Watch collectors agree, that Tudor is a great watch brand that offers great value for your money. Therefore, Tudor watches are known to produce high-quality watches that are worth your money. It’s known that Tudor’s purchase price falls into a lower category than most luxury watch brands, but maintenance is sometimes underestimated. So, how much does a Tudor service cost?

On average, a Tudor watch service costs $300 USD, depending on the movement, model, and service. For an in-house movement, basic cleaning and servicing cost around $250.00 USD. For a factory movement service, prices can go up to $700 USD, but that’s rare.

The fact is that watch services vary widely. They depend on numerous factors. Obviously, the brand, service, and watch play a major role. In this article, we are going to describe as best as possible what your Tudor service would cost.

What does a Tudor service cost

So, a Tudor watch service will cost you anything between $250 USD to up to $700 USD. It is hard to tell you exactly how much a Tudor watches service costs. We can explain why this is the case. In Tudor’s modern procedures, they don’t just start servicing a watch. Before that, a detailed diagnostic examination is performed.

One of Tudor’s watch inspectors from the service centers carefully inspects the case, strap, and movement of your watch to determine which maintenance procedures are required. The price of your Tudor watch service will only be assessed after this, which you will then receive a quote about. Tudor does this to ensure its renowned quality and reliability.

Tudor has a broad globally accredited network of retailers and service centers. Because of their close family bond with Rolex, official Tudor watch servicing is usually done in Rolex service centers.

During a service by TUDOR, your watch’s movement is thoroughly overhauled to ensure performance is within original specifications.


These are some of Tudor’s guaranteed features of a basic cleaning and servicing:

  • The watchband will be cleaned and polished
  • Precision and water resistance are always thoroughly tested
  • Parts are checked and replaced if needed

We can state that a normal Tudor watch service will cost around $250 USD. If we start from the points above.

Tudor service cost

An average Tudor service cost

While it is relatively hard to tell you exactly how much a Tudor service cost will be for your watch, we made somewhat of an average that you can expect for Tudor’s different models that they offer. Tudor of course has a number of well-known models, we wrote down a number of them with the average service cost:

Pelagos$300 – $700
Black Bay$250 – $500
North Flag$200 – $400
Black Bay GMT$200 – $500
Black Bay Chrono$200 – $500
Tudor’s watch models and their service cost

As we explained in the first paragraph, Tudor watch servicing offers personal quotes for the different watches that come into their service centers, so we will never really be able to give you exact numbers. But prices will definitely not deviant much from these.

Does Tudor offer a warranty

After a complete service, with or without the case and bracelet refinishing option, your Tudor watch is covered by a five-year Service Guarantee. This warranty was recently introduced by Tudor on January the 1st of 2020.

To support Tudor’s strong vision to keep the watches as some of the most reliable and high quality on the market, they’ve introduced the 5-year warranty. Everyone that buys their watch after January the 1st of 2020, will benefit from this 5-year warranty.

It is worthy to say that any intervention by a non-Tudor-authorized third party, or the addition of any non-Tudor parts or accessories, will void the Service Guarantee.

How often should a Tudor be serviced

Now that we know everything about the service cost and the side notes that have been worth mentioning, let’s talk about how often you should service a Tudor watch.

It is recommended by watch experts to get your Tudor watch serviced every three to five years of wearing it. Although Tudor publicly stated 10 years between servicing, it is still recommended to keep the first range for frequently used watches (every day).

For sporadically worn watches, this time period can probably be stretched a little longer. People state that the Tudor given time range of 10 years comes out of sight of watch collectors that don’t use their watch as an everyday fashion piece.

All in all, it’s not weird to plan a service for your watch every 5 years or so, this way, you’ll keep your precious timepiece healthy and in good condition through the years.

After a Tudor watch service

Watch servicing is good for your watch, but don’t forget to turn your watch back on. After a service, do not forget to manually wind your Tudor before wearing it again. We like to call this the great reset and it gives your watch a boost to be as good as new. And on top of that, its necessary to get your watch to work again.

“To do this, place the crown in the winding position and turn it clockwise approximately 20 times. Then turn the crown firmly back against the case to keep it watertight.”

How Much is a Tudor Pelagos Service Cost

The Tudor Is Pelagos is one o Tudor’s most popular luxury watch pieces. For many people who own this kind of watch, it might be good to know how much the servicing is actually worth. Because this watch is so popular and precious to watch collectors and enthusiasts, we were able to gather some numbers for the cost of this timepiece’s servicing.

A normal Pelagos ETA service costs $300 – $400 USD. People have seen prices of this watch service rise up to $700 USD, but this is usually from independent watch services. Therefore, the recommendation goes to bring it to an official Tudor retailer, to keep the service costs relatively low.

It’s not weird to differ a little bit from these price ranges. Because as with all of Tudor’s movements, prices differ based on their personal check before every service. But a normal Pelagos service cost will cost you around $300 – $400 USD.

Do Tudor hold their value

If you are planning to know how much a Tudor watch service costs, it might actually be handy to know if Tudor watches hold their value. Maybe you are a watch collector that’s willing to know everything about the brand before buying it as a potential investment.

If a watch holds its value, the servicing of the watch will be worth it way more than a watch that you can’t sell later anyway. So let’s answer that question.

Unfortunately, most watches are not great investments. This is due to the supply and demand of a watch. If the supply is reletively low comared to the demand, there will be more demand then the watches that are actually available on the market. This will cause the price of the watch models to go up in value over time.

While there are certain models like Rolex and Patek Phillipe that have watches that retain or even appreciate in value over time. Tudor is probably not your best bet as a future investment for that matter. But, if you choose the right model, they might actually retain some of their value, let us explain.

The fact with most Tudor watches, you might actually see up to a 70% decrease in value over the first few years of owning your Tudor watch. But this is obviously dependent on the model. Some high-end luxury watches that Tudor produces have actually proven to hold their value or even appreciate in the past decade, so some models might be a good investment, as Tudor stays on the luxury side of the market.

Final words

Let’s sum this article up to get everything cleared up. We have given quite a lot of information in this article. Everything has to do with owning a watch or keeping a Tudor watch. In this article, there are tips on servicing your watch, how much it costs to service your Tudor, and how often it needs to get serviced.

Tudor claims that they stand for incredible quality and they just want to radiate this claim. That’s why Tudor offers a service where they take every watch personally and give it an upfront check-up. Based on this, they prepare a quote that they then send to you for approval. This causes the main question relatively hard to answer.

But, in this article, we gathered together data. To give you some averages for the different models that Tudor offers servicing for. We put together a table with the most popular models and their service costs.

All in all, we can go out from the averages we have given in the article above. Just know that Tudor finds it really important to radiate quality and take this into account by following several procedures that can influence the Tudor service cost of your personal timepiece.

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