Since the founding of the Tudor brand in 1926 by Hans Wilsdorf, the brand has started working itself up in the luxury watch industry. Even though this did not happen by accident and the brand needed a long time next to its big brother Rolex, it still worked out nicely. Modern Tudor watches are becoming increasingly popular and are crawling their way up in the luxury watch market. We went after it, is Tudor a good watch?

Tudor is a good watch brand. The brand is actually known for producing amazing manufacturing quality. Their own materials and own in-house movements have a great price/quality ratio. After becoming known as the “little brother of Rolex”, the brand has drawn more towards its own materials and vision.

Tudor isn’t only known for producing good quality movements and overall products. With the brand being backed by Rolex, you would expect a lot from the quality and perhaps investment opportunities. We answer all questions about how good the Tudor brand is.

Why Tudor is a good watch

Tudor’s history was built upon being the more affordable alternative to a Rolex watch. The watch was manufactured to attain the standards of dependability for which Rolex are famous for a more affordable price. With the brand being backed by such a large and experienced brother company. You’d expect one of the best alternative options for the biggest luxury watch brands.

Tudor was founded in 1926 and has been able to form her own vision over the years, moving away from Rolex. Over the years, the materials and colors have started to form their own identity. This was due to the global relaunch which happened in 2009.

Ever since the global relaunch, the brand faded away a little bit more from its status of being the “more affordable” variant of Rolex. The new relaunch has ensured that they produce new in-house movements and create high-quality, reputable timepieces.

This global relaunch made some adjustments and has therefore ensured that the modern Tudor watches are of good quality and that they offer a good price/quality ratio. We discuss a number of factors that make us think Tudor is a good watch brand.

is tudor a good watch


Materials obviously play a major role in whether a watch is good or not. Most materials differ in quality, but the quality of the materials also depends on the price of the watch. Tudor is known for producing watches that offer great value for money, which we will talk about later.

The fact is that the materials used in Tudor watches are actually of incredible quality and use some of the highest tier materials, also used by most of the biggest luxury watch brands.

Tudor uses titanium and steel in their watches. They also use sapphire crystals for the face of the watch, which is known to be anti-scratch and have an anti-corrosive nature. Also, the brand uses forms of gold for its products. Which can often be seen in the most luxurious watches on the market.

In short, for a luxury watch, the materials are exceptionally good and you do not pay more than is necessary for your new Tudor watch and its materials.

Price/Quality ratio

Tudor is actually known for producing watches that get you an incredible value for what you pay. For the quality of the materials and the look and solid feel of the watch, you are guaranteed to get back what you’ve paid for.

Tudor watches aren’t cheap, but they are compared to the rest of the luxury watch market and its competitors. As we know, Tudor was once founded to become the cheaper alternative to Rolex. And therefore to other major luxury watch brands. It only makes sense that they then want to change as little as possible in the quality and the feel of the watch.

And they have fulfilled this. Tudor and Rolex’s materials actually are quite similar. The look and feel of the watch are also reasonably comparable, and the quality doesn’t lack as well.

The difference is in the superiority of the materials and the expertise and time put into the watch manufacturing process. Because Tudor didn’t fail to score in terms of quality compared to other luxury watch brands. The brand actually offers an amazing price/quality ratio.

The brand name and the production rate also play a major role in deciding the price of the watch. We actually have an entire article on why Tudor is a luxury watch, and what the differences are from Rolex watches. We explain the price differences and what some watches are luxury watches over here.

The price

If we tell you that a Tudor watch offers a good price/quality ratio, it might be good to know how much a Tudor watch actually costs. An average Tudor model values for about $2500 to $5000.

Is Tudor a good investment watch

Another factor that could be decisive for watch collectors is whether the watch holds its value over time. The fact is that there are very few watches that can actually be a good investment opportunity. So, how is that with the Tudor brand?

In general, Tudor is not a good investment. While some Tudor watches tend to hold value or even appreciate, most of them won’t. Because there are certain Tudor models that are good as an investment, it is important to do good research before acting on a potential investment.

Tudor really only has two models that stick out in popularity when it comes to possible investment opportunities. The models that stick out are the following two:

  • Tudor Pelagos
  • Tudor Black Bay

Pelagos and Black Bay

There are certain lines that are worth looking at when it comes to investing in Tudor watches. One of them is the Tudor Black Bay series. With the use of in-house developed calibers and special retro-inspired watches. The Tudor Black Bay series is a good potential investment that is worth looking into. This line has become Tudor’s financially most successful watch with its modern vintage style. Especially the Tudor Heritage Black Bay.

Another one could be the Tudor Pelagos series that are also becoming increasingly interesting for investment opportunities. This is actually a really interesting one because of the figures that this model has achieved in recent years. In fact, from 2012 to 2016, the Tudor Pelagos had an increasing value increase of 26%. With a total value increase of about $900.

These numbers are not really to write home about but they are something to keep in mind when thinking of investing in a luxury watch from Tudor. But in general, the watches don’t tend to hold their value as well, and we’d advise looking into other watch brands.

Are Tudor watches good enough to be worth it

Tudor watches are certainly no longer seen as the sister or brother of Rolex. Of course, it still plays a role, but at least, the fact that they have started drawing their own plan has helped to create their own identity for the brand.

This new relaunch and identity also carry new design, manufacturing processes, and a different vision. For example, the manufacturing of the Tudor Bronze watches is an innovation that really shows a positive appearance for the brand.

So, is Tudor good enough? Tudor basically allowed consumers to gain access to a watch with the reliability and dependability of a Rolex, but at a lower price. So, it all depends on your personal needs for a watch. If you are looking for the same look and feel of a Rolex watch but without the sky-high price to pay, Tudor is a great option for you.

As we mentioned before, Tudor watches offer a great price/quality ratio and this never changed. The fact is that you’ll get a lot of worth for your money and you won’t be disappointed with the quality of your new timepiece. In terms of quality and price, yes, Tudor watches are worth it. It will be a great option for you if you have specific purposes. But it all comes down to personal preference when buying, really any timepiece.

In terms of investing only specific models will really be worth looking at. Although there are several better options to be made when thinking of buying a watch as an investment.

We have an article on how watches could be an investment. In this article, we explain exactly the differences between investment opportunities and we they could appreciate or depreciate in value over time.

Is Tudor respected

Whether a watch is good or not also has to do with the appreciation of the brand. Specific watch brands have different legacies and different stories. Tudor has a large history, they have always had a lesser reputation than their brother, Rolex because it was simply less known.

But that reputation has increased significantly since the global relaunch in 2009. They really established themselves in the watch industry and gained a lot of respect through the years.

With their new in-house movements, amazing link with Rolex, and innovative technology and design, the Tudor brand has really established itself through the years.

Tudor is a good watch

In this article, we discussed why Tudor is a good watch. There are several factors that we think are important for watches to be good. With the Tudor brand, the first thing that sounds really appealing is the fact that it has been founded by the same founder as Rolex, which is one of the if not the most legendary brands in the watch industry history.

By using the same materials and vision for many years, Tudor lays an amazing foundation for their brand to be a very good watch brand. And their global relaunch showed this in a very positive way.

Another factor that we thought stood out for Tudor watches is the price to quality ratio. While most luxury watches have an unbelievable price tag due to their high production scheme, materials, and demand and supply rate, Tudor offers luxury watches for the same talk for a more affordable price tag.

With the average Tudor model valued at about $2500 to $5000, the prices are significantly less than usual luxury watches and come with an amazing price to quality ratio.


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