Hamilton is an excellent watch brand that has been manufacturing watches since 1892. The brand offers relatively affordable prices while remaining high quality. The affordable purchase prices are not the only costs that come with owning a Hamilton watch. With it comes additional maintenance costs. So, how much does a Hamilton service cost?

On average, a Hamilton complete maintenance service will cost you $210 USD, depending on the movement. Partial maintenance service costs you an average of $55 USD, also dependent on the movement. Service costs can vary based on the movement, model, and condition of the watch.

Hamilton watches need servicing just like any other watch. Watches need servicing to keep your watch working properly. In the paragraph above, we mentioned the average service costs. But how can these service costs change? And what are the different services and their costs? We discuss it in the following paragraphs.

How much does a Hamilton service cost

So, a Hamilton watch service will cost you anything between $50 USD to up to $290 USD. How much your Hamilton watch costs depends on the model, environmental conditions, and personal care you took for your watch. A watch that is damaged has more service costs than a watch that has been kept in perfect condition.

Hamilton works with different services for different cases. For example, they offer complete maintenance and have additional costs for different movements. But they also offer a partial maintenance service for cleaning, and replacement of gaskets, batteries, etc. These will usually cost way less.

Hamilton service cost

Complete maintenance service cost

Hamilton’s complete maintenance service offers the following operations for the service. This service will cost you an average of $210 USD and will provide the following services:

  • Movement treatment (replacing, reassembly, cleaning of the movement)
  • Case treatment (refurbishment, polishing, etc.)
  • Cleaning of the case and metal or rubber bracelet
  • Battery treatment (replacement, pushers, etc.)
  • Restoration of water resistance
  • Adjusting
  • Final check

Partial maintenance service cost

Hamilton’s partial maintenance service is there for people who want to keep their watch up to date in certain aspects. For example, the water resistance and checking things on if it still works well, like the gaskets. To keep your watch water resistant and clean, it is recommended to get your watch a partial maintenance service every year. This service will cost you an average of $55 USD. This service includes the following operations:

  • Cleaning
  • Replacement of gaskets 
  • Restoration of water resistance
  • Adjusting
  • Final check

Vintage watch service cost

The final service that Hamilton offers is its vintage watch service. Every vintage model can be brought back to an authorized Hamilton Service Center for servicing 10 years after the last model has been put into the market.

This service also ensures a new watch for you if the service center comes to the conclusion that your watch is unable to get serviced due to its loyalty program.

This service needs an individual estimate as to how much it will cost because of the many factors that can come in when wanting to service a vintage watch.

Exact Hamilton service cost per movement

Now that we know the average service cost of a Hamilton service, we wanted to dive a little deeper into the exact service cost. Hamilton actually offers their prices according to the specific movements.

A watch’s movement is the engine of a watch that makes sure that the watch keeps running. Some movements are different than others. For example, Quartz movements are battery-powered and therefore more accurate than automatic movements, these are powered by a mainspring.

Hamilton determines its service cost based on the service that they provide, combined with the specific movement. The movement type can be found in the description of every watch you find.

In the table below, we put together the service cost for each movement and service combined:

Automatic / Manual winding 2 – 3 hands: $190 USD$50 USDOn Estimate
Automatic Chronographs: $290 USD$60 USDOn Estimate
Quartz 2 – 3 hands: $150 USD$50 USDOn Estimate
Quartz Chronographs, Multi-Touch:$220 USD$60 USDOn Estimate
Watches with multiple movements, complications:On EstimateOn EstimateOn Estimate
Vintage watches (automatic, manual, quartz): On EstimateOn EstimateOn Estimate
Hamilton service cost per movement and service:

How often should you service a Hamilton watch

The frequency of a watch service is determined by many factors. Watches that are completely broken need more servicing than watches that have been in perfect condition throughout their entire lifespan.

On average, a Hamilton complete maintenance service should be done every three to five years. Hamilton’s partial maintenance service is recommended every one or two years. Service frequency can vary due to the model, environment, or personal care.

These given numbers obviously won’t be set for every Hamilton owner. There are a few factors that determine how often your Hamilton watch will need to get serviced:

  • Model
  • Environmental factors
  • Personal care

The model of the watch influences the service frequency due to the different materials that are being used. For example, gold needs different servicing than stainless steel. Some materials just need more or less servicing and this usually comes down to different models.

