Tissot is a popular watch brand that is known amongst watch enthusiasts as a timepiece of high quality but affordable prices. Although they fall under the lower price ranges, they can still have a reasonable value and maybe even hold that value for a worthy resale. We investigated the question, does Tissot hold value?

In general, Tissot watches do not hold their value. Tissot uses mass production in their manufacturing process which ensures that the watches have lower demand than the actual supply. Therefore, you can expect a value drop of about 30% – 50% in the first few years of owning your Tissot watch.

Watches are typically not great investments, to understand this we should dive a little deeper into the details. In the next paragraphs, we will discuss why Tissot does not hold value, and which models might do better than other Tissot watches.

Does Tissot hold value

Tissot is a watch brand that isn’t known for offering expensive products compared to its competitors. They manufacture watches that are relatively affordable. This usually also has an impact on the final resale value because it indicates that it lacks the mental or emotional value necessary to maintain its value. This usually has to do with exotic materials, the rate of supply, or the brand name. So, whether a watch holds value or not depends on numerous factors.

The fact is that most watch brands or models do not hold their value over time, and are not great investments. While there are some models in the industry that could actually be good investments, it is usually not wise to look at the brand but rather at specific models.

Only the premium brands like Rolex or Patek Phillipe offer a predominant part of their assortment that could be potential investments, other watch brands usually have specific models that could be interesting due to specific reasons.

The fact that these premium brands offer so many potential investments mainly has to do with the principle of supply & demand. Because these luxury watch brands are usually hand-made they have a longer production time and are more valuable in the eyes of watch collectors and enthusiasts due to the expertise and attention given to a particular model. This higher demand than the supply causes extinction and desirability that makes a watch hold value over time. Tissot on the other hand uses mass production (3.5 million pieces a year) which ensures that the specific models do not become extinct.

Tissot hold value

Do Tissot limited edition and vintage watches hold value

As we mentioned above, it is better to look at specific models as potential investments than looking at an entire brand. While most Tissot watches are not great investments due to the high rate of supply. The brand has also offered a number of limited edition watches in the past.

The name says it all, ‘limited edition’. These watches, for example, the Tissot T-Race MotoGP, are limited edition timepieces that could be interesting investments. The fact is that these watches also fall under the lower price ranges. And therefore the profit or value retention wouldn’t be significant. While the profit margin on these watches is minimal but has nevertheless proved that they can keep their value. We discuss this model in the next section.

Tissot T-Race MotoGP

This watch owes its roots to motorsport since this model was released. Tissot thought she wanted to pay tribute to an association with MotoGP™. This tribute opened up a possibility because it actually came with a limited edition line named the Tissot T-Race MotoGP line.

Tissot’s tribute to this line caused the brand to only manufacture 8000 pieces of this particular watch. This limited edition also comes with the principle of supply and demand. While the demand is relatively high for this model, the supply of only 8000 pieces is pretty low. This could cause an opportunity for watch collectors as this could cause an extinction over time. This could mean a potential investment opportunity.

These watches are limited edition and are pretty rare amongst watch collectors. You shouldn’t expect to make significant profits on this watch. It is not guaranteed, but this model might be in for reasonable value retention.

Tissot Vintage Chronographs

Tissot obviously also offers a vintage line that could be interesting for watch collectors. Vintage watches are not being manufactured anymore and therefore become increasingly popular for resale. One of the great models that Tissot offers is their Vintage Chronograph line.

This line became known because it was one of the first watches that really had an easy read in terms of time reading. It was really easy to read the dials on those models. This milestone in the watch industry is special. Together with the extinction, these watches become more popular for potential investment or resale.

The vintage watches from the ’30s and ’40s are now being seen on the watch market for around about $3000 USD. This is a very good chunk of their initial purchase price. This has proven that these models have retained their value for many decades now. These watches have proven to hold their value pretty well. But, it always comes down to specific factors like the condition, rarity, etc. If it will hold its value or not.

Do ‘normal’ Tissot watches hold value

Tissot offers some limited edition models that are quite rare for the habits of Tissot. But, they don’t offer any special watches that have a good reason to keep their value over time. While some vintage models might be interesting for holding pretty good amounts of their value. It is known that most ‘normal’ watches in the assortment of Tissot do not hold their value.

The fact is that you should not expect any of Tissot’s models to hold their value. This is because it just isn’t among the premium brand like Rolex or Patek Phillipe, etc. As we mentioned above, these Tissot watches are just not of the same caliber as the premium watch brands.

