Chopard is a Swiss watch brand that is known to produce luxury watches since 1860. With its rich history of manufacturing one of the most luxurious watches on the market, you’d expect significant value for the price you pay. But, is Chopard a good watch? We did research on this topic.

Chopard is a good watch brand. Chopard manufactures its own in-house movements, while also being labeled with the qualitative horological certification. This label indicates that it belongs to the highest levels of quality in the industry.

While the quality of this watch can be labeled with certification badges, this is not the only factor that indicates whether a watch is good or not. That’s why we did some further investigation on the different factors.

Why Chopard is a good watch

Chopard is a popular watch brand that is based in Switzerland. While they are not only known for their precision timekeeping devices, they are also known for incredible craftsmanship and world-renowned quality.

This status has taken shape after they had experienced in the watch trade since 1860, with several decades of experience. Their elegant and unique style gives watch enthusiasts a unique feeling that sets the brand apart from its competitors.

Chopard is a brand that has many characteristics that show that this brand manufactures good watches, but what exactly are these characteristics? We put them together in the paragraphs below.

Unique style

Chopard is known to have a very unique style compared to its competitors. This is one of the reasons it sets itself apart in the watch market.

A few examples are the dials on the case that are known to have a sunburst motif while the second-hand keeps the shape of an arrow. The crown looks like a central cap reminiscent of its mountain biotope. All of these features refer to the combination of an Alpine Eagle and its biotope, resulting in a unique style that has been thought about and is valuable to watch enthusiasts.

Other than that, Chopard also offers watches that are exclusively made in Chopard’s watchmaking workshops. This means that all of their high-quality movements are developed, produced, and assembled in the Chopard watch factory. A few examples of their in-house movements are the following:

  • 01.12 – C
  • 03.05 – C
  • 01.01 – C
  • 09.01 – C
is chopard good

Qualitative horological certification

So, how do watch brands get their confirmation that they are good in terms of quality? That is the exact reason why the qualitative horological certification was founded. This principle was launched in 2004 and located in Fleurier and was initiated by, among others, Chopard.

The foundation introduced a number of criteria to which watches must comply in order to radiate in such a way that they meet the highest possible quality. The criteria looks as follows:

These factors combined make for a watch that 100 percent proves its worth and has amazing quality guidelines. All Chopard watches are 100% Swiss-made which means that the watches are manufactured 100% in Switzerland. Also, all Chopard watches passed the tests of the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute.

All of these factors combined make up for a watch brand that has amazing quality and in fact, has one of the best once on the market. You can find more information on the specific meaning of this over here.


Chopard watches are known to be 100% Swiss-made. This might not sound as interesting as it actually is to the average human being. Swiss-made watches are known for world-renowned quality and belong to some of the best in the world.

Swiss-made watches are known to have world-renowned quality. Swiss watches have a powerful legacy and gain confidence through their exceptional craftsmanship. This means they carry a high level of trust and amazing quality that are hard to exceed.

So, Chopard carrying this badge says a lot about whether the watch is good or not. Making it belong to some of the highest quality on the watch market. Read more about the exact definition of Swiss-made watches over here.


Craftsmanship is an important factor for a watch to be good. How good is the mastery of the profession, and how is Chopard’s experience? Chopard has been around since 1860 and therefore carries a great package of experience through the years which shows in their craftsmanship.

While not all of Chopard’s movements are made in-house and are completely made by the brand itself, some of their collection carry entire exclusive movements all developed exclusively in Chopard’s watchmaking workshops. These movements are actually known to be incredibly good and chronometer-certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute.

Another unique skill Chopard possesses is the fact that everything that is sold by Chopard is manufactured in one of its three production sites, which is yet another proof of the excellent craftsmanship and experience that the brand offers.

So, is Chopard a good watch brand?

When determining whether a watch is good or not, we should take a look at several factors including the quality, craftsmanship of the brand, and the overall look and feel of the brand. We drew a conclusion from the information we made up from the paragraphs above.

It is safe to say that Chopard is a very good yet expensive luxury watch brand. the brand carries amazing craftsmanship, experience, unique style, and several certified badges of excellence. In terms of quality, the brand exceeds expectations.

The experience of the brand is good as its been around since 1860 and never failed to deliver in terms of quality and keeping up with new innovations and trends. They also carry a wide range of assortment with different collections such as happy diamonds. But also racing editions, and even classical range watches.

Our conclusion is that Chopard is an amazing watch brand for people that are willing to pay a lot for watches. Chopard is an expensive, yet very good watch brand when it comes to all of the most crucial factors.

