Cartier. One of the most iconic jewelry brands in today’s world. The brand is known for high-end luxury jewelry and didn’t fail to deliver high-quality and beautiful products since 1847. The brand also introduced watches into their assortment, but is Cartier also a luxury watch brand?

Cartier is a luxury watch brand. This is because of the manufacturing of precious metal content and exclusive brand movements. These factors combined with a price range within the luxury category make for a high-end luxury watch brand.

The confusion of this question could come with the fact that this brand is usually known for its jewelry like rings, bracelets, etc. But their watches shouldn’t be underestimated. In the following paragraphs, we explain why.

Why Cartier is a luxury watch brand

When we determine whether a watch falls into the category of a luxury watch brand, we look at a few deciding factors. Let’s start with the fact that luxury watches have no specific meaning. What we mean by this is that there are no specific guidelines to what a luxury watch actually contains in terms of value or materialism.

So how do we determine what a luxury watch is? As a general rule, a watch can be called a luxury watch when it contains anything past what is absolutely necessary to keep the time, or time something with a chronograph. The essential meaning of a watch is to tell the time, and therefore, anything else that adds value would be considered a luxury. But this is obviously to some extent.

So why is Cartier a luxury watch brand? Cartier watches are manufactured with a lot of exclusive and high-quality materials. They contain precious metal content and a very high-end design that contain relatively high-value materials. All these factors cause the price to go up in value and some Cartier watches come out to six to even seven-figure prices. Therefore, it’s safe to say that Cartier is a luxury watch brand.

In the watch world, there are factors that are regularly found in luxury watches and that differ from the normal watch market. Basically, there are some factors that could determine if a watch is considered a luxury watch as these contain an extra value. We used the following factors to determine if Cartier is a luxury watch brand:

  • The brand name
  • Materials
  • Hand made
  • Price-tag

Let’s put these points in perspective when it comes to the Cartier brand.

Cartier luxury watch brand

The brand name

Cartier is one of the most well-known luxury brands of today. This is not for nothing. With their wide range of premium products and their high-end jewelry, Cartier can be considered a luxury.

The materials

Materials are a big part that determines the watch’s luxury. Let’s take a look at the materials that are used in Cartier watches. Cartier watches are made of high-end, stylish and durable, stainless steel that is usually considered to be one of the most high-end materials for luxury watches.

Some of their watches use silver for the dials, and some even use 18k gold materials. All of these materials make up for all the materials that a luxury watch would contain.

Is a Cartier luxury watch hand made

Another factor that most luxury watch brands have is the fact that their products are handmade. Due to this handmade production, products can’t be mass-produced and come with some sort of distinction over time. This causes the demand to be higher than the supply. This could mean that prices will appreciate overtime for these watches. This is also a factor that could determine a luxury watch.

Cartier watches are handmade. This is because their watches contain components that no machine can put together. The watch brand contains all the indications of a handmade watch. Which is another deciding factor of a luxury watch brand.

Does Cartier have a luxury watch price-tag

Another factor that could determine the quality of the materials and thus whether it is a luxury watch or not is the price tag. Luxury watches usually contain a price tag that is connected to their fine materials and exclusive, handmade craftsmanship.

These are not the only reasons that a luxury watch is usually a little bit more expensive. People could forget that you don’t only pay for the brand, but also for amazing quality and the most expensive materials. Together with high demand, and low supply ratio. This forms a valuable piece that is often worth its money.

Cartier is known for a wide range of products that vary widely in price. $2,500 for a Quartz Ronde Solo, to Cartier Rotonde Tourbillon Chronograph Platinum Watch that could go up to $204,000. They even offer a Cartier Phoenix Décor Secret Watch that costs as much as $1.8 million dollars! These watches are obviously a big splash of luxury. When we talk about the price of a Cartier watch, it is safe to say that these watches fall into the luxury watch category.

So, to sum it up

When we take a look at the factors that always come back within luxury watch (brands), Cartier ticks all boxes. It is very safe to say that Cartier watches are luxury watches. With a brand name that is much known for luxury, high-quality materials, a relatively high price tag, and handmade timepieces, Cartier is a luxury watch brand.

Cartier luxury watch brand

Do Cartier luxury watches hold value

Some people state that luxury watches can also be a great investment for the long term. This has to do with the fact that luxury watches usually have a very low supply, compared to the demand for the watches. This often has to do with the brand not being able to offer more pieces at once due to the long manufacturer time. This causes the demand to go up, and the prices to come with it.

Therefore, people can buy the watch and sell it off for a nice profit in the future. We talk a lot about the appreciation or depreciation of watches in this article. It could be helpful if you want to know more about why a watch depreciates in value or appreciates over time.

When we talk about watches as an investment, we often talk about very big companies like Patek Phillipe and Rolex. These are watches that could be good investments as they appreciate in value due to the high demand. But we did talk about Cartier as being one of the worlds leading luxury brands, so it might be good as an investment. And the fact is that it could actually be a good investment. Depending on the model, Cartier watches seem to retain their value very well compared to other watch brands. Although it could be a good investment, doing research for each specific model is nessasary before investing in a luxury timepiece.

Are Cartier watches high quality

The quality of a watch is important. You could buy a watch for $100.000,- but is it worth its price? Although this luxury watch won’t have $100.000 dollars worth of materials on it, you pay mostly for the brand and the model. For example, Swiss luxury watches could sell for up to 22x as much as their manufacture cost.

The rest of the costs for these watches usually go to sponsorships and advertising for the brand. But this doesn’t have to mean that the watches are low in quality, they just put a lot of money into different aspects of the brand. So are these Cartier watches high quality?

This will also depend on the models of the brand. With their rich history of exclusively made watches, their watch movements didn’t disappoint for years. Later on, Cartier started manufacturing eta-based movements. Although ETA movements have proven to be highly accurate, Cartier did bring a new type of watch to the market that also contained new stainless steel. Opinions about their new watches vary but people state that their new ETA-based movements are not as good as the previous made exclusive watches. Cartier’s leather watch-straps are known to be very high quality pieces and only need servicing once every year.

All in all, Cartier is a very well-known brand that offers watches that have lots of wind to catch due to the big fan base and lots of people that know the brand. Their watches are very well made and have good quality within their movements.

The conclusion

Cartier is one of the worlds leading luxury brands that are known for its highly exclusive jewelry. In this article, we summed up all of the factors that could determine luxury watches. Luxury watches have recurring factors that every piece carries. It has a high price tag, is hand-made, has exclusive and expensive materials, and is usually a very well-known brand name.

If we add all of these factors up, Cartier definitely ticks all boxes. So to conclude this article, we can state that Cartier watches fall into the luxury watch category. Together with exclusive materials, precious metal content, and high-end luxury, this brand makes for a brand that offers well-known luxury watches.

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