Panerai is a popular Italian luxury watch brand that is very well-known amongst watch collectors. They offer classy designs and a solid and relatively affordable status that makes every watch enthusiast’s heart beat faster. We took a deeper look and researched the question, Is Panerai a good watch?

Panerai is a very good watch brand and falls under one of the best luxury watch brands on the market. With their amazing versatility, rich status, and quality which exceeds in every aspect, they’ve become one of the world’s best brands in the watch industry.

Panerai radiates luxury and offers unique designs that carry a rich history and status. We took a deeper look into the brand and how it and what the differences are compared to its competitors. We also discuss why we think Panerai is such a good brand.

Why Panerai is a good watch

Giovanni Panerai started its own watch company in 1860. Ever since Panerai watches are requested all over the world. It is important to know that Panerai owes its success mainly to the unique design (military-attuned watches), which they have developed over the years in their manufacturing process, this produced a unique status that has continued to this day.

Panerai is known for producing watches that have solid-looking designs and using movements in their watches that have proven to be accurate and all In-house (P. 6000 movements). Also, Panerai is known for producing watches that are attractive in terms of price-quality ratio. It’s clear that Panerai is one of the greatest and most expensive luxury watches in the world. But it also offers reasonable prices for what you get in return.

The reason Panerai watches are so expensive is only clear for real watch enthusiasts. This has to do with the fact that Panerai offers qualities that are only noticeable in the details.

For example, the watch offers special qualities such as telling a second time zone, moon phases, and the equation of time. These features together create a brand and a watch that distinguishes itself from the rest of the market in a special way.

To answer whether and why Panerai watches are so good, we have listed a number of factors and taken a closer look at them.

Is Panerai a good watch


Panerai watches are known to have amazing quality materials which are reflected in the quality and price point. For example, they use stainless steel in their products. But Panerai even uses materials that are very different from the rest of the watch world. The use of composite, which is a synthetic ceramic made through an electrochemical process called Micro Arc Oxidation from aluminum really set them apart from their competitors.

Which materials are used in Panerai watches obviously depends on the model and the price you pay for the watch. We put out a small list of all of the possible materials that Panerai uses in their different models.

  • Composite
  • Steel
  • Titanium
  • Ceramic
  • White gold
  • Red gold
  • Bronze
  • Carbotech
  • Platinum

The materials used in Panerai watches have characteristics that have been thought about. For example, the steel is known for being highly resistant to corrosion and is hypoallergenic. The Titanium in their models is known to be extremely light and known for hypoallergenic characteristics.

Panerai uses Ceramic because of its anti-fingerprint features. Their gold features are used for their look and good resistance to scratches. Their bronze models have recently been introduced to return to their roots in the Panerai appearance, and resistance to the corrosive action.

In short, Panerai uses materials that have been really considered and thought about. The use of materials that really help your watch in terms of performance, but that also look fantastic and are of high quality.


Panerai was used in 1935 by the Italian Navy to construct watches for use underwater. Ever since the brand only grew to write an amazing history and create amazing legacies.

The fact is that Panerai has one of the craziest watch histories in the world. It is one of the reasons why people love the brand so much. It is not only known for having great history and heritage, but the brand has also grown because of well-known people like Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Sylvester Stallone. These people also respected and therefore used the brand.

This heritage is one of the reasons why the brand grew out to what it is today, and is also the reason that Panerai is a well-respected brand in the industry.

People appreciate the design, but this can also be the case when buying a Patek, Rolex, or Omega watch. Those are seen as the same level in terms of price and luxury. The fact that someone wears a Panerai instead of these other big brands probably has to do with the fact that they trust Panerai and that they value their history and heritage.

Unique style

Panerai is known for manufacturing watches that look and feel different than its competitors. For example, the look of their models comes with a somewhat oversized case that really gives its watches their own feel and identity.

This is one of the reasons many people appreciate the brand. It really gives a genuine feeling of individuality and a connection with the brand.


Panerai is not a cheap brand by any means. If you look at some of the high-end Panerai models you are already looking for and relatively hefty price tags. Panerai is one of the world’s most recognizable watch brands and prices can rise to very expensive ones for the more luxurious models.

With the likes of Rolex and Patek Phillipe next to their side, comparing the brand’s price ranges would clarify that Panerai offers a very good value for what you pay. Panerai will overwhelm with quality and its roots in history and tradition will make the watch live up to its value.

Another fact is that Panerai offers watches that start from affordable prices from $4000 USD to watches that are way more expensive to up $400.000 USD to several hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The fact is that Panerai is very good at giving you what you pay for. Panerai offers watches in different price ranges but certainly won’t disappoint in terms of price/quality ratio.

So, Is Panerai a good watch

After researching the ins and outs of Panerai, it’s safe to say that it is a good watch brand. With its unique designs, good price/quality ratio, large history, and quality materials. Panerai has launched a product that can distinguish itself from the competition in all areas.

People that buy a Panerai will have a watch in their hands that doesn’t just radiate luxury and expensiveness but also radiates an awareness of great history and impressive timeline and innovations through the years.

So in general, you will have an amazing timepiece in your hand and you won’t be disappointed with your watch after buying a Panerai.

is Panerai a good investment

Whether Panerai is a good investment is actually a great question. Panerai watches radiate luxury and offers expensive products that are widely respected and collected by watch enthusiasts around the globe. The fact is that most watches are not great investments.

Whether a watch is a good investment really depends on the supply and demand of the watch. If the supply is lower than the rate of demand, the prices of the models tend to rise and go up in value over time. Another factor is how you treat your watch, is it still in the desired state? Check out our article here to find out how watches can be assets in the future and how you can use them as potential investments.

In general, Panerai is a good investment. Whether it retains its value really has to do with the Panerai model you buy. The unique designs and quality materials together with the high appreciation for the brand could make some models an investment.

Before just buying a Panerai watch and hoping it will resell for way more, please do your research on the specific model you are trying to buy.

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