Casio is a watch brand that has been around since 1946 and produces watches with Japanese roots from Tokyo, Japan. Although they are relatively cheap when compared to their competitors, the watch has some very strong features and characteristics. We researched, Is Casio a good watch?

Casio is a good watch brand. Although they are relatively affordable, the watches are amazingly accurate, durable, and come with a fashionable design. People in many different professions and activities use the timepiece, because of its multifunctional qualities and characteristics.

In this article, we researched what exactly makes a Casio watch so good, and how it sets itself apart from its competitors. In the following paragraphs, we discuss the main qualities and cons of a Casio watch.

Why is Casio a good watch

Casio is one of the world’s most popular watch brands, and that did not come out of the blue. They owe their status and legacy to a great history of manufacturing watches and have become one of the most popular Japanese watch brands together with Seiko.

These Japanese watch brands carry an affordable status but at the same time, also deliver great quality. How come Casio has managed to deliver such quality at an entry-level price point?

Casio is known to produce multifunctional watches for several occasions that look stylish and feel solid. For example, you can wear a Casio during a neat occasion, but also during an afternoon working in the garden. This is mainly due to the fact that Casio watches are durable, with a long-lasting battery. But also a tough watch with shock and vibration resistance, and is made of solid materials like titanium, while still looking fashionable.

Next to its strong features and unique designs, Casio is also known as a brand you can rely on in terms of timekeeping. For example, the brand has proven over the years that they are significantly accurate. In fact, they would be unbeatable as the average accuracy of a Casio watch is 0.5 seconds a day (s/d).


One of the main characteristics that Casio is known for is its outstanding accuracy. As we know, Casio is a very cheap watch brand compared to its competitors, with watches with a purchase price starting at $10 USD you’d expect some imperfections. This accuracy is mainly due to the great characteristic of maintaining next to the perfect time in their products, with a precision of 0.5 seconds a day (s/d), keeping that up for several decades.

This accuracy is due to the fact that all of Casio’s movements are battery-powered or solar quartz. This basically means that their models are all battery-powered and can match a next to perfect precision which is a quality that no automatic watch can match.


The reliability of this watch brand is one of the main reasons for people to buy their new Casio watch. People are tempted to trust Casio relatively fast. This is probably due to the many years of experience that the watch carries and keeps people amazed with its precision timekeeping devices, innovations, and affordable prices.

Casio has also gained its reliability by proving its long lifespan, while it is known that these watches are affordable. They are also known to last up to 1 to 2 decades without even changing one battery. Added to this that the watches are very strong and not vulnerable compared to the price. So, good reliability is a logical consequence.


Casio manufactures its watches with battery-powered or solar quartz movements. We’ve already seen these watches going into exceptional accuracy. But these watches also carry a battery of exceptional quality.

It is known that Casio’s battery actually lasts up to a decade to 15 years of lifespan which is one of the longest lifespans in the industry. Although we’ve seen these types of watch battery lifespans, the average lifespan of a digital quartz watch is 4 – 7 years. This does depend on the climate you live in, which still exceeds most batteries of competitor brands.

We actually have an entire article on how long a watch battery will last on average over here, it might be interesting to read when comparing your watch to the average battery lifespan. Also, in there are additional tips on how to change the battery and how to avoid future problems with your battery.

Water Resistance

Casio watches are known to be usable in several situations and circumstances. They are made to be performed under some extreme conditions, hens why they are marked with the words the degree of water resistance. Each watch that can be worn underwater has one of the following marks:

  • Water Resistance: Splashes but no pressure.
  • 50M Water Resistance: Sinks, swimming, shallow waters but no snorkeling or scuba diving.
  • 100M Water Resistance: Most water activities but not during jet-skiing or scuba diving.
  • 200M Water Resistance: Most circumstances but not while scuba diving.

Casio’s water resistance watches are wearable under the slightest splashes but cannot handle any pressure of water. This is basically the first level. Only Casio’s diver’s watches are capable of performing in the most extreme water circumstances and can be used while scuba diving at depths that do not require helium gas.

This is yet another reason that Casio watches are good under some extreme circumstances, which is something most expensive luxury watches won’t match.


Casio watches are not known for their incredibly expensive devices. In fact, they are known for offering relatively cheap watches compared to their competitors. With a starting purchase price of only $10 USD, they won’t match most of the industry’s standards. This is a good thing when comparing it with their quality standards.

Casio is actually known for manufacturing watches that have one of the best price/quality/durability ratios in the entire watch industry. Although Casio offers some exceptions in their assortment, you can get most Casio watches for an average purchase price of around $100 USD.

