Breitling is known as a beautiful and relatively affordable watch compared to its competitors. If you’ve ever thought of getting one of Breitling’s timepieces, you’ll probably like to do some research first. So, is Breitling a good watch? We did a quality survey to answer this question as well as possible.

Breitling is a very good watch brand. Outside of Breitling being known for outstanding designs and extraordinary appearance, the overall build quality, and finish is laudable. Breitling offers its own (high) quality assurance standards, according to watch enthusiasts these standards are reflected in practice.

Breitling is an interesting brand that is incredibly well known to watch enthusiasts. With competitors like Tudor and Omega, there are more questions to answer about its quality. This is what we did in the rest of this article.

Why is Breitling a good watch

Those who have delved into the watch market, all know that Breitling is a well-known brand in the industry. You would say that it is not for nothing. Although it is safe to say that in terms of recognizability, they don’t yet compare to Rolex, they are actually comparable in quality with the world’s most recognizable and distinctive watch brands.

So what makes Breitling such a good watch brand. To check this, we looked at a number of distinguishing factors, from the point of view of the detail, we have examined the following factors:

  • Price
  • Durability
  • Materials
  • Potential investment

It is of course true that the popularity of this brand does not just come from anywhere. So that’s why we took a closer look at these factors.


The price of Breitling watches is immediately a positive addition for the brand. The overall build quality and finish are very laudable at the price point they are offered. In other words, you could say that the price-quality ratio is relatively positive.

For example, Breitling’s Chronomat Colt is already available for about $2,000 USD, making it one of the cheapest Breitling watches. The average Breitling watch will cost you between $3,000 and $10,000 USD, which is a fair price for a watch of this caliber.

Breitling prices start at less than half the price of Rolex watches and as we mentioned before, the quality is comparable. It is of course true that these watches have a hefty price tag, this has to do with their materials and the luxurious status they carry. But for the materials used, and prices compared to the competition the price is already a good one for the brand.


Breitling is known for manufacturing aesthetically pleasing watches. The problem with aesthetically pleasing is that there could be issues with lack of quality or durability of the materials. This in turn can have consequences for the watch, as it can have an effect on your investment or because you simply want to wear it for several decades.

Breitling has proven for decades or even centuries that they can make watches that last. In fact, Breitling is even known for making their watches that will probably outlive you as a person. This fact makes it even more attractive for investments and watches collectors. We will come back to that later in this article.


Materials are obviously a very important factor for watches to be good. Without the right materials or the right quality of the materials, watches can never be good. So, how are the materials of Breitling watches?

Breitling is known for manufacturing watches that use stainless steel and 18 karat gold or platinum materials. Which is actually made with real gold. These materials have the characteristics of an anti-corrosive nature, which even makes them hold considerable value due to the material’s long lifespan. These materials also guarantee water resistance. All in all, the quality of Breitling’s materials is outstanding and is known to last a very long time.

You can obviously keep up with this lifespan by servicing your watch every now and then, which is an absolute must for every watch owner of this caliber. We actually have an entire article on the service cost of a Breitling watch. This could be really handy if you are trying to sum up the costs of your new Breitling watch. Check the article on how much a Breitling service costs over here.

is Breitling a good potential investment

Why is a potential investment such an important factor for a watch to be good? Well, that has to do with the fact that the purchase price of these luxury goods is so high that you’ll also want a reasonable amount in return for the exit.

Luxury watches holding their value is a frequently asked question among watch collectors and enthusiasts. This is because some models in the industry are known to be potential investments over the decades. There are a few characteristics of watches that tend to hold their value more than normal watches, but it mainly comes down to the supply and demand of the watch.

Although Breitling watches are known to be more affordable than the likes of Rolex or Patek Phillipe, doesn’t have to mean that they won’t at least hold somewhat of their resale value. Due to the high reliability of the Breitling brand, watch collectors have gained convincing levels of trust for the brand.

The fact is that it obviously will depend on the model that you buy. But Breitling watches do not tend to hold their value over time as well as the likes of Rolex or Omega watches. A value drop of about 10% to 35% is expected after leaving the Breitling boutique. Although the resale value won’t be as high as other high-end luxury watch brands, you’ll still be able to get a considerable amount back for your previous order.

Is Breitling a Good Watch

Conclusion, is Breitling a good watch

So, what did we learn from putting these factors side by side? Well, there is a direct correlation between the value of a brand, the recognition of a brand, and the resale value. It is probably one of the most distinctive watch brands you’ll find on the market.

With their quality and long-lasting materials. The amazing durability, and a price tag that tends to be more affordable than its (huge) competitors. It’s safe to say that the Breitling watch brand is very good.

Is Breitling as good as a Rolex watch

Now that we have really taken a good look at what makes the Breitling brand so good, we want to distinguish one more thing as this is such a frequently asked query within the watch industry. Although we all know that Rolex currently carries the world’s most recognizable brands are known to be the best of the best, the comparison between these two is really worth it.

These two amazing brands’ comparison is due to the lower price of the Breitling brand but the more recognizable brand is Rolex. These two important factors in the watch industry make it very attractive for watch collectors to compare the two brands.

When it comes to recognition, Rolex wins this comparison as they are known to be the world’s most recognizable Swiss watch brand. Breitling doesn’t yet make it into the top ten of this list. But, we want to know which is the better brand, as that is what this article is about. In terms of quality, both brands tend to be exceptional. There is a small amount of quality difference between the brands. Which might even make it more attractive to buy yourself a breitling watch when it comes to quality and price.

If you want to go for a more recognizable brand, you’ll probably still want to go for a Rolex. But keep in mind that you’ll pay at least twice as much for this watch.

Is it worth to buy Breitling

After all, let’s check if this watch brand is actually worth considering for the normal watch buyer. Breitling owns and manufactured excellent watches. The fact is that most watches that are anything above the average price to tell you the time, are not necessary anymore. So, it really depends on your personal needs if you want to buy yourself a Breitling watch. Breitling is luxury timepiece that is more expensive than you”l need in your life. But, if you appreciate a piece of mechanical art. An affordable piece of a watchmaker’s work than the brand could be worth your money.

We’d say watch collectors or people that have enough to spend to buy a watch like this should have a good one for this watch. Because Breitling is a great watch brand that offers quality pieces that come with years of experience and expertise. It is worth buying a Breitling if you enjoy their story, or like to have a timepiece that exudes luxury and quality.

So in terms of price, Breitling watches might be a little overpriced when you look at it to see only tell the time. But, if you look at it from the eye of a watch collector. That’s passionate about these timepieces and appreciates the story of these watches, Breitling is a great watch to buy. With its amazing quality, innovative design, and high-end luxury, Breitling is definitely worth buying.

Summing up

Summing up this article, let’s add a little conclusion to what we’ve just discovered from the Breitling brand. Starting off, we’ve come to the conclusion that Breitling is an amazing watch brand. We’ve mentioned some factors that could determine whether a watch is good or not. Breitling basically ticks all of these boxes.

Breitling owns and manufactures watches that last a lifetime, offer great materials, and have incredible durability. This is all for at least half the price of its competitors. The cheapest Breitling is already available for about $2,000 USD. Which is an exceptional price for the quality that these watches tend to have.

With Breitling’s stainless steel and 18 karat gold or platinum materials that they use on their models, the materials are exceeding the expectations for the price. So, all in all. Breitling is a great watch brand that offers amazing quality luxury watches.


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