IWC watches are beautiful timepieces that are known to produce high-quality materials while keeping a beautiful look. With their exotic materials and solid status in the watch industry, they might be good to hold their value. But is this true? We researched, Does IWC hold value?

IWC watches do hold their value well compared to their competitors. IWC could have an amazing resale value. It mainly has to do with the supply and demand and the model that you own. Although the watch holds its value, is it difficult to use it well as an investment as it doesn’t tend to appreciate.

Although IWC watches usually have a pretty good resale value, it all depends on different models and factors, we discuss all the different possibilities in the following paragraphs so you can’t go wrong!

Why IWC watches hold value

IWC watches are special watches, with the use of transparent case backs and their special milestones they’ve become something special in the watch industry. Watches that tend to hold their value are usually special in one way or another.

The most common way a watch could be holding its value well is due to its high-quality materials and longevity. These factors can ensure that a watch lasts a long time and therefore remains in the right condition for a worthy resale. But there are more factors that come into play if you want a watch to hold its value.

Most watches in the watch industry can be expected to lose around 40% – 50% of their value from the moment they leave the store in the next coming years. However, IWC is one of the few ones that tend to hold their value relatively well compared to the rest. There are a number of factors that you may not immediately expect, but which determine whether a watch retains its value. For example, rarity and desirability are very important for the value retention of a watch.

This mainly has to do with the fact that because of these factors, the demand usually is higher than the supply of this particular watch. This causes the rarity and desirability for a model to go up, which causes prices to at least hold their value over time.

Which IWC watches hold value

Just like any other investment, it is not the brand that will hold its value, but it is the specific models that are more popular than others. IWC offers a big amount of watches in their assortment and certainly not all of those appreciate or even hold value. In fact, most of them lose value quickly.

IWC does have some models that have rarely depreciated in value over the years though, and even some that have appreciated. Which is quite rare for a watch brand. Some IWC watches that are interesting in terms of value retention are:

  • IWC Pilot
  • IWC Aquatimer
  • IWC Da Vinci
  • IWC Ingenieur

These are just some models that IWC has which tend to hold a significant amount of their value over time. One of the most popular ones is the IWC Pilot line, which has proven to hold its value and not depreciate for a long time now. We actually have another article that talks about TAG Heuer watch holding their value over time, if you are interested in that rand as well, you can check it out over here.

iwc hold value

IWC Pilot

The IWC Pilot is a very popular model that IWC offers in their assortment, and might even be the most popular model in their timepiece line. This watch was first introduced in 1936 for civil aviation, which makes it perfect for busy humans.

This watch is designed to endure all physical activities and is therefore also made for longevity. With their great accuracy and manufactured to last, these watches are perfect for people who want to trust their watch in the long run, which could immediately be a sign of value retention.

The IWC pilot is fairly popular amongst watch collectors and enthusiasts. The watch is made with high-quality materials from titanium and a ceramic-like surface which are valued extremely well. Together with their rarity and craftmanship, this watch ensures a great resale value over time.

The IWC pilot is one of the few exceptions when it comes to having great resale value. When buying an IWC Pilot from the store, you can expect prices to begin from about $4500 USD. Although most watches tend to depreciate after leaving the store, This watch should still have a resale value of about the same price after several years.

IWC Portugieser

The IWC Portugieser is an exception as this watch is usually known to depreciate in value over time. However, recent studies have shown that this watch actually appreciates if you hold onto it for long enough.

The fact is that the IWC Portugieser tends to depreciate in value consistently in the first decade of owning it. But after about two decades, this watch actually starts to appreciate in value again. After about 15 years, you can expect a depreciation of about $1,500 USD in value.

This price will rise again if you take a look at the status after about two decades. The price of an IWC Portugieser slowly starts to appreciate again. So, if you are planning on keeping your IWC Portugieser for more than two decades, this could actually be quite a good investment. But if you are just wanting to buy a watch like this for fashion purposes, you’ll probably be better off looking at other alternatives.

Although this watch isn’t a great investment, it has proven to hold its value relatively well. With a depreciation of about 15%, it does fall under high-value retention.

Value:$4,500 $4,300$4,300$4,400$4,650
Value retention of the IWC Pilot:

So, Does IWC hold value

IWC watches do hold their value incredibly well compared to their competitors. Although this is a general statement. So, not every watch from IWC will retain its value well, so look at the models we have mentioned above for potential value retention.

If you are looking for the most popular watch that is most likely going to retain most of its value and even might appreciate over time you should still be looking at the IWC Pilot. The fact is that most watches in the industry tend to lose most of their value from the moment they leave the store, IWC is a watch brand that could be interesting if you are after such purposes.

Is IWC a good investment

There is a difference between value retention and potential investment for a watch, in this paragraph, we will be discussing if IWC also has certain models that don’t only hold their value but also tend to appreciate over time making them a good investment.

While IWC definitely won’t be as good of an investment as the likes of Rolex or Patek Phillipe, there are still certain models that might appreciate in value and so be a good investment opportunity. One of them brings us back to the IWC Pilot which has proven to appreciate in value after several decades.

However, to be fair there are better investment opportunities when it comes to investing in watches. In fact, there are very few watches that can actually be seen as a potential investment. The only ones that really are good investments are certain models of Rolex and Patek Phillipe.

So if we put everything together. Yes, IWC could be an investment but the amount of time it takes for some of their models to appreciate in value would probably not be worth the investment. We are talking about an appreciation of about $200 USD in a time span of two decades. So, if you are looking for an IWC watch you should buy it for the heritage and the mental value you add to it. You’ll be lucky to see that some of the above watches will hold their value relatively well compared to their competitors.

Which IWC watches depreciate

Now that we know the models that tend to hold their value and maybe even appreciate over time, we also wanted to discuss the ones that depreciate really fast and thus do not hold their value.

We can state that most watches depreciate in value. This is also the case with IWC watches. Most watches that leave the store will typically depreciate in value by about 50% in the next three years. You can expect most IWC watches to do the same.

With an exception of the watches we mentioned above, we can you actually assume that the rest of the IWC models will drop in value pretty quickly. Some examples of IWC watches that tend to depreciate are:

  • IWC Portugieser
  • IWC Portofino
Value:$5,500 $5,100$5,000$4,400$4,050
Value retention of the IWC Portugieser:
Average IWC Portofino prices:RETAIL PRICE1 YEAR5 YEARS10 YEARS15 YEARS
Value:$14,500 $13,000$9,300$4,900$4,050
Value retention of the IWC Portofino:

As you can see in the tables, these are some examples of watches that tend to depreciate. The IWC Portofino can lose about $10,000 USD worth of value after 15 years of age, which is a significant depreciation.

Typically you can expect most IWC watches to depreciate in value after the first few years. Except for the ones we mentioned in the paragraphs above.

If you are looking for more articles on watches, we actually have an entire website on every single watch query you can imagine. Every single popular brand and query will be discussed over here on our website.

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