Citizen is one of the most legendary watch brands to ever exist. With their exceptional build quality, and innovative technology they’ve established a real footstep in the watch industry. But, is Citizen also a luxury watch?

Citizen is not a luxury watch. It is a fact that Citizen does not fall into the general luxury watch standards. With its mid-grade priced products and their rate of mass production, the brand cannot be considered a luxury watch brand. However, this does not alter the fact that it is a great brand.

Citizen is an amazing brand, but not a luxury watch brand, but why is that the case? We will discuss that in the following paragraphs. We also answered several follow-up questions in the rest of this article.

Why Citizen is not a luxury watch

Watches have different ways of radiating luxury. When people ask themselves whether a watch falls under a luxury watch category, they usually assume a number of recurring factors that we see in the most elite watches.

While Citizen is a watch that radiates luxury in terms of appearance and elegant looks. When we take a look at the different recurring characteristics of luxury watches, Citizen lacks the necessary differences.

The recurring factors that we are talking about are mainly seen in watches such as Rolex, Omega, and Patek Phillipe. These watches are at the top of the mountain when it comes to luxury watches and has a number of recurring factors which separate them from normal fashion watches.

When we take those into consideration we can see that Citizen lacks in terms of price, materials, and mass production rate. These factors are usually different in high-end luxury watches and are also the reason Citizen is not considered a luxury watch brand. Let’s talk about that in the following paragraphs.

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Is Citizen a luxury watch


The price is a factor that plays a big role in the luxury watch market. While it isn’t the deciding factor because prices vary widely, luxury watches are usually in the top-tier price ranges. Citizen is relatively cheap compared to high-end luxury watches. Most Citizen watches go for $200-$400 with some outliers that will push up towards $1,000.

The price of these watches doesn’t only state numbers but also radiates the quality of the materials and types they use for manufacturing their products. With a $200-$400 price range, you shouldn’t expect the most high-end luxury watch, but you also shouldn’t expect a cheap Chinese watch.

This price range mostly falls into the Seiko type of watch, and the Toyota of the cars. Citizen manufacturers great quality and amazing quality watches for the price they offer. But compared to the luxury watch market, they don’t fall into the same category.


Luxury watches carry luxury materials. The materials we see in luxury watches are usually expensive and hand-made into the final watch product. Some examples of materials that we usually see in luxury watches are; oyster steel, pure gold, or platinum. These are examples of materials used in watches such as Rolex, Patek Phillipe, and Omega, in other words, the cream of the crop in the watch industry.

Citizen, however, does not use such materials and we can therefore mention another point that distinguishes itself from luxury watches. Citizen uses its own in-house Miyota movement which has proven to be of exceptional precision and quality. This proprietary in-house movement is known for relatively low manufacturing costs and doesn’t particularly radiate incredible luxury.

Other than that, they use Sapphire crystal glass and stainless steel to set up the foundation of their products. Although stainless steel isn’t among the cheapest of steal, it is available for a low price compared to some high-end luxury watch materials. This also explains why Citizen is a good watch brand that offers value for money.

Mass-production rate

What is one of the biggest differences that distinguish luxury watches from normal fashion watches? That has to do with the rate of production. You might be thinking, what does that have to do with it? Let’s explain that.

The rate of production is important for luxury watches. The fact is that luxury watches carry a rate of supply and demand. Because luxury watches are usually hand-made due to their specialty and expertise, the production rate tends to go down. Fewer watches can be produced in the same amount of time. This is also a reason that luxury watches are way more expensive.

Not only does it take more time to produce them, which increases the prices, but also the rarity of the specific models goes up. Because of the low production rate, prices tend to climb higher up over time due to the high demand of people who want to buy them, but the relatively low supply.

Citizen is known to have one of the fastest production rates in the watch industry. Citizen’s watches are made using both human and robotic assembly, but the goal of the production is to produce as fast as possible. This does not go well with the purpose of luxury watches as the demand won’t ever get higher.

So, Is Citizen a Luxury Watch

These factors are clear indicators that distinguish fashion watches from luxury watches. The rate of supply, materials, and price are important for luxury watches and every watch enthusiast will pay attention to this when buying a new luxury watch.

Citizen is a very good watch brand that is known to produce high-quality watches with a luxurious appearance. The fact that it isn’t seen and understood as a luxury watch brand, doesn’t mean that the quality lacks. In fact, Citizen is actually one of the best fashion watches available on the watch market.

Citizen can be seen as a watch brand that offers amazing quality and expertise for an affordable price. Amongst the likes of Seiko. Citizen watches are for the people who want a quality luxurious-looking timepiece that is affordable and will last a long time.

Is Citizen a luxury watch

Where does Citizen’s luxury watch status come from

The fact is that Citizen offers watches in their assortment that radiate luxury and are usually worn and seen as a luxury goods. This thought probably came because of the luxurious look that the brand has. In fact, Citizen watches are not luxury watches because of their relatively cheap materials and mass production rate.

Although, when you are a real watch enthusiast and are willing to dive deeper into the luxury watch market, you’ll notice that these watches aren’t a real luxury.

CITIZEN considers luxury not in terms of flashy or expensive decoration, but as elegant, intelligently designed products with a holistic respect for people and the planet.


The brand states that their products are not luxury goods, but that they do want to radiate a luxury appearance. This hands why their products could sometimes be confused with luxury watches on the market. Which we know explained in this article.

Are Citizen’s good watches

Now that we know that Citizen doesn’t fall into the luxury watch category, let’s check out the quality of the watch. Because Citizen isn’t just a cheap Chinese disposable watch. In fact, Citizen is actually an amazing watch brand if you are looking for an affordable fashion watch to complement your outfit.

It’s globally known and proven that Citizen produces very good quality watches. Besides being able to look at the best points that citizen watches have, we can also look at things that might be better. It is of course logical that you get less if you pay less, and that has to be reflected somewhere.

Something that is a drop in the ocean but still plays a role is the precision of the Japanese movements. They are fantastic movements, but compared to the high-end luxury watch there will be minor differences in precision and longevity.

All in all, Citizen watches are very good for the price you pay. And you might even get a little bit more if you buy the right models. If you are looking for an amazing watch that isn’t necessarily impressed by luxury watch enthusiasts but offers an unbelievably good price-quality ratio. Citizen is definitely the right place for you.

Are Citizen Watches famous

Citizen watches are good quality fashion watches, they are not among the most luxurious Swiss watches, but they do have a great price-quality ratio. This could well mean that they will fulfill the best wishes of many watch owners, so, is Citizen famous?

Citizen is a famous watch brand. Comparable with the likes of Seiko, Citizen is famous for manufacturing high-quality watches that offer an amazing price to quality ratio, therefore, fulfilling the need of many watch enthusiasts.

Citizen owes its fame to the fact that they have won the hearts of many fans through its vision, which is to make affordable watches with great quality. Therefore, Citizen watches grew out to be one of the world’s most famous watch brands.

Citizen became famous for their long history of innovation within the industry, specializing in design, and manufacturing luxurious fashion watches. With their longevity and high-quality manufacturing, they gained the trust of many watch collectors through the years. This solid reputation has continued to show the watch industry high-quality but affordable watches.

To sum up this article, watches aren’t always as luxurious as they seem. There are a few factors that determine the luxury status of a watch. Think about the price, materials, mass production, etc. In this article, we checked if Citizen is a luxury watch brand based on the recurring factors of luxury watches.

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