Casio offers only one watch, the ‘G-Shock in 18K Gold‘ which retails for around $70,000 USD. This is one of the few exceptions that they offer which are incredibly expensive, although this isn’t the main goal that Seiko is trying to accomplish.

Which Casio watches are good

Casio offers a very wide assortment of watches for several occasions, which is one of the reasons this brand is so good. We did some research on the different watches that Casio offers and which ones particularly stand out. Also, we have listed a number of advantages and disadvantages of these specific models for these interesting Casio watches:

Casio F91W

Arguably one of the most popular Casio models in Casio’s assortment is the Casio F91W. Which is one of the most iconic watches in the industry. In fact, this model actually holds the record for the most popular digital timepiece of all time. Ever since the launch of this model in 1989, we’ve seen different people wear this watch on different occasions. This has never diminished.

With a price point of around $10 – $30 USD, you can’t go wrong with a watch like this. This timepiece is also known to last up to 15 years of battery lifespan while staying reliable in terms of timekeeping. The watch comes with an alarm, a stopwatch, and even a backlight. And ever since its launch, it has become an all-time favorite in the watch industry.

Is Casio a Good Watch

Casio G-Shock series

Casio has a few different lines, particularly those that come with a more iconic status than others. We’ve already discussed the F91W, but one of the most iconic lines in their assortment must be the Casio G-shock series. This is a series from Casio that most people should have heard of.

Known for their durability and amazing value for the money you pay. This line stands out in many watch enthusiasts’ eyes. For the price you pay, you get a watch that can withstand impact and centrifugal forces. But can also withstand high water pressure. In short, it is a brand that is made to take a beating and function under extreme conditions, while still looking stylish and tough. Meeting all of Casio’s qualities and therefore, making it a very good Casio watch.

Casio AE1200

One of the newest lines that Casio has in their assortment whilst still being iconic is their Casio AE1200 line. This watch line was released in 2012 and has been setting a mark in the industry ever since due to a special phenomenon.

This line made its mark after appearing in a James Bond movie. This was a strange phenomenon as James Bond stands for luxury and class. But they suddenly showed a watch worth about $30 USD, giving the watch a more iconic status almost immediately.

The watch is equipped with 100M water resistance. This watch is also one of the watches that have proven to have a large battery lifespan of up to a decade. These features actually turn out to have an amazing price-to-quality ratio again. Making this one of the Casio watches that are actually very good.

So, Is Casio a good watch

When comparing all the different watches in the assortment that Casio offers, we can state that Casio is actually a very good watch brand. While there are watches that are more luxurious and have more mental value. Casio watches are incredibly well-made while staying incredibly affordable.

Known for their affordability, durability, and amazing battery, these watches are a no-brainer in every watch collector’s collection. If you buy a Casio watch, you can expect a watch that will withstand extreme circumstances and will build a bond with you through many different experiences.

In conclusion, they are perfect for the everyday watch owner that needs a watch to carry you through the day. Also, they are great for kids and men that have urban jobs.

Is Casio a good luxury watch

Luxury watches are watches that are different from normal fashion watches. While luxury watches, for example, are hand-made and exceptionally made with every single piece. Normal fashion watches are mass-produced and made in many more quantities. This is also one of the main reasons why some watches can be made more affordable.

Casio is not a luxury watch. This is mainly due to mass production which causes an overload on models and options that ensure that the demand remains lower than the supply. Also, Casio watches are mainly too cheap to be seen as luxury watches.

Luxury watches are different from fashion watches in several ways. While there isn’t a particular label for luxury watches. There are a few recurring factors that determine whether a watch is a normal fashion watch or a luxury watch. For example, the brand name, materials, and also price-tag play a role in the decision.

The fact that Casio is not seen as a luxury watch brand doesn’t particularly make it less good of a watch. It just has different characteristics and won’t be seen quickly as a watch that could be a good investment nor have good value retention.

If you are looking for watches that do hold their value, you can take a look at our website over here. We have a lot of articles on watches that are luxury watch brands, so could be a potential investment opportunity or could be up for a valuable resale after years of owning the watch.

Casio is a good watch

In conclusion, we wanted to sum up what we discussed in this article. The conclusion is that Casio is seen as a watch brand that has an incredible value for money. While their watches are already being sold for as little as $10 USD, they offer amazing quality and are wearable under many different circumstances. This is something many luxury watch brands won’t accomplish.

If you buy yourself a Casio watch, you can expect a durable, fashionable, very accurate, and affordable watch that will last for many decades when treated right. And it is certainly a fact that you won’t regret having a Casio watch added to your collection.

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