Cartier is one of the world’s most recognizable fashion brands that also offers its own line of watches. Additional to their high-end luxury product line that can have high purchase prices comes the worth mentioning service cost. We took a look at the service cost of Cartier watches. So, how much is a Cartier service cost?

On average, a Cartier complete Service starts from $385 USD and is recommended every 5 years. Their battery service is around $60 USD to have the battery of your quartz movement watch replaced. Prices may differ based on your personal watch.

Cartier doesn’t have fixed prices for their different services. There are differences in the movement and obviously the service that your watch needs. There are a few fixed services that you can depend on. We dove a little deeper and got some exact numbers.

Cartier service cost

Cartier offers different services for their watches. It is always recommended to bring your watch to a Cartier boutique for the best possible servicing for your personal Cartier watch. Cartier’s most popular services are their complete service and battery service.

A complete service starts from $385 USD depending on the movement. Cartier’s regular movements are cheaper than their chronograph movements. Chronograph movement complete servicing could rise up to $450 USD. In the table below, we put together some of the service prices that you can expect from the different services that Cartier offers.

Service:USD ($):
Complete service $385 USD
Complete service (chronograph)$400 – $450 USD
Battery service$40 – $65 USD
Watch strap replacement$350 USD
Other (personalized) servicingUpon request
Cartier service cost different services:

These services only apply when you go to a Cartier dealer and are then performed by a Cartier expert watchmaker. To find your closest authorized dealer (AD), check out this page from Cartier to see where the closest place is to get your Cartier timepiece serviced. In the following paragraphs, we’ll discuss the different services, their costs, and when to use each service.

We also have articles on other watch brands’ service costs. When you are looking for investing in watches or just wanting to know how much their total cost is, we have articles on the service cost of Seiko, Breitling, Tag Heuer, and Tudor.

Cartier service cost

Cartier complete service

With Cartier’s complete service comes the usual service recommended every five years, with this service, the movement of your watch will be returned to the perfect state.

What does the complete service offer

In this service, your watch gets completely checked and getting ready to be repaired to bring it back to as good as new condition. First, a number of checks get performed to see where the watch can be repaired and restored.

After the checks have been executed, the following service is performed.

  • Complete disassembly
  • Cleaning the watch
  • Movement refurbishment
  • Various checks
  • Reassembly

Cartier complete service cost

The complete service for a normal Cartier watch, depending on the model usually lies around $385 USD. Chronograph movements are usually a little more complicated and therefore a little bit more expensive. Also, higher-end watches use more advanced materials that need different servicing that can also ramp up the price a bit. But in general, you can expect a full servicing anywhere between $385 to $450 USD. The Cartier watch service for a chronograph movement costs around $400 – $450 USD.

Cartier battery service

Cartier also offers a battery service for the replacement of batteries for their Quartz movements. This service is recommended every two to three years.

What does the battery service offer

The battery service is required to keep your watch up and running. Without a battery replacement every now and then, your watch will not keep time as well, and can even stop at some point. The battery service offers the following services:

  • Back-case opening
  • Necessary (battery) checks
  • Battery replacement
  • Back gasket and tube gasket replacement
  • Case resealing

Cartier battery service cost

The cost of a battery replacement can vary depending on the movement and model. Different models have different services and carry movements that need specific treatment. Therefore, a Cartier battery service cost can cost you anywhere between $40 to $95 USD.

Replacement is not included in this service. You can always ask for a request at Cartier for personalized advice for your specific service (problem).

Watch strap replacement

Cartier also offers a service where your watch strap can be serviced or replaced. These services are usually offered to personalize and take care of your timepiece. A watch strap can be damaged and can also just not be to your own taste. Therefore, watch straps can be replaced for maintenance or just to improve the look of your watch.

Watch strap replacement cost

The price of this service depends on several factors. The cost will depend on the material of the strap and style for your specific Cartier model. They offer different skins and formats for different watch straps, they also offer replacement straps in standard colors. For normal skin, you should assume a price of about $350 USD.

Cartier standard leather straps are expected to last up to a year in proper condition. A replacement is not necessary but to keep your watch in a perfect state, a watch strap replacement is normal. For Cartier’s standard straps, enjoy in normal conditions of using an average lifespan of between six and twelve months.

How often to get your Cartier watch serviced

Servicing is necessary to keep your watch intact for years to come. When buying a Cartier timepiece you are certainly in for one of the most luxurious fashion items available on the market. With their precious metal content and exclusive brand movements, you’ll certainly want to notice the damage before it happens.

Therefore, Cartier has published a fixed time limit for which it is smart to offer the different services:

Service:Time limit recommendation:
Complete serviceEvery, 5 years
Battery serviceEvery, 2 – 3 years
Watch strap replacementNo recommendation
Time limit recommendation for different Cartier services

Make sure you’ll get your watch serviced within the timeframe we’ve given you above to keep your watch intact for the rest of its existence. If you care about your luxurious timepiece you can rely on the data we have given you.

In general, a good quality watch should last you up to 7 – 10 years depending on several factors. A high-quality watch could last longer depending on how the owner treats the watch. Most watch brands have a longer life span than the company usually suggests. If you do nothing, no service or maintenance, it will probably run for ten years or more.

Do Cartier watches increase in value

For people that have come to this article to know whether your watch increases in value, we did research on that as well. An increase in value is not for all watches. When you look at a watch as an investment, it might be very handy to see if it’s even worth servicing in the first place.

Watches aren’t always good investments. In fact, most of the time you can expect pretty significant value drops when it even first leaves the store.

Cartier is one of the most luxurious brands in the world. So, Depending on the model, Cartier watches seem to retain their value very well compared to other watch brands. But obviously, doing research for each specific model is necessary before investing in a luxury timepiece. Whether it is worth servicing your watch because of the value retention, depends on the model.

But it is certainly a good idea to service your Cartier watch as it is a brand that is known to retain significant value compared to other watch brands. Some watches that seem to hold their value and are certainly worth servicing because of that are:

  • Cartier Tank
  • Santos De Cartier
Cartier service cost

Will a Cartier watch last a lifetime

When servicing your watch in the recommended time frame and keeping good care of your watch, you can expect an incredible lifespan for your Cartier watch. In fact, you can even expect a lifespan of several generations when taken care of properly.

Cartier watches are known to have incredible quality and offer watches that have above-average longevity due to their incredible manufacturing processes. Cartier started manufacturing eta-based movements, which are not known for their incredible precision, but they do last a lifetime or longer.

All in all, Cartier watches are very well made and have good quality within their movements. This causes the watches to last a very long time when taken care of properly. So, yes, Cartier will last you a lifetime when you take proper care of it.

Should you take a Cartier Watch Service

When taking a look at everything in general, let’s draw a conclusion about whether it is worth servicing Cartier watches. So, for people that are just buying a Cartier watch for their own enjoyment while still treating it right, Cartier servicing might extend a little bit more from the recommended time frame. The fact is that when treated right, watches tend to last a little longer than the recommended time to get your watch serviced.

When you are looking for certain Cartier models as an investment they need to stay in the best shape possible. In this case, it is important to keep your watch as good as possible and to keep it on according to the recommended length of time.

In general, a watch always needs servicing. When you care about your watch, getting it serviced once in a while is certainly a good idea. And the value of your watch will certainly be worth more than the few extra dollars you pay for a good quality service.

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