Is Chopard a luxury brand

Luxury watch brands are usually seen as better watches, they carry an amazing status and have characteristics that prove they have significant value. While it is known that these luxury watches are usually more expensive than normal fashion brands. It is safe to say that you can count on the watch to be of good quality.

It is a fact that luxury watch brands are not labeled. Luxury watch brands are always subjective and therefore, we divide these into following characteristics:

  • The brand name
  • Materials
  • Is it Hand made
  • Price-tag

If we compare these factors with Chopard, we can state that Chopard definitely falls under the luxury watch category. We already know that Chopard is a brand name that is among the most popular ones in the industry right now. In fact, it is known to be in the top 5 most popular Swiss watch brands in the world. So, the brand name is recognizable and is admired by watch enthusiasts.

Chopard’s materials are of great quality and meet the luxury watch standards. With the use of gold and focussing on sustainable luxury within their products, you can count on great quality and value in terms of materials.

Most Chopard watches and materials are handmade which is also a great indicator of craftsmanship and expertise. Handmade watches usually mean more manufacturing processes and therefore more time to produce. This means there is more value seen by watch enthusiasts because of the time and precision put into each individual watch.

The price tag also doesn’t fall behind as Chopard is seen as one of the premium watch brands in terms of price. All in all, it is safe to say that Chopard watches are one of the premium luxury watch brands in the luxury watch market.

Are Chopard watches waterproof

Waterproof watches are another sign that the watches are of even better quality. Because our main question is whether Chopard watches are good, we wanted to include this in this article.

On this end, Chopard also offers great quality as all of their luxury watches are waterproof. Chopard offers their timepieces with security gaskets that ensure that the watch won’t get damaged when it gets exposed to water.

Are Chopard watches respected

Chopard watches are good in terms of quality, craftsmanship, and experience. But a watch brand that isn’t respected by the community could also be a great reason for it to not buy a watch. Therefore, we answered the question, Are Chopard watches respected?

Chopard watches are highly regarded in the watch industry, with their craftsmanship, diversification, and expertise they have a positive reputation among watch enthusiasts and are highly respected.

The brand started its journey in 1860 which is a very long time compared to its competitors. With this experience and keeping up with the latest trends and innovations, the brand has proven to be worthy of a respected reputation.

The reputation is also thanked because of its unique designs that are very different than other watch brands. These unique designs and especially continuing to innovate in these unique timepieces is an art in itself and also deserves a lot of respect from the outside world.

Are Chopard in-house movements good

As we mentioned before, Chopard offers its own in-house movements that are made in one of its workshops. While it is true that not all of Chopard’s movements are made in-house in one of their workshops, they do offer their own movements.

For example, the Alpine Eagle collection features four automatic movements that are all developed, produced, and assembled in the Chopard watchmaking workshops. It is interesting to see if these movements are also good. Are they making the brand even better, or are there better movements out there that can be used in your watches?

Starting off with the fact that all of Chopard’s movements are COSC-certified (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres). This means that their movements are certified with high precision and accuracy. Chopard movements are also known to produce up to 28,800 vibrations an hour, which is enough to produce an incredibly accurate timekeeping device.

Why are Chopard watches expensive

Chopard watches are expensive, while the brand offers watches in different price ranges, they are known to be relatively expensive. This mostly has to do with the high-end materials that the brand offers. An entry-level Chopard watch can be picked up for just around $5000 USD, which is not cheap in most people’s eyes.

But Chopard also offers watches that are worth several millions of dollars. Making this brand different in prices but also different in luxury. The fact that Chopard watches are so expensive often has to do with the fact that they match the value that they have in the eyes of the brand.

This is measured by a few factors like quality, and exclusivity, but also the value in the eyes of the consumers. This is usually measured by the amount of time of manufacturing the timepiece. But also the resale value plays a role in these situations. So, Chopard watches are so expensive because the brand sees value in the factors that we mentioned above. While these watches can sometimes be ‘worth it’. It always stays a personal preference for people whether the watch is worth the expensive timepieces.

Final words

This article discussed whether Chopard watches are good. We took a look at several deciding factors like the quality of the materials and the watch in general. Also, we took a look at the price, and if their price ranges have a good price/quality ratio.

In conclusion, we can state that Chopard watches are very good. They do very well in terms of quality, have an amazingly unique design, and are well respected in the industry. The watches are labeled with several badges that ensure their quality and that prove that the brand has very good products.

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