Rotary is a popular watch brand that is known amongst watch enthusiasts to be high quality and affordable. The award-winning worldwide brand was founded in Switzerland in 1895. With a rich history like this, you’d expect it to be a somewhat good watch. So, is rotary a good watch brand?

Rotary is a good watch brand. Rotary is from the Swiss manufacturing heritage, which already provides a good basis. The Swiss models use sapphire crystals and ETA movements that are highly accurate and reliable. Their watches from China with in-house movements, also offer good quality.

Rotary wasn’t always in its best shape. After hearing that some of their movements were not good enough in terms of quality, they reinvented their manufacturing process. In the next paragraphs, we’ll tell you exactly what is good about the Rotary watch brand.

Why Rotary is a good watch brand

Rotary watches are very popular in the United Kingdom. Rotary typically manufactures watches that are Swiss-made and watches that are made in China. Their Swiss-made movements have their own in-house ETA movements and come with all of their qualities. It’s safe to say that Rotary represents a successful history of Swiss watchmaking.

With their exceptional popularity in the United Kingdom, Rotary has won several awards like the ‘Watch Brand of the Year’ in the United Kingdom. This success was mostly due to their British design and incredible build quality.

With Rotary watches being known as watches that are very affordable, they offer a great price/quality ratio that offers a great value for your money. If you are looking for an affordable fashion watch that has good quality, Rotary might be a good choice for you.

There are a few factors for watches that we take into consideration when deciding if a watch can be considered a good watch brand. We discussed them in the following paragraphs.

is rotary a good watch brand


The materials that Rotary uses are usually pretty high-quality compared to its competitors and their price ranges. With the use of a global source of materials and movements to ensure the highest quality for the price you pay. Their materials are known to be durable and high-quality materials that are used in the manufacturing process.

The materials that Rotary uses are made of Titanium, gold, and Diamonds to enhance their exceptional appearance. Rotary’s best in-house ETA movements come with accurate and reliable qualities and are known to be some of the best movements in the world, used by several watch brands around the globe.

Price/Quality ratio

This is one we’ve talked about earlier. Rotary actually makes very affordable fashion watches that come with an amazing price/quality ratio. With their average price of $300 USD and their good materials, longevity and build quality, they offer an amazing value for your money.

The price

The price of Rotary watches is one of the biggest factors as to why the brand can be considered a good brand. The fact is that the watches they produce are very cheap compared to its competitors. With a price range of about $100 to $600 USD for their models, they come with a product range that is known for producing relatively cheap products.

Is a Rotary watch Swiss-made

Watches that are Swiss-made come with several qualities that leave an amazing legacy for their reputation. When a watch is Swiss-made it comes with the exact qualities that a watch enthusiast likes to see.

The industry’s required standard for a Swiss-made watch states that at least 60% of the entire manufacturing costs of the watch should be made in Switzerland. It is important that the movement is Swiss, and that the final inspection and the watches are assembled in Switzerland.

A Swiss-made watch comes with the experience of the biggest watch country in the world, Switzerland. With the experience of the Swiss watch brokerage, there are a lot of good features in the watch. Watches in the industry that carry the “Swiss-made” symbol are known to have world-renowned quality and radiate a powerful legacy.

  • Longevity
  • Incredible reputation
  • High market demand
  • World renowned quality

These are some of the qualities that come with a Swiss-made watch brand. But, is Rotary Swiss-made? Rotary is a Swiss-made watch brand. With the manufacturing of watches that are 100% made in Switzerland and their world-renowned quality and longevity, they build watches that are Swiss-made.

How long will a Rotary watch last

The longevity of a watch is important for a watch to be good. Rotary is actually known to have very good longevity for what you pay for. With proper maintenance of the watch, it can actually last several decades. With that comes proper maintenance and servicing once in a while.

The winding of the mechanical watches keeps the watch wound while it is being worn. For Rotary watches, these can last around 24-38 hours of lifespan before you need another winding.

All in all, Rotary watches have great quality in terms of the longevity of their models and you won’t be disappointed with the watch’s performance.

Is Rotary a respected watch brand

Another factor that could determine whether a watch is good is the respect that a brand has. Watch enthusiasts and people who choose a specific brand watch sometimes need confirmation that the brand is appreciated by other people. It can help to make a choice for the watch they choose.

As we mentioned before, Rotary owns an incredible legacy in the United Kingdom. With the brand being founded in 1895 you’d expect somewhat of a good experience due to the many years they’ve been founded.

Rotary actually grew out as one of the better and more respected watch brands that have competition with the likes of Seiko and Tissot, which aren’t the least watch brands. Rotary actually grew out and now sells its watches in over 65 different countries where it is known as an amazing, high-quality fashion watch for an affordable price.

Is Rotary a luxury watch brand

Luxury watch brands are watches that are a little more special than other watches. They have different characteristics and are usually seen as watches that have an investment opportunity, cost more money, and use special materials. Luxury watches are mostly hand-made and can are usually special and therefore good watches.

Rotary is not a luxury watch brand. Rotary manufactures watches that are usually mass-produced and therefore use cheaper materials and production costs. While luxury watch brands are usually hand-made and use expensive materials.

Luxury watch brands could be important when you’re making a choice about whether you want to buy a watch or not. We have a lot of articles on the different watch brands in the industry and why they are luxury watch brands or not. Examples are the competitors of Rotary like Seiko, Tissot, Citizen, and Breitling.

For more articles on watches and the different questions that are frequently asked. We have an entire website that covers all of your watch questions. Check it out over here.

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