Bulova is a watch brand that is known to carry an interesting history in watch manufacturing. They are an American watch brand that has been manufacturing watches since 1875. The brand is now owned by Citizen and has a good reputation amongst watch enthusiasts. We did some in-depth research answering the question, Is Bulova a good watch?

Bulova is a good watch brand. Bulova is known to have an incredible history of high-frequency precision timepieces. Although they are not seen as high-end, they do make good quality watches. Also, Bulova is owned by one of the most one of the largest watch manufacturers, namely Citizen.

There are several factors that show why Bulova makes good watches. But what exactly makes this brand good? We dove a little deeper into the brand and researched and discuss the different qualities and weaknesses of the Bulova watch brand.

Why is Bulova a good watch

Ever since the year 1875, Bulova has been manufacturing and improving timepieces for the watch industry. With their wide range of low and high-end watches they differentiate and have products of different qualities and calibers.

Watches have several guidelines that indicate whether a watch is good or not. One of these for example which Bulova is also known for is its incredible pedigree and history in watch manufacturing. Bulova offers some of their models which compete with some of the biggest brands in the industry, like the Bulova Accutron. The brand has proven to be in constant development with the greatest attention to detail.

Bulova’s rich and successful history has proved that they are capable of some incredible experience in watchmaking. The brand is also known for manufacturing relatively affordable watches with prices ranging averages of $100 – $550 USD.

There are a few deciding factors that we examined and reviewed which indicate whether Bulova watches are good or not, we reviewed the following factors for the Bulova brand:

  • Materials
  • Price
  • Accuracy
  • Quality
is bulova a good watch


Materials play a huge role in the quality and reputation of a watch. What materials do they use and what is the price compared to the quality of materials you are getting?

Bulova is a watch brand that is seen as relatively affordable compared to high-end watch brands in the industry. This will automatically reflect the quality of the materials. Although Bulova offers watches that are relatively cheap, they have proven to exceed expectations in terms of material quality.

Bulova uses crystal glass which is known to be a solid glass for the protection of the dials and the case. They also use stainless steel in their models which is used as the watch case material. Stainless steel is often used in watches as it is an extremely powerful metal that is resistant to heat and known for its sustainability and corrosion resistance reflecting Bulova’s qualities.

Although Bulova uses relatively cheap materials in its products, the prices reflect the quality and won’t disappoint. Therefore, the quality of the materials in Bulova watches is good.


The price of Bulova watches is one of the most appealing factors as it is known to be an entry-level watch in terms of prices. With price ranges ranging anywhere from $100 to $600 USD, you might be surprised with the price/quality ratio that the brand offers.

Only a hand full of their models exceed these price guidelines. For example one of their models is called the Bulova Curv, which is the world’s first chronograph with curved movement and is priced at $895 USD. On the other hand, some of their classic models are retailed at $179 USD. However, you’ll find most of their models hanging between the $100 to $600 USD price range.

Bulova also offers different caliber watches and models that are mainly made for investments and not particularly for fashion. Bulova offers vintage, antique, and limited edition watches which are in different price ranges as well. For example, one of their most expensive watches is the Joseph Bulova Collection, a 24-Karat Gold watch, which is retailed at 42,000 USD.


Bulova is known to have an outstanding accuracy compared to its competitors. In fact, they are known to have produced one of the most accurate technologies in the world for time-keeping quartz movements. With this technology, quartz watches are accurate for up to 10 seconds per year, whereas normal movements are only capable of keeping 20 seconds per month in comparison.

The movement is called Precisionist and basically has a quartz crystal that creates a torsional resonator, this eventually highers the frequency and leads to a highly accurate second-hand dial. However, these movements are not always used in every single timepiece that Bulova sells in their assortment. The precisionist line of Bulova is known to be tip-top accurate, but Bulova offers several lines in their assortment.

