Tudor is a luxury watch brand that settled itself in the watch industry in 1926. While it’s clear that its big brother Rolex, is regarded to own some models that own the best watches with value retention, does not immediately mean that this is also the case for Tudor. We researched the question, do Tudor watches hold value?

In general, Tudor watches do not hold their value. Although it depends on the model, most Tudor watches do not have great value retention or increase over time. Some models like the Heritage Black Bay and Pelagos do tend to hold their value better than the competition though.

To find out whether a watch brand retains its value well, we look at a number of factors. For this, we have researched and juxtaposed the details. We discuss them in the following paragraphs.

Do Tudor watches hold value

Asking yourself whether Tudor retains its value well is not a silly question at all. Tudor is a luxury watch brand and secondly, it is also the brother of Rolex.

Watches are often seen as potential investments. But the fact is that in most cases they lose their value, or it takes so long for investors to make any profit on them, that it’s not even worth it anymore. Unfortunately, most watches lose value the moment they leave the store.

Whether a watch retains its value mostly has to do with the supply and demand of a specific model of the brand. Some watches tend to have a higher demand than the supply that’s eventually produced of that particular model. This causes a form of extinction which causes those prices to go up.

Most fashion watches are mass-produced and therefore never really hold their value. Most luxury watches are hand-made and have a longer production time which means less can be made of them. Although Tudor doesn’t hold its value in general, there are a few watches that have proven to hold their value or even appreciate in value. Some popular watches that have proven to hold their value are Heritage Black Bay, and Pelagos models.

do tudor watches hold value

Does the Tudor Heritage Black Bay hold value

The Tudor Heritage Black Bay is seen as one of Tudor’s most popular models, not only in terms of success but also in terms of demand.

The first thing to understand is that the ‘Heritage Black Bay’ is a line within the assortment of Tudor, which means it represents multiple and also different models. It is not common to see a Heritage Black Bay appreciate in value over time, but this line is known to offer specific models that have proven to hold their value pretty well. Some popular models that the Heritage Black Bay line offers that tend to hold their value are:

  • Black Bay Fifty-Eight
  • Black Bay GMT
Model:Expected value drop:
Black Bay Fifty-Eight0 – 20%
Black Bay GMT10 – 30%
Popular Tudor models and their value depreciation

The value drops in the table above could be expected in a time period of about three years. These models are worth noticing because the average value drop of a watch tends to be way higher.

Black Bay Fifty-Eight

This watch is one of the most popular dive watches, with a price of around $3700 USD you would like to know whether this watch retains its value a bit. In fact, the Tudor Black Bay fifty-eight is known to hold its value pretty well compared to its competitors.

This watch has a domed sapphire crystal and is manufactured with its self-winding mechanical movement. The fact with this model is that the demand for this watch is significant while the supply for the watch is relatively rare. Therefore, it is likely that this watch will hold value over time. Appreciation in value of this watch is not likely unless you buy it with one of the discontinued ETA versions.

Black Bay GMT

The Tudor Black Bay GMT is another very popular Tudor model that is expected to hold some value. The fact is that not all GMT watches are great investments, the differences can be put in the reference numbers. A Black Bay GMT that is generally known to hold its value pretty well is the Black Bay GMT 79830RB.

The fact with this model is still that it is very hard to tell whether they will appreciate over time, but this model has shown significant signs of holding its value the best possible for this particular brand.

Does the Tudor Pelagos hold value

The Tudor Pelagos is one of the most popular watches that Tudor offers. With its modern appearance and the use of quality materials and durability, it is safe to say that this watch belongs to the cream of the crop of the Tudor brand. It is arguably the best diver’s watch that Tudor offers and is made with a solid black case and sapphire crystals.

Because of its features and its status as being one of the best diver watches on the market, the demand rises and this also means that it is eligible for future investments. The Tudor Pelagos is the model that we are talking about.

Even though these watches are very popular amongst watch collectors and have all these status and characteristics, they haven’t proven to rise in price over time. The Tudor Pelagos is a watch that holds its value relatively well compared to the rest of the models that Tudor offers.

So, do Tudor watches hold value

Tudor watches are very popular and are a beautiful luxury watch brand that is popular amongst watch collectors and enthusiasts. The fact is though, that it is not worth investing in or that it doesn’t hold its value.

If you really want to buy one of the models we mentioned above. We recommend that you don’t look at it as an investment, but rather as something that will hold its value fairly well over the years. Think of it as something special and only buy a watch if you also value it mentally, because most watches are not a great investment. For Tudor, you can expect a value drop of about 50% – 60% in value after leaving the store.

The models we mentioned above can be seen as products that retain their value as much as possible. But if you are really looking for an investment you’ll have to look for a higher luxury watch such as Rolex because there are few brands and models that offer watches that really tend to make a profit.

Are Tudor watches a good investment

The fact that some of Tudor’s models hold their value does not mean that they are good investments. The fact is that watches are usually seen as cars. When you buy them from the store and you walk out, you can expect significant value drops the moment you leave the store. 

This is not the case with all watches. But if you are looking for a watch that doesn’t only hold its value but also tends to appreciate in value over time. Tudor is generally not the way to go.

Unlike its big brother Rolex, Tudor watches are not seeing the characteristics of a good potential investment. We use a few key characteristics when deciding whether a watch is a good investment:

  • Models and References
  • Supply & Demand

When you look at potential investments you shouldn’t look at the entire brand. In fact, there are usually only a few models that really are a good investment. The different models can vary in popularity, properties, supply, and demand. The only models that Tudor offers that could hold their value are the ones we mentioned above. They won’t be great investments though.

The supply & demand of a particular model is very important. Maybe even the most important part of watches for potential investments. The fact is that models could have a very high demand but a lower rate of supply. This causes the demand to be higher than what’s available on the market. This eventually results in prices rising because people are willing to pay more for it.

Tudor offers in-house assembled watches in their own factory but they are usually mass-produced unlike the bigger watch brands like Rolex and Patek Phillipe. This causes the fact that their watches won’t have a high demand. As they are always available in the (Tudor) stores.

Do Tudor watches last long

The last factor that we wanted to discuss in this article is the lifetime of a Tudor watch. When people are willing to know if a watch holds its value. It’s useful to know something about the quality and whether it will last a long time. Because a watch that is of poor quality will not be a good investment.

At first, we actually have an entire article and a review on Tudor watches that you can read over here. We cover all the details and did in-depth research on the brand and its quality.

The fact is that Tudor is a little brother brand of Rolex and is 100% Swiss-made. This means that they make use of the same experience and expertise and are generally made from the same materials as Rolex. This also means that you can expect good quality and durability from the brand with a powerful legacy because of her Swiss-made label.

So, if you are looking for a watch that lasts long and offers great quality, Tudor is definitely a good investment in terms of that. Also, if you are looking to wear this watch for several decades. And still, be able to resell it for a significant part of its purchase price, Tudor will not disappoint.

We have a whole lot more information on the Tudor brand and everything else you want to know about watches on our site. If you are interested in the Tudor brand, you can find all our articles and information about Tudor over here.

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