The fact is that Rolex, Patek Phillipe, Omega, or some other exceptions, carry an amazing legacy in terms of the luxury watch market. They make the brand name already a great reason for watch collectors to see it as a potential investment. Therefore, these big premium brands are the only brands that you can really invest in to make a profit from a specific timepiece.

So, Do Tissot watches hold their value

So, after the research, we can state that most Tissot watches do not hold their value, as well as most people, would like to see. The fact is that Tissot is a watch brand that uses mass production in its production process.

Tissot does have more to offer in its assortment that could be more interesting for holding its value. For example, Tissot has a few limited edition lines that could be interesting to hold value. But they also over vintage watches that are interesting for watch collectors and therefore could be holding value relatively well.

The thing is though, that these watches or models are not going to deliver you significant value nor can’t be seen as a potential investment. Tissot has the problem that they just aren’t seen as one of the premium watch brands in the world. This isn’t particularly a bad thing though. Because Tissot is still seen as one of the most well-respected watch brands in the industry. This is due to the amazing longevity and quality of their timepieces.

So, in conclusion, Tissot watches are not great in terms of holding value, except for some models that hold their value which we discussed in the paragraphs above. But they are still watches that will be worth the price and could be a great investment in those orders.

Are Tissot watches a good investment

There is a difference between value retention and investing in watches. If a watch hold’s its value relatively well, it just means it will hold the value of the initial purchase price. But watches are also sometimes seen as potential investments. Investing in watches usually takes a lot of time. Usually, decades because it needs time to become extinct and increase in value.

The fact is, unfortunately, that the Tissot brand does not offer any good models for investments. When looking at potential investments you’d rather look at the big premium brands as we mentioned before in this article. If you are looking at good watch brands to invest in, we actually have a very interesting article over here about Omega watches. Because these watches could actually be great investments.

While investments are usually seen in terms of making a profit on watches, you can also look at it as an investment for a good quality watch. Tissot is the right address when looking at durable, amazing quality watches that will last for several decades.

Are Tissot watches respected

Tissot is a watch brand that has been around since 1853, making it a brand that carries an amazing experience in watch manufacturing history and has been around for several decades. This experience in watchmaking has been labeled with innovative products and unique designs by the brand.

Tissot is one of the most respected brands in the industry. This is due to the amazing quality, experience, and longevity of the timepieces they manufacture. Tissot is arguably one of the best brands you can buy as an entry-level watch for under $1000 USD.

With their COSC-certified movements and Swiss manufacturing roots, they also take a valuable step in the market. The watch is known for very good reliability as the quality exceeds expectations. Making Tissot a very well-respected brand in the industry of watch manufacturing. This respect means that the brand is well-established in the watch industry and that they carry a legacy that could be leading to Tissot watches holding their value over time.

Is Tissot a high-end watch

High-end watches are more likely to hold their value as they usually use more valuable materials, and are not mass-produced like most lower-end watches. High-end watches are never labeled, so there are no specific guidelines for high-end watches.

Although there are no specific guidelines, we see recurring factors like the brand name, materials hand-made productions, and price-tag. These factors are important for determining whether a watch can be considered high-end.

If you look at all of these factors, only the lack of one of these in a particular watch brand or model would be enough to diminish them from the luxury watch market. The fact is that Tissot has problems with several of these factors. Like the Brand-name, price tag, and relatively affordable materials in most of its timepieces. Therefore, Tissot is not a high-end watch brand and we can state that this will be a negative impact on the value retention of the brand.

Tissot’s competitors

We discussed in this article that Tissot watches are not among the premium brands in the world. Some of the premium brands are Rolex, Patek Phillipe, Omega, etc. These watches are therefore also seen as good investments and have great value retention.

Tissot on the other hand would rather be compared with the likes of Seiko, or TAG Heuer, which are also not seen as premium watch brands but do have an amazing quality assortment. These watches also have some models that could be good value retention, but the majority wouldn’t be.

In conclusion, if you are looking for watches to invest in or have great value retention, look at the highest-end watches on the market, and keep them in your hands for several decades. Although Tissot watches are not great in terms of value retention, they are still amazing watches and can be used for longevity and can be used as an aiming fashion item.

For more articles on watch queries, you can take a look at our website over here. We also have a lot of articles on the different watch brands and if they will hold their value, you can check those out via this link.


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