Tag Heuer watches are known to be a relatively affordable luxury watch brand in today’s watch industry. Some “luxury watches” are regularly used as an investment for the future, which could be a smart move depending on the watch and the brand. But, do TAG Heuer watches also hold their value?

In general, TAG Heuer watches tend to not hold their value. TAG Heuer’s don’t seem to have an exceptional demand compared to their rate of supply. For (most) TAG Heuer’s, a value drop of about 50% within two to four years is expected. TAG Heuer’s vintage line did prove to hold value over time though.

Although you can’t blindly buy a new TAG Heuer and expect it to go up in value, doing some TAG Heuer research could lead to a solid investment. How could it be that some watches keep their value, and some don’t? We explain everything in the following paragraphs.

Do TAG Heuer watches hold value

The reason that this question even comes to mind with people is that the brand is a luxury watch brand. Some luxury watches tend to hold their value over many years due to their high-quality materials and longevity. Although some luxury watches tend to hold better value than normal watches, TAG Heuer is very low on the list of luxury watches that hold their value.

The fact is that most brands, including Swiss Luxury brands, lose value over time. And that the market for luxury watch investments turns out to be rather limited. Watches that tend to hold their value or even appreciate in price over time, are Rolex and Patek Phillipe. The differences with other luxury watch brands seem to be the rarity and desirability of the brands. Due to high demand and relatively low supply, the watches appreciate in value over time.

This principle, which has been proven for years, is not the case for (most) TAG Heuer watches. This immediately separates the TAG Heuer watches that do hold their value from the ones that don’t. TAG Heuer’s vintage line. For example, Heuer Monaco or Heuer Carrera seems to have held its value way better than the general TAG Heuer watch. And once again, this is due to the exceptional rarity, remarkable provenance, or excellent condition of the piece. Limited productions tend to hold value (20.000 units or less). Not only these factors come into play, but people should also keep the timepiece in good condition and sell it when the time is right to make a valuable return. This return can be more valuable focussing on other aspects.

Although in general, TAG Heuer watches don’t really hold their value, some definitely will in the future. So, not all TAG Heuer watches will depreciate in value over time. If you would have bought some of Heuer’s vintage watches 40 years ago, you would have been able to sell them with a significant profit. We are talking about some of Heuer’s vintage models that we discuss in the next few paragraphs.

do tag heuer watches hold value

Do (TAG) Heuer’s vintage watches hold their value

As we mentioned, TAG Heuer definitely has some models that have proven to hold their value through the years. Think about Heuer’s Monaco model or their Carrera models. You might have noticed us not putting “TAG” in front of these models. Some believe that this is partly the case of modern TAG Heuer’s not holding their value as well anymore. In 1985, Heuer became TAG Heuer, which led to different manufacturer strategies and quality.

We wanted to provide you with some of the models that have held their value over time. Although these watches are still available on TAG Heuer’s website, we are talking about the classic models.

Classic Heuer Autavia

The Heuer Autavia is one of Heuer’s watches that seemed to have held its value over the years. From 1933 to 1963, it was the essential dashboard counter of airplanes and rally cars. If you would have bought one of these models about 40 years ago, chances are that you could have sold it today for an amazing profit.

Classic Heuer Monaco

Heuer also produced another model in their vintage line, which is known to have held its value pretty well over time. Namely, the classic Heuer Monaco watches. If you would have bought this watch a few years ago and own one now in fine condition, you would be selling it for significant profits. Due to this vintage piece’s exceeding rarity and high demand, prices went up over time and caused the watch to be able to sell with profits over time.

Classic Heuer Carrera

The last Heuer model that has risen in prices over the last few years is the Carrera movement. This movement could have been bought 40 years ago for a bang of $450,-, and now be sold for prices up to $8000,-.

In the end, it all has to do with the demand and supply of the watches. If a watch model carries a lot more demand than the rate of supply it is manufactured in, chances are pretty significant that the watch can be sold for profits over time. This is proven by these classic vintage watch models that have risen in prices over time.

Are modern TAG Heuer good investments

Now that we talked about the investments that could have been good 40 years ago. It might be helpful to know what TAG Heuer watches hold their value in the future.

Good investments for watches are usually determined by demand and supply. Looking for a watch that you think could get a higher demand rate than the supply rate in the future, can be a good way of finding a future watch investment for yourself. Although this could be a good way of finding future investments, you are probably better of looking for different investment options.

As with all watches, TAG Heuer’s are not great investments. This has to do with the ROI, (return on investment). The time span in which you’ll have to keep it safe (several decades), and the condition in which you’ll have to deliver when selling it. Having said that, when you finally will be able to sell your long-saved timepiece for your valuable exit, it is likely that there have been much more valuable investments through the years.

To keep it easy. There are two watch brands that have proven to keep their value due to low supply and way higher demand. Those are Rolex and Patek Phillipe. So, if you want to invest in a watch, invest in those to keep it easy for yourself. TAG Heuer is simply not the best investment for watches, and none of the modern watches of today will be a better investment than the premium Rolex or Patek pieces.

do tag heuer watches hold value

Are TAG Heuer watches respected

Now that we know that TAG Heuer doesn’t offer the best investments and doesn’t hold their value unless you bought one of their vintage watches 40 years ago. Let’s talk about whether TAG Heuer is a respected brand. Because TAG Heuer doesn’t seem to disappoint with their quality and precision chronographs.

Opinions are definitely divided on this topic. Some people state that, save for a few models, such as the Monaco, Autavia, or Carerra, the quality of finishing is comparable to brands such as Tissot. This is half the price. So, some people state that there are better options for the price they pay. Also, people complain bout the depreciation of the price after wearing it for years.

Other than these few differences, TAG Heuer has turned out to be a respectable brand that offers high-quality watches for their prices. TAG Heuer scores very good on their precision chronographs, which have proven to offer great precision through the years.

Does TAG Heuer have good resale value

After doing some research, we can conclude that TAG Heuer doesn’t have great resale value. There are a few exceptions to the brand (mentioned above). But these will have needed to be bought a few decades ago to have made a profit today.

Resale value is usually not found in watches, except for some exceptions like premium Rolex watches and premium Patek watches. Also, TAG Heuer’s vintage line comes with some good resale value, these tend to be vintage pieces in fine condition and of exceeding rarity.

Summing up

So, let’s sum up this article. In this article, we discussed whether TAG Heuer watches are a good investment and if they hold their value over time. After reading it, we can conclude that TAG Heuer watches won’t hold their value. This mainly has to do with the demand and supply. This is also the primary reason why some luxury watches do tend to keep their value over time. Think about watches like Rolex and Patek, which seem to be the only few watches that seem to be a good investment in today’s watch world.

TAG Heuer watches are relatively mass-produced and don’t have a bigger demand than their production rate. This causes their watches to not appreciate over time. Or, better said, this causes TAG Heuer watches to not hold their value.

We also concluded that TAG Heuer watches are not a good investment for the future. This mainly has to do with the fact that there are much better options for investments out there. If you would have bought some of Heuer’s classic vintage models (mentioned in the article) a few decades ago you caught have been in for a nice profit now. But, watches are just the type of investments that need time to appreciate, and the ROI is not as good as some other potential investments.


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