Movado is known to produce some high-quality watches that could fall into some higher price classes due to their reputation and considerable designs. The fact is that prices don’t always have to determine a watch’s luxury. So, is Movado a luxury watch brand?

Movado is not a luxury watch. Only a small number of old models are though. Although Movado is known to produce some high-end quality and relatively expensive watches, the fact is that most modern Movado’s are quartz movements and mass-produced. They don’t have any extraordinary characteristics.

Although Movado watches are not luxury watches, it is still a brand with lots of history and definitely a brand that produces very well-made watches. We answered some more questions about the brand.

Why Movado is not a luxury watch

Movado is a well-known brand that specializes in mainly fashion watches to complement outfits and enhances aesthetic features. While it is true that Movado isn’t a luxury watch brand, they do manufacture luxurious timepieces that exude class and luxury.

Let’s start off by saying that Movado does make some luxury watches. These few watches, like The Movado Sapphire Black Dial, or Movado Bold Crystal Pave Dial, are just not enough to put it down as a luxury watch brand. Added to that, the brand is not intended for making luxury watches. You could say that they make class watches to enhance the style of residential outfits which can be compared with watch brands such as Tissot and Bulova.

There are a few factors that we take into consideration when thinking about luxury watch brands. We often see these features in luxury watches and can distinguish fashion watches from luxury watches. We do this because luxury watches have no specific protocol or guideline that can distinguish the differences. Talking about the following factors that we keep talking about:

  • The brand name
  • Materials
  • Is it Hand made
  • Price-tag

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Although some of these characteristics come back into the brand. Luxury watches are products that happen to increase in demand more than proportionally as income rises. This used to be the case with older Movado watches, but since current Movado watches have quartz movements this demand has decreased significantly.

Is Movado a Luxury Watch

Why is Movado so expensive

Another characteristic of luxury watches is obviously the price of the watches. This is also for good reason because normal fashion watches are usually mass-produced and not hand-made. Luxury watches tend to be hand-made and take time to manufacture. This costs significantly more money than just normal, mass-produced fashion watches.

While there are a lot more expensive brands on the market than Movado’s assortment offers, the brand does manufacture some watches that are relatively costly compared to its competitors. With a price range between $200.00 to $1,500.00, their watches are still relatively affordable though.

This price range mainly has to do with the fact that Movado offers mainly Quartz movements these days. The fact that people find it expensive, mainly has to do with the fact that this is somewhat expensive for a quartz movement. But to be honest, this is not a lot for the good quality and unique design that you get within this price range.

Is a Movado watch good

Movado is known for its exceptional designs and high quality when you ask watch collectors and experts. With their price ranges that range from low to moderate prices, this brand is already an interesting bet in the first place, but are Movado watches good?

Movado is a great watch brand. Although Movado doesn’t offer high-end luxury watches, the brand is still known for its high quality and exceptional designs. With their movements ranging from $200 to $1500 USD, the brand remains a good value for your money.

Not only the high-quality watches is what makes Movado a good brand. The brand also carries a rich history, many older models are on permanent display in museums across the globe. This shows their extraordinary designs that are appreciated and valued by watch collectors.

The fact with Movado is that their watch movement used to be more towards the luxury watch classes. But nowadays, Movado is more focused on the mass production of its watches. They do this by manufacturing relatively inexpensive ETA movements that kinda took the special touch off the brand. This is also the reason that we don’t see it as a luxury watch brand. other than that, the watches they make are really not bad, and can we say that Movado is a good watch brand.

Is Rolex more expensive than Movado

This could be quite a frequently asked question, not because most of you probably know the answer, but because of the comparison with one of the world’s most luxurious timepieces, Rolex. To start off, Movado isn’t more expensive than Rolex. In fact, Rolex watches are way more expensive than modern Movado movements.

The fact that Rolex is way more expensive has to do with the materials that are used but also with the fact that Rolex offers watches outside of their assortment that hold their value way better than Movado watches do. Some of the time Rolex’s movements even appreciate in price over time. These are already two characteristics that we mentioned above that distinguish luxury watches from normal fashion watches.

The fact that Rolex offers more expensive watches doesn’t have to mean that Rolex watches are luxury watches and Movado’s are not. But the fact that Rolex watches are hand-made, offers high-end materials. And have a highly established brand name and price tag, distinguishes Rolex luxury watches from Movado fashion watches.

Is Movado worth the price

Although we already talked about whether Movado watches are good. Let’s discuss if this watch brand is actually worth the price and if you should consider buying a watch from this brand. So as we mentioned before, Movado watches are relatively inexpensive when it comes to their prices compared to its competitors. With a price range from $200 to watches in the assortment going up to $1500, the brand offers quite affordable watches.

The fact is that the brand offers beautiful fashion watches that look amazing and come with fantastic artistic features. So, if you want to buy a watch to complement your outfit and uplift your style to the next level. Movado is actually a great watch and is definitely worth the price. As these watches are not as expensive as just a fashion watch.

Is a Movado watch a good investment

But when it comes to seeing the watch as a future investment, we might be looking at a different outcome. The fact is that watches that tend to hold value usually hold their value because of high demand and a lower supply rate. These watches are usually hand-made and not mass-produced, also luxury watches that hold their value usually are mechanical movements.

Movado has a little different outcome when you take a look at these factors. In Movado’s earlier days they used to produce a lot more mechanical movements that were also hand-made. But today their focus lies somewhere else and they are more focussed on the mass production of their products. That tends to get rid of the specialty of the brand.

This mass production also took away from the luxury of the brand. Another fact is that most of today’s Movado movements are Quartz movements, which is also way less interesting for watch collectors. All of these factors in one makes today’s Movado movements, not a great investment. But they do remain great timepieces that offer high-quality designs and movements.

Is Movado a high end brand

Although Movado can’t really be called a luxury watch brand. It can still be considered a high-end brand due to its price and quality materials. As we mentioned before, the company has a long history of making watches. In Movado’s earlier days, they used to make some hand-made luxury watches that were actually considered high-end at the time.

But times have changed and most people state that Movado can’t really be called a high-end watch brand anymore. Although the brand offers models that are somewhat higher-end than normal fashion watches because of their price and luxurious appearance, the brand still doesn’t fit the high-end watch brands.

The fact is that Movado’s style does attract a lot of people as their watches tend to be really beautiful and stylish. Which is immediately Movado’s vision. So, Movado is not a high-end nor a luxury watch brand, but can definitely be considered as a luxurious style item that does not detract from her expectations.

Final words

Movado can be considered a beautiful and stylish watch brand, but in this article, we discussed whether Movado makes luxury watches and whether Movado can be considered a luxury watch brand. Let’s sum everything up in this final section.

To start off by saying that Movado is actually a great watch brand, that is known for its unique designs and high quality. There is definitely nothing wrong with the products that they offer and can even be considered a good watch brand. But it is true that Movado offers watches that can’t be called luxury watches or a luxury watch brand.

So how can you look at the watch brand? You could see it more like a beautiful and classy watch to give your style a boost. There are certain factors that we discussed in this article that state why Movado can’t be considered a luxury watch brand. All in all, it is clear that the brand offers great watches. And comes with beautiful timepieces to complement styles and you won’t be wrong with buying today’s Movado movements.

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