Tissot is known for manufacturing watches that are relatively affordable, people state that the watch is known as one of the better cheap options on the watch market. In this article, we checked out Tissot as a watch brand and the quality of its timepieces. We reviewed, is Tissot a good watch brand?

Tissot is a good watch brand that sells quality watches at entry-level prices. They are known for manufacturing reliable timepieces and have a large experience. The brand is a part of the Swatch Group which has an excellent reputation. Tissot also has incredible quality compared to the price of the brand’s watches.

Just telling you that Tissot is a good watch brand wasn’t enough for us. In this article, we did an in-depth review on why Tissot is a good watch brand and what our opinion is on the different qualities and weaknesses of the brand’s products in the following paragraphs.

Why Tissot is a good watch

Tissot is a part of the Swatch Group which is an international organization that owns a group of watch brands that are a part of one of the biggest wrist jewelry organizations in the world. Not only are they one of the biggest, but they are also known to manufacture products that produce high-quality timepieces.

The fact that they are a part of this group doesn’t say everything. Tissot is a brand in itself and owns its own qualities and characteristics. Therefore, Tissot deserves its own opinion.

One of the qualities that Tissot has is that they have a very attractive price-to-quality ratio. People state that the brand is one of the best quality watches that you can buy on the entire market for under $1000 USD. Another great quality is the specifications that the watch offers which will often exceed the expectations compared to the price points of competitors with the same specifications.

All of these factors make the brand attractive to its audience and make it stand out from its competitors. The fact that people say the watch is such a good stater watch (entry-level priced) makes it worth the review. Therefore, we checked out the brand and its products and did an in-depth review on deciding factors that the brand offers.

There are a few characteristics that we always use in reviews that we think are important for watch brands to be good watches. We distinguish the quality of the following points that watches must meet in order to be good:

  • Materials
  • Price
  • Accuracy
  • Potential investment
Is Tissot a Good Watch


Tissot uses several materials in their products. The brand uses materials that have been thought about piece by piece and uses materials that are all of good quality for the watch. For example, the brand uses stainless steel in its timepieces. Stainless steel has anti-corrosion characteristics and is also known to be a very strong material that can withstand many situations that require a strong watch.

Tissot is also known to use the material ‘Tritium’ in their watches. This is a material that gives your watch a glow in the dark. Tissot mentions this characteristic with an indication, the description will state T Swiss made T\” and is usually printed on the dial face.

Another popular material that Tissot uses is Titanium, which is also known to be a very strong metal that is 50% lighter than normal metals while also staying anti-corrosion.

All in all, Tissot’s materials are good and are known as products that each have its own purpose and are therefore used in a way to improve the watch’s overall performance.


Tissot watches are known to be relatively affordable compared to their competitors. Many watch brands come with watches that have similar qualities to Tissot but cost multiple thousands of dollars. Tissot has many watches in the cheaper price ranges ($500 to $1000 USD) that have great qualities and will offer you more than enough for a quality timepiece.

The brand can be seen as a budget brand that offers excellent watches for more affordable prices. Which makes the quality/price ratio excellent.

The average price of a Tissot watch is $445 USD. This is very affordable and doable if you are looking to invest in a quality watch. Some good examples of starter watches that have a good price range are the Gentleman Powermatic. But also the Le Locle Regulator is an amazing starter watch that falls into the budget watch price range. In a conclusion, Tissot offers amazing watches in cheaper price ranges. This makes it an amazing watch brand for starters because of its amazing quality and relatively low prices.


Another factor of a good watch is the accuracy of the brand. Good mechanical watches should be able to get in the range of +6/-4 seconds per day. While the average lies about +/- 10 seconds per day. The accuracy depends on several factors. Tissot watches will, on average, have a precision of around -10/+30 which is considered average. Tissot watches will all exceed these expectations though.

Although, there are several types of movements that are used in watches. Quartz movements are battery-powered and are known to be way more accurate than mechanical movements. Tissot states the following about their quartz movements:

The precision tolerance of quartz watches is around -0.5 to +0.7 seconds per day (excluding certified quartz chronometers).

Tissot Watches

Quartz movements are usually accurate up to +/-1 second per day which is stated as the average. This means that the accuracy of Tissot’s quartz movements is good compared to their mechanical movements. Although the mechanical movements are not exeptional in terms of accuracy, they will definitely do the trick. Tissot’s accuracy is more than enough for the average consumer and won’t disappoint either.

