs around the $800 USD mark. This full service includes several processes. For example, the assembly and lubrication of the movement and the cleaning of the components are a part of the full service, but can also be serviced apart. This will include different costs.

So, it is not given how much a Rolex service will cost exactly. But based on past experiences, it’s safe to say that you’ll spend an average of $800 USD to provide your Rolex with excellent servicing. Depending on your watch and what it needs, it may vary slightly, usually about $200 – $400 USD above or below the average service price.

rolex service cost

An average Rolex service cost (Model)

Now that we know that the price of the service will depend on several factors, let’s discuss some of the Rolex service costs for their models. Rolex offers a large assortment of luxury timepieces that all have different materials, prices, and manufacturing processes.

This hens why all of their models have different price ranges for servicing and the price of the service will depend on the factors we mentioned above. One of those factors contains the model of the watch, which is an important factor in deciding the service cost.

Because of the variable factors, it is hard to say the exact price for each specific model. But there are models that are usually higher in service costs than others. For example, Rolex Daytona models usually have higher service costs than their Rolex Datejust models, although the price still varies depending on the condition of the watch. In the table below, we listed some of the average service prices that you can expect for some of the most popular Rolex models: (These prices are not given, they are averages of what you can expect and are still dependent on experiences and other factors)

Model:Service cost:
DAYTONA (VINTAGE)$900 – $1000
SKY-DWELLER$1000 – $1200
YACHT-MASTER$700 – $800
YACHT-MASTER II$1200 – $1500
GMT MASTER$500 – $600
SUBMARINER$500 – $600
LADIES DATE$400 – $500
DATEJUST$400 – $500
DAY-DATE$500 – $600
Popular Rolex models and their average price ranges for service costs:

Rolex service cost per movement

The movement is another important factor for the average service price of your Rolex watch. A movement is a mechanism that a watch contains which makes the watch move. Some movements tend to be much more complicated than others and need more time and expertise to get serviced. We see that back in the service prices of the different models in the table above.

The different service costs in the table above go hand in hand with the movement types. Because for example, the Rolex Datejust contains a much less complicated movement than for example the Rolex Sky-Dweller. This is why the Rolex to service cost will be variant dependent on the complexity of the movements.

In the answer paragraph, we answered the question of how much a Rolex service will cost, and why the costs could change. The complexity of the movement is one of the main indicators of why a service could vary from $600 to up to $1200 USD.

All Rolex watches use mechanical movements which will always be more complicated to get serviced than quartz movements which are battery-powered. This is one of the reasons why a Rolex service will usually cost more than other brands.

In the list below, we will show you some of the most expensive movements to get serviced, and some of the cheaper movements to get serviced. Usually because of the complexity of that specific movement:

Rolex movement service cost

Most complicated Rolex movements (Expensive service cost $1000 – $1500 USD):

  • Caliber 4130 (Daytona) – ($1000 USD)
  • Caliber 9001 (Sky-Dweller) – ($1100 USD)
  • Caliber 4161 (Yacht-Master II) – ($1300/1400 USD)

Less complicated Rolex movements (moderate service cost $500 – $700 USD):

  • Caliber 3155 (Day-date) – ($500/600 USD)
  • Caliber 3185 (GMT Master II) – ($500/600 USD)

These are just some examples of movements that Rolex has produced throughout the years. All of their movements are entirely dismantled and all the parts are examined when bringing your Rolex to a service center, after that, your watch will also be reassembled and lubricated.

Condition of your Rolex impacts service cost

It is clear that the prices of your service will vary dependent on several factors like the complexity of the movement, but also the model. Another factor that comes into play is the condition of your watch. Rolex watches that are in a bad condition will entail more costs, which of course makes sense.

The additional cost that comes with the servicing of the watch will depend on the materials that will need to be repaired or replaced. Some of the things that Rolex offers are band replacement, replacing glass or crystal, or the replacement of the crown or other materials. It is highly recommended to get this done by an official Rolex service center.

How much the additional costs will be will depend on the type of material and the severity of the damage, which is obviously hard to tell, because of the large number of cases that could come with that.

Depending on the type of bracelet, Rolex charges you around $1000 to $1200 USD for replacing the bracelet. The replacement of the crystal (sapphire crystal) would be around $200 and $300. And the crown replacement should cost around $300$400 USD.

Note: Please note that all of these numbers are estimates and are numbers that we’ve seen in past experiences.

What does a Rolex service include

Rolex offers different services. When we look at the service cost that we’ve mentioned in the answer paragraph, we are talking about a complete overhaul of your Rolex watch. This is recommended every once in a while.

Once you bring your Rolex watch to a service center, the process of servicing begins and offers several procedures to get your watch fully serviced.

In the paragraph below, the procedures are listed in the right order to give you a better understanding of what you are paying for with a Rolex service:

1. Assessing the watch for maintenance procedures

2. Detaching materials to service them separately (preparing)

3. Dismantling the movement to fully recover

4. Cleaning the watch thorough

5. Assembling and lubricating the movement

6. re-polishing the case and other materials

7. Assembling the case parts

8. Movement is put back into case

9. Precision and waterproofness tested

10. The final control and returning the watch

How to get your Rolex serviced

Your Rolex watch is of course invaluable to you, not only physically, but also mentally. That is why it is important to get your timepiece serviced in the best possible way. There are several service center’s throughout the world that will give your Rolex a complete service.

The first step for servicing your Rolex, we recommend you hand it to an Official Rolex Retailer or Service Centre to get it serviced. This is due to the fact that the official Rolex servicing offers by far the best professionalism and expertise for your Rolex service.

A Rolex service isn’t particularly hard to perform. Choosing a Rolex service center is easily done with the tool that is provided on the Rolex website over here. After bringing your watch to one of their authorized service centers, the procedures speak for themselves, and Rolex will automatically guide you through the rest of the steps.

How often should a Rolex be serviced

Now that we know the Rolex service cost, know more about how to get your Rolex serviced, and also which factors impact the service cost, we wanted to provide you with information about how often you should get your Rolex serviced.

A watch needs servicing every once in a while but you shouldn’t need it every week or year. Rolex states that one of their watches needs servicing approximately every 10 years. This is an estimate based on the model and condition of your Rolex watch.

Watches typically need servicing twice as much as a typical Rolex watch needs servicing. This is due to the quality of the watch and the materials that are used. Rolex’s quality is very good compared to its competitors and hens why the watch needs less servicing than other big watch brands.

The estimate of 10 years is obviously not a given. If certain components or parts of your watch are disabled or do not work properly anymore, you can always bring back your watch to an official Rolex service center or dealer to get it serviced sooner.

Final words

In this article, we discussed how much a Rolex service will cost you. The fact is that it is hard to tell you exactly how much a Rolex service will cost you. This is because it depends on several factors that we included in the article.

The factors that are important for deciding your service cost will depend on the model, the movement, but also on the condition of your watch. These factors combined will be the estimate for your exact Rolex service cost.

On average, a Rolex service will cost you around $800 USD, with outliers of about $400 USD above or below that price. The only exception is when one of the expensive materials is in need of a replacement.

All in all, Rolex services are highly recommended once in a while, and the promised expertise and experience that are put into it, will eventually be worth the cost.

If you have more queries about watches, we have an entire webpage with all of your questions about the different brands and watches in the industry. You can check out everything on our website over here. If you want more information about other brands’ service costs, you can check out our webpage over here.

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