Environmental factors can play a role in the service frequency because environmental factors could damage components increasing the need for servicing.

Personal care is maybe the most important factor for how often your need to service your watch. Keeping your watch in good condition makes sure that your watch won’t get damaged and needs additional servicing and service costs.

After a Hamilton watch service

After a Hamilton service, your watch should be as good as new. Broken parts are replaced, and the water resistance is restored. Every part of the watch is done by the full-service according to the Hamilton specifications.

Make sure you put your watch back on after service. This is done by pulling out the crown and winding the automatic movements by turning the crown a few times.

Do Hamilton watches hold their value

Watches have more value in getting service when you decide to buy them as a potential investment. Because watches need time to go up in value, you’ll want to keep your watch in perfect condition for the best resale value.

Therefore, we wanted to discuss whether Hamilton watches hold their value well. Because watches that hold their value are keener to get serviced properly.

Watches that hold their value will often be hand-made. Hand-made watches require a lot more expertise and time to manufacture. This longer manufacturing time makes the watches rarer which will increase the demand because of the comparably low supply. This will ultimately lead to the increase in prices due to the lack of supply.

Hamilton watches have an assortment that is being mass-produced by machines. This hens why the watches are relatively affordable compared to luxury watch brands. But this also means that Hamilton watches won’t be a great investment.

The fact that Hamilton watches aren’t great investments does not mean they cannot be an investment for yourself. The fact is that Hamilton watches have an incredible price to quality ratio and will be a great investment in terms of what you get back for the price you pay.

How to clean a Hamilton watch

A frequently asked question about Hamilton watches is how you can clean your watch when it has dirt or for example water in the gaskets or under the case. This is a common problem that has its own individual procedure at the company.

When you decide to bring your Hamilton watch to an authorized Hamilton Service Center or official Hamilton retailer to get it cleaned, you can choose between the servicing procedures. Both the complete maintenance service and partial maintenance service offer an opportunity to get your Hamilton watch cleaned.

The complete maintenance service gets your watch professional ultrasonic cleaning of the case. The fact is that this isn’t the only service you will get, the complete maintenance service also comes with the things we mentioned above. The service will cost you an average of $210 USD and is one option to clean your Hamilton watch.

The other option and we think better option is to take a partial maintenance service. The partial maintenance service will offer the checking and restoration of the water resistance and will also clean your watch where necessary. This service will only cost you a lot less. The service will cost you an average of $55 USD.

So, when your goal is to clean your Hamilton watch you should be best of taking your watch to an authorized Hamilton Service Center or official Hamilton retailer and taking their partial maintenance service for the cleaning of your watch.

Clean your Hamilton watch at home

Hamilton also offers guidelines for servicing your own watch. Well, servicing your watch is hard and should not be done at home, but Hamilton has several guidelines on how to take proper care of your own watch to keep it in the best possible shape. All of these have zero costs acquired to them.

To keep your watch clean at home, make sure to clean it with a soft, dry cloth when necessary. The stronger watches that are water resistent can take a little more and can also be cleaned with a small brush and water with soap as these are can withstand these types of cleaning.

You can check out this page on the Hamilton website to give you the exact information that is needed to keep your watch in the best possible state, for free. It contains guidelines for swimming, chemical products, temperature, batteries and more. All to keep your Hamilton in the best shape and state.

Final words

In this article, we did an in depth research to give you the exact numbers of a Hamilton service cost. Watches need to get serviced every once in a while and it could be handy to know when your watch needs servicing and how much this will cost you.

In this article, we wrote down the exact numbers of a Hamilton service and also come with all the additional information. For example, how much it costs, which services Hamilton offers, but also how often a Hamilton watch needs servicing.

Hamilton has different services that will come with different costs, in the table we gave you the best possible estimates of what the service will cost you.

If you need more articles on the service costs of different brands, we have an entire page will all the service costs of some of the best and most luxurious brands in the watch industry. You can tap this link if you are interested to look at it. We also have an entire website for all of your watch queries, you can tap that link over here.

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