Potential investment

Potential investments are a bonus quality that a watch can have. Although most watches aren’t great investments. Some watches could be interesting and could be resold for more than the initial retail price after a few years of keeping the timepiece.

The fact is that most watch brands and their products are not great investments. The only two brands that can really be interesting and can be up for a nice resale are Rolex and Patek Philippe. On the other hand, there are a few models for particular brands that could also be interesting as a potential investment. But most watches are not great investments.

Tissot watches are not good for investments. This is mostly due to the supply and demand of the watches, but also due to the price range of the products that Tissot produces. If the supply of a particular watch is lower than the demand for that timepiece, prices tend to rise over time.

The fat is that Tissot watches are mass-produced and won’t provide a good resale because there are so many products being made. This causes the supply to be higher than the demand. Making it not interesting to buy from a second-hand owner and making the watches less or actually not rare.

The fact that Tissot is not a good investment doesn’t say anything about the quality of the watch in itself. The brand still manufactures watches that are very good for starters and makes good watches.

Is Tissot a luxury watch

Luxury watch brands are separated from normal fashion watch brands because of their luxurious characteristics. Luxury watch brands are usually expensive. They are rare watches that are rather eager to be bought as an investment for the future. They are not only expensive because of their expensive materials, but also because of their low supply compared to very high demand.

Tissot is not seen as a luxury watch brand. This has to do with the fact that they are seen as entry-level watch that is mass-produced and doesn’t use any high-end materials. On the other hand, Tissot watches are not used as investments and will, because of these characteristics not be a luxury watch brand.

Luxury watches have characteristics that diminish them from normal watches. The differences usually lay in the price, materials, investment opportunities, and supply and demand. Supply and demand are big factors for luxury watches as these tend to make the price rise over time. Let’s briefly explain this principle.

When the supply is higher than the demand, we call this case the principle of mass production. This happens when watches are produced in a high frequency and are therefore not ‘rare’ or ‘special’ in the eye of the consumer. The opposite will happen when the watch has a higher demand than the actual demand. You speak of limited edition timepieces. This will cause prices to go up in the long run as the watch isn’t always available for sale. This principle makes the timepiece rare and makes it more valuable, which is usually only seen with luxury watch brands.

So, is Tissot a good watch?

In the paragraphs above, we reviewed Tissot as a watch brand and the products they make. We wanted to make a conclusion on the main question, Is Tissot a good watch? We checked out several factors that we think are important for a watch brand. The materials, price, accuracy, and investment opportunities.

Tissot passes all of the tests and these features all have good quality. In addition, Tissot makes watches that have great value for the price you pay. The moderate prices, yet well-made watches, make them one of the best options on the market for under $1000 USD.

Is Tissot a respected watch brand

Another way to know if a watch is good is to look at reviews and experiences from the community. This is often one of the most trusted sources of reviews and that is for good reason.

Tissot was created in 1853 and is a Swiss watch brand that already sets the tone. This brand is incredibly experienced. The brand kept coming up with new innovations in the watch market, increasing brand recognition and respect from the community. Through the years, Tissot became a world-renowned brand that gained a lot of respect.

The respect manly came from its good quality and longevity. Tissot watches usually last a very long time and won’t leave any quality on the table at that time. Other than that, the watch looks good and is sustainable and affordable, making it a respectable watch brand.

Is a Tissot worth it?

After reviewing this well-known brand, we wanted to determine whether Tissot watches are worth the $500 – $1000 USD you pay for a Tissot watch. Buying a good timepiece is always a journey and you won’t just find the right one in one go.

The fact with Tissot is that you can’t really go wrong for a first-time watch. Tissot watches are usually priced at around the 500 to 1000 USD mark which is acceptable for a watch. Although this is still a significant amount of money, the brand still makes relatively affordable watches.

Whether the watch is worth buying is always a personal preference. The fact is that Tissot is a good watch brand for people who are looking to buy a quality watch for a good price. In fact, we think the watch is incredible for a first-time watch because of its price and quality.

Tissot will offer you one of the best options on the market that is above all of the weak majority of products that you’ll find in the store. Tissot offers you a watch that carries history, experience, and quality at a very acceptable price that you can’t really go wrong with. So, in our eyes, Tissot is definitely worth it.

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