Longines is one of the most popular watch brands in the industry. With its large manufacturing history of creating timepieces since 1832, you’d expect some outstanding experience. Whether this brand falls under the luxury watch category is debatable as it always remains subjective. The brand exudes quite a lot of luxury compared to its competitors. So, Is Longines a luxury brand?

Longines is basically a luxury watch brand. Although this is debatable, the brand has significantly lower prices than the high-end luxury brands like Rolex or Patek Phillipe. The fact that Longines watches are mass-produced is another reason, but it always stays subjective.

The fact is that Longines watches have made some significant changes through the years. With their low prices compared to its competitors. But the other factors being considered a luxury still falls under the luxury watch brands, we explain how we reason this in the following paragraphs.

Why Longines is a luxury brand

Longines was an incredible watch manufacturer back in the day. With the manufacturing of the world’s first-ever chronograph movement for wristwatches in 1878. And being responsible for introducing the first system of electromechanical sports timing. They became known as an incredibly innovative brand.

If we fast forward a few years, a revolutionary event happens that changes a number of things for the brand. It was bought by the Swatch Group. The new owners of the swatch group have brought about a number of changes within the manufacturing process of the brand. For example, the price had been reduced and they started to use a different type of movement (ETA) in their watches.

These significant changes caused some major factors to change within the brand. When we take a look at if watches can be considered luxury watches we look at a few recurring factors that we see in some of the most famous luxury watch brands in the industry and compared them to Longines.

  • Price-tag
  • Quality/high-end Materials
  • Hand-made
  • High brand awareness

The fact is that luxury watch brands are always subjective and will always have some sort of debate. Although it stays subjective, we always see the factors come back in all of the major luxury watch brands. Therefore, if we see these four factors within a watch brand, we state that it can be considered a luxury watch brand. Let’s discuss them for Longines in the following paragraphs.

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Is Longines a luxury brand

The Price-tag a Longines watch

Longines is a watch brand that managed to find the sweet spot between the right quality and affordability. And therefore in those terms, is considered one of the best in the industry. Longines can be considered a mid-priced watch. Watches being manufactured and sold for as little as $120 USD is something you will never find at the largest luxury watch brands.

Therefore, this brand is quite debatable in terms of price when it comes to luxury watch brands. Because luxury watch brands usually fall into way higher price ranges. This is mostly due to the handmade production and the materials they use.

The average Longines watch will cost you somewhat around $2,000 USD which is not always considered a luxury watch for some people. This price is mostly due to their high-quality materials. But the fact that these are mass-produced causes the price to be able to reduce significantly.

Quality/high-end Materials

Longines is known for manufacturing watches that have incredible quality. This is not for nothing because this is actually a fact. With watch prices that sell for around $2,000 USD, you’d expect somewhat of that quality within their watches.

With the use of real gold and titanium nitride, stainless steel, and steel in their models, it is safe to say that the watches use real materials that are worth the price you pay. In fact, as we mentioned before, Longines found the sweet spot between the right quality and affordability and are therefore some of the best on the market in terms of materials and the price you pay for what you get.

Another factor is that Longines watches are Swiss-made, which is another huge factor that determines the quality of the watch. It is basically a standard of quality within the watch industry that radiates the world-renowned symbol of excellence for timepieces.

In fact, Longines actually uses materials that are also seen in some of the high-end luxury watches but for significantly lower prices. This causes this part of the article to fall under the luxury watch category.


Another big factor when it comes to luxury watches is the fact that they are usually hand made unlike the mass production of most watch brands. The fact that the high end luxury watch brands are hand made, causes a few deciding factors.

The first and most common thing is that the prices of the watch go up. This is due to a longer and more precise/expertise manufacturing time.

When watches are hand-made and use incredible materials that are being put together superiorly by people, and thus each deserving its own piece of attention, take longer to be made and are worth much more. This is one of the major differences that distinguish normal fashion watches from luxury watches.

The fact that these watches need more production time also causes the price to go up in the long run, as the supply is significantly less than the demand for these models. This is why luxury watches are also frequently seen as potential investments for watch enthusiasts or investors.

The problem with Longines is that their watches are mass-produced. This causes the supply to be higher than the demand, and it causes lower production time, which is also seen back in the price differences between Longines and the most popular luxury watch brands.

High brand awareness

In terms of brand awareness, Longines won’t disappoint. This is one of the reasons that Longines is so debatable in terms of deciding whether it falls under the luxury watch brand category. The fact is that Longines has been around since 1832 and has one of the biggest histories in the watch industry.

Longines is in the top 25 most recognizable Swiss watch brands in the world and with its rich history of innovative inventions for the industry, the brand became incredibly popular.

Longines is one of the world’s most recognizable watch brands and therefore owes an incredible brand awareness. So in terms of brand awareness, the brand doesn’t disappoint either.

So, is Longines a luxury brand?

Longines is probably one of the most debatable watch brands when it comes to deciding whether it is a luxury watch brand. Some state that it is a luxury watch brand but within the mid-priced price range. Some state it isn’t a luxury watch brand due to the significantly lower price ranges.

The fact is that Longines as a brand is not a luxury watch brand. This is mainly due to the low prices and mass-production of the entry-level models. But Longines does own and sell some more advanced models like the vintage line. Their Art Deco watches or 13ZN chronographs can reach some pretty significant prices.

These watch models could therefore be seen much more quickly as luxury watches. In fact, we would consider these watches luxury watches. But in general, Longines doesn’t fall under the luxury watch category.

Is Longines a good investment

Luxury watches are sometimes good investments, repeat, sometimes. Because most watches will, just like cars, depreciate in value the moment they leave the store. As we mentioned before, some luxury watches like Rolex carry models that have a higher demand than the supply due to handmade production.

We also mentioned that Longines has some models that can be considered luxury watches and can therefore also be a potential investment. Certainly, not all of Longines models are good as investments. In fact, most of them aren’t. The two models that tend to hold value are the following:

  • Vintage Longines
  • Longines Heritage

The fact that these watches could be good investments is due to their incredible history. It is incredibly well made and timeless. These watches also tend to have a higher demand than their supply which causes the price to go up over time. Models to look at are the Heritage Flagship, for example.

Is Longines an entry-level brand

Longines definitely sells watches that are entry-level prices. With watches being sold for as little as $120 USD, you can state that Longines is an entry-level watch brand. In Longines’s early, it was above Omega and perhaps even Rolex, but with the new owner of the Swatch Group things have changed a lot.

Longines’s vintage calibers were up there with the best, some of the highest-end watches on the market. The situation now is a bit different as their watches have depreciated their price.

For some people, Longines can be considered an entry-level luxury brand. But they won’t forget what Longines has done for the watch industry since the start of its existence.

is Longines a good brand

Longines is one of the world’s most famous brands. They own one of the largest histories within the industry and have been manufacturing watches since 1832. This incredible experience is radiated in their models and Longines is a very good brand.

Since being bought by the Swatch Group they changed over to their new ETA movements which are considered good quality and highly accurate. The design of the watch is also great and they are responsible for the manufacturing of high-end mechanical and quartz watches.

Hosting many events in the sports world with their timepieces also gives a lot of confidence in the quality of the watch that Longines offers. Longines offers watches that are of the right quality and affordability.

In addition, we have a lot more articles on all of your watch queries on our website. If you are looking to buy a new watch, invest in a watch, or want to know more about anything related to watches, check out our website over here for all the answers.

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