Bulova also offers lower-end watches that often carry ETA 2824 movements which are known to be a little less accurate than their Precisionist movements. These movements are accurate to about 10 to 30 seconds per day. Which is significantly less accurate than the Precisionist movement in their higher-end models.

Although the accuracy changes between different models and the watches have differences, on average, Bulova watches are accurate enough to not ave to worry about losing time in the long run.


The quality of a watch comes down to several factors being added together. For example, how long will the materials last, and do they stay in good shape after they are used for some time? It needs to satisfy a specified set of requirements to have good quality.

We’ve discussed some of these requirements in the paragraphs above. The crystal glass that Bulova uses in their models stands for strong glass that won’t break as easily as normal glass would. Also, crystal glass is known to stay more durable and looks more beautiful than normal glass.

Stainless steel is used by a lot of brands in the watch industry. This is not a weird thing because it is known to be very durable, corrosion-resistant, and not easily scratchable. These materials are also known to last several decades in life expectancy, if treated well, they can last up to 50 years.

Often in the watch industry, watches are equal in cost and quality, this is also the case with Bulova watches. Their materials last long and are strong, setting the watch up for a long life expectancy when treated right. But also, the movements and battery have their own stories. For example, the ETA or Precisionist movements are known for their quality, and they are constantly being renewed and improved. They are attributes in themselves and are therefore treated to match the best possible quality.

The fact is that you can expect the quality of what you pay for. You can expect a decent watch that will last a while when you pay $600 USD for a watch. The quality will match the price tag.

So, Is Bulova a good watch

Bulova is a watch brand that is known to be relatively inexpensive. With watches being manufactured and retailed at an average of $500 USD you can expect a quality that is similar to that price range. For an affordable price, you can expect a watch that will last long, has very good accuracy and looks incredible.

So, yes, Bulova watches are good. Bulova has an incredible history and heritage that will always carry a story. So for a price point of $100 – $500 USD you can expect a very good watch that won’t disappoint in terms of quality, heritage, and several other factors.

Is Bulova a Swiss made watch

Swiss-made watches are known for world-renowned quality and are therefore special and trusted by many watch enthusiasts for their quality. It is a sign that the watch is made from the right guidelines and ensures the best possible quality. A watch being Swiss-made ensures at least 60% percent of the manufacturing cost boing Swiss-made.

Bulova is not Swiss-made. Bulova offers good quality watches but they are made in America. However, they do use movements that are made in Switzerland.

Is Bulova a high-end watch

High-end watches usually are very expensive, are of good quality, and are very popular amongst watch collectors and enthusiasts. They use expensive and exotic materials that are seen as pure luxury.

Bulova watches are not high-end. This is due to the use of relatively inexpensive materials. The fact that their watches are not high-end doesn’t mean they that they are not good, Bulova watches have a great value/quality ratio.

A few examples of high-end watch brands are Rolex, Omega, and Patek Phillipe. These brands offer watches that use high-end materials like diamonds and gold, making a luxury item that goes beyond the consumer’s necessary needs. Bulova offers watches that have significantly lower price ranges which are reflected in the luxury of the watch.

This is not particularly a bad thing, it just means that the watch uses cheaper materials and is less valuable in the eyes of a real watch collector. If you are just a regular consumer that uses watches as fashion items, buying a Bulova watch is a better option than going for one of the high-end brands in the industry.

Summing up

Bulova is a watch brand that is known for its incredible history and heritage in watch-making history. Ever since 1875 they have been manufacturing innovative designs and delivering quality within their price ranges.

In this article, we discussed why Bulova is a good brand and what kind of watch you can expect. With a price range of anywhere between $100 to $600 USD, you can expect a watch that lasts a long time, has durable and quality materials and can be used for several occasions.

Bulova watches are good for people that are looking for fashion watches that will fit basic needs. Bulova watches offer good quality and won’t exceed in terms of luxury. So, in conclusion, Bulova watches are good watches.

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