Omega is a popular watch brand. With a rich history of supporting several organizations like NASA since 1969 and the Olympics since 1932. The brand grew out to be one of the most recognizable and popular watch brands. Their well-made watches and relatively high prices, could raise the question: Is Omega a luxury watch?

Omega is a luxury watch brand. The brand has a Swiss manufacturing background and creates well-made timepieces. Its rich history, fine finishes, and sapphire crystals radiate incredible expertise. This shows that it can definitely be considered a luxury watch.

Omega watches have an incredible history and are known to manufacture high-quality watches. Now that we know that Omega is a luxury watch brand, what makes these timepieces so luxurious?

Why Omega is a luxury watch

Not all expensive watches are by definition luxury watches. Whether a watch can be labeled as a “luxury watch” depends on a number of factors. These factors have never been factually qualified, but we can distinguish a number of recurring motifs in luxury watches from those of normal watches.

If we distinguish normal watches from luxury watches we mainly see differences in the materials, the brand name, the price tag, and the way of producing the watches (hand made or mass-produced). For example, the fact that Omega offers Swiss luxury watches causes the value of the brand to go up. This is due to the value of the Swiss watch market that invokes images of pure luxury and prestige.

The price tag of Omega watches is relatively low compared to other luxury watch brands. For example, an Omega Seamaster or Aqua Terra are luxury watches that are already available for under $2000,-. But the time and expertise that is put into these watches have a lot of history and experience into them.

Omega’s mechanical watches are handmade. They’re hand-produced in Omega’s industrial manufacture. This allows people to appreciate the watches more than just an average mass-produced timepiece that is one of many. All of these factors cause watches to go up in value, not just while buying from the company itself, but some will even appreciate in value over the long run. This is why these factors distinguish themselves between normal and luxury watches.

Is Omega a luxury watch

This is why Omega is a luxury watch

The fact that all of these factors tick the boxes of being a luxury watch brand makes it safe to say that Omega offers luxury watches. With its obvious name recognition, fine materials, and high experience, it is known to be one of the worlds leading Swiss luxury brands.

Omega’s important moments in history

One of the factors that could determine the price and valuation of a watch is its prestige and experience. This has to do with the story. Omega as a brand has incredible marketing strategies. These marketing strategies, like focussing on celebrities invoke images that the brand has incredible value and make people buy their products for their actual prices. For example, think about people like John F. Kennedy, Prince William, and Elvis Presley wearing their watches.

But Omega also uses its history of rich parties and organizations that have used their products in big and innovative moments in history. We wrote down some of the important moments in Omega’s history.

US army

Omega was actually an important manufacturer of watches for the US army in the first (1918) and second (1940) world wars. They were chosen as the official timekeepers for the US army and the British flying corps.


Another huge organization that Omega is known for is serving as an official timekeeper for the Olympics since 1932. They even became a Worldwide Olympic Partner by joining the TOP Programme in 2004. After a single Olympic watchmaker traveled to Los Angeles and equipped 30 stopwatches, the brand grew out to be the main sponsor of the Olympics and Paralympics.


Omega watches are actually the first watches that have been on the moon. NASA Astronaut Buzz Aldrin stepped on the Moon with his Omega Speedmaster in 1969. Which is also one of the most famous moments in the watch industry.

James Bond

James Bond is also a big “celebrity”, that has worn Omega watches in movies since 1995. The popularity of the movies spiked up the popularity of the watch brand as well.

These amazing events and accomplishments, the watch brand brought up its popularity and events of the brand name, which is one of the factors that we talked about that distinguish a normal watch brand from a luxury watch brand.

Are Omega luxury watches good

Now that we know everything about the luxurious watch brand, let’s talk about the quality of the watches and whether they are worth their price. As we mentioned before, Omega watches are seen as one of the worlds leading luxury watch brands. But they seem to not be as expensive as some of their rivalries like Rolex or Patek Phillipe.

The fact that the watches are relatively affordable compared to other high-end luxury watch brands, is one of the reasons that their watches are widely collected around the globe. The fact is, that Omega watches are relatively the same when it comes to quality in comparison to Rolex watches, which are more expensive. This actually means that Omega watches have an incredible value for the price you pay.

Omega watches are known for superb performance and are highly reputable. And therefore, affordable for the price you pay. This makes Omega a good, high-quality watch brand that offers affordable prices compared to other (Swiss) luxury watch brands.

Is Omega’s luxury watch as prestigious as Rolex

The fact that the quality of these two luxury watch brands is pretty much the same, and the prices of Omega watches are considerably lower, could raise the question of the prestige of the two brands. Obviously, neither of the brands is perfect and they both have flaws. But it is safe to say that both brands are incredibly respected and have high prestigious factors. Watch collectors and owners seem to love the two watch brands.

The Swiss watch market already has one leg ahead when it comes to the prestige of their watches. As both of these brands are Swiss manufactured, there is no need to distinguish the brands there. But where we can really seek differences is within the price and availability, which is slightly better with Omega watches.

Rolex also has its benefits and therefore. There is no need to say that Rolex is more prestigious than Omega theoretically speaking. But in practice, no watch has grown more prestige than Rolex. And therefore, despite the fact that there is no significant difference in quality or other aspects of the brand, Rolex’s valuation remains leading on the Swiss luxury watch brand.

Is Omega a luxury watch

Do Omega watches hold their value

Another factor that is usually recurring within the luxury watch industry is the fact that these watches don’t or only slightly depreciate in value over time. So is that also the case for Omega watches?

Any of the classic Omega watches are most likely to keep their value. Think about Omega Speedmasters or Seamaster. Although most watches won’t appreciate or even retain their value when buying them, these specific models could be good as a future investment.

We have an article on exactly what makes for a good watch investment and what doesn’t. Whether watches are appreciating, or depreciating assets. You’ll be able to determine whether a watch is depreciating or appreciating over time by yourself. You can read it over here.

The differences between the watches that hold their value and the ones that don’t are usually determined by an important factor that the specific model has. Think about the history of Omega’s Speedmasters or Seamaster, they carry a story. Another one could be the supply and demand of the watches. If the supply of a watch is lower than the demand, watches tend to go up in value. This is usually seen with watches like Rolex and Patek Phillipe. These are hand made and their distinction is a factor that causes the watches to go up in price after some time.

The fact with using watches as an investment is that most watches depreciate over time. Except for the ones that carry a story or have some sort of important factor that causes the prices to go up. This is also mostly the case with luxury watches. When buying a watch as an investment, do your research for the specific model and know that it will take years to even make a small profit.

Summing up

So, let’s sum it all up. Omega is an amazing watch brand that is known for its incredible expertise and much history and experience. The history goes way back and tells a lot about the Swiss watch brand. They have made a great name for themselves over the years. And their watches are known to be one of the worlds leading luxury watch brands and are comparable with some of the high-end luxury watch brands.

In this article, we put together some of the factors that determine whether a watch is a luxury watch or just a normal watch brand. It is amazing to see that despite the prices of the Omega models being relatively low compared to the likes of Rolex and Patek Phillipe, they can still keep up with the top of the watch market.

With all these factors adding up, and the incredible prestige and quality of the watch we can draw a conclusion. It is very clear that this Swiss manufactured watch brand is a luxury watch brand. We also have other articles on different watch brands, like Seiko, TAG Heuer, and Cartier. If you are interested in these watch brands, you can read those by clicking the links on the brand names above.

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