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Rolex is known to offer some of the most luxurious and prestigious watches on the market. For years, they have been radiating pure luxury offering products that have price tags of the highest caliber. We’ve seen some of Rolex’s top watches selling for millions of dollars. But what if you would want a Rolex for the least possible money? We answered the question, how much is the cheapest Rolex?

The cheapest Rolex watch is the Oyster Perpetual which costs between $5,500 and $6,200 USD. There are cheaper Rolex watches available that are Pre-Owned and could retail from $1,500 USD. You should not expect anything cheaper than that.

Rolex watches are not cheap at all. In fact, the timepieces are some of the highest-priced watches on the market, and purchasing them is special. In the following paragraphs, we mention some of the cheapest Rolex models and want to work it out as clearly as possible, for the best impression.

How much is the cheapest Rolex

When people think of Rolex, they often think of pure luxury watches and that is not for nothing. All Rolex models are relatively expensive and even the cheapest watch they offer has a hefty price tag. But there are some models that are reasonably priced.

The cheapest Rolex collection, as we mentioned is the Rolex Oyster Perpetual which is a descendant of the original Oyster. The watch’s retail price ranges from $5,500 to $6,200 and will vary dependent on the different sizes that the collection offers. They offer case sizes in 28mm, 31mm, 34mm, 36mm, and 41mm. Rolex did produce more models like 24mm, 26mm, and 39mm watches but they have been discontinued throughout the years.

The cheapest Rolex is the 34mm Oyster Perpetual. This model is known to be one of Rolex’s entry-level watches and comes at the most affordable prices. The fact is that the watch can vary in price significantly, this is due to the different sizes, whether the watch is in good condition, and how old the model is. If you do good business, you can get this watch for around $1,500, pre-owned. Retail prices of the latest models will thus cost you around $5,500 and $6,200 which is the cheapest Rolex watch you will get that is not pre-owned.

Additionally to owning a Rolex comes the service cost. Owning a Rolex is not just the purchase price that makes the watch expensive. Keeping your watch in perfect shape is also important and should be added to the exact costs of owning a Rolex. We have an entire article over here that tells you the exact service costs for owning a Rolex.

The cheapest Rolex: Oyster Perpetual

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual is one of Rolex’s entry-level watches that you can get new in the store for $5,500 and $6,200 price range. We wanted to give a little inside information about the watch that is made from Oystersteel. This is a special steel that is established stainless steel.

Oyersteel is a part of the 904L steel that is known to be incredibly resistant to corrosion and is steel that is used specifically for the Rolex brand.

Other than that, the Rolex Oyster Perpetual is small, thin, and light, making it incredible for its wearability. For being one of Rolex’s most affordable collections, it is not a bad watch at all and will be a great watch on your wrist that will certainly not disappoint.

The cheapest (pre-owned) Rolex watches

Now that we know the absolute cheapest Rolex watch, we wanted to discuss some other relatively cheap Rolex watches that are available on the secondary market right now. Rolex offers several collections that all have different characteristics and therefore come with different price ranges. For example, the Rolex Daytona offers some high retail prices and can get up to tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But Rolex also offers some cheaper models like the Datejust and Oyster Perpetual models that use different characteristics, materials, and heritage, which go for cheaper prices. Another fact is that Rolex watches that are being bought firsthand are way more expensive than the secondary market has to offer.

In the following table, we put together some of Rolex’s cheapest pre-owned watches outside of the Oyster Perpetual collection. Which will thus be some of the cheapest Rolex watches available on the market:

Datejust:1601($5,500 USD)
6917($2,500 USD)
1603($5,500 USD)
Air-King:5500($2,500 USD)
14000($3,000 USD)
5700($4,000 USD)
Rolex Explorer:114270($5,000 USD)
14270($5,250 USD)
214270($7,000 USD)
Lady-Datejust:6917($2,300 USD)
69190($2,300 USD)
69160($2,500 USD)
Rolex’s cheapest collections with their cheapest references and second hand prices:

In the table, we can see some of the cheapest Rolex watches on the market available. If we look at the firsthand prices they will lie a little bit higher as these are brand new. So, to answer the question, How much is the cheapest Rolex? You can check out the table for the cheapest possible references that are available as second-hand watches.

Rolex Datejust

The Rolex Datejust is another one of Rolex’s entry-level models. This model is one of the brand’s signature watches that is partly responsible for the brand’s success. This model’s cheapest model retails at around $2,500$5,500.

This collection is made and designed for the everyday watch wearer and makes the basics of a Rolex watch. The collection was first manufactured in 1905 and has continued its success for several decades, which is not for nothing.

The watch is known to have a 70-hour power reserve which is outstanding for the watch industry. Other than that the watch could also be up for a good potential investment.

How much is the cheapest Rolex

Rolex Air-King

Another watch collection that has been launched in 1945 is the Rolex Air-King. This watch is known as the pioneer of flight. This watch, second hand is relatively cheap and can be picked up for around $2,500 – $4,000. The collection is known for its unique style of watches and for its near-perfect wearability that is available for men and women.

In 2014, Rolex took the decision to stop producing the collection and made another collection come into the markets, namely the Oyster Perpetual. In 2016, the Rolex Air-King came back with a new and innovative design and look that gave the watch its own identity.

Rolex Explorer

The Rolex Explorer is another collection that belongs to some of the cheaper options when it comes to the Rolex brand. Although this watch is a little more expensive than the Datejust or Air-King models, it still comes down to less than $7,000 USD when buying it second-hand.

The price of this collection second-hand comes down to an average of $5,000 – $7,000. Which is quite a bit above the average retail price of some of the cheapest collections and models.

The Rolex Explorer is known to be a sports model that has a solid movement and case that can withstand rough occasions. This model is also known to have a relatively simple design and stay accurate.

How much is the cheapest Rolex

Rolex Lady-Datejust

The Lady-Datejust is part of the Rolex collection that is mainly focused on women. With its elegant design and luxurious appearance, the watch is known to be incredibly popular among women.

This collection is also one of the cheaper options when buying it second-hand. With a price range of around $2,300 – $2,500, the watch belongs to some of the cheapest options available on the Rolex market.

The cheapest new Rolex watches

Additionally to this article, we also wanted to add the cheapest firsthand Rolex watches and their price ranges. There is a difference between second-hand watches and firsthand watches. This is because of the age of the model, but also because of how the model is being used. Models also evolve over time and come with more expensive materials. A model that has been used for several decades is worth way less than a brand-new Rolex, although, this is when the demand is lower than the available supply.

The fact that Rolex watches are good investments is usually because of the supply and demand of these watches. When the demand is higher than the supply, the models seem to develop some kind of extinction over time. This extinction causes the watches to be rarer and therefore increase in value.

Some of Rolex’s cheaper models decrease in value, likely because the demand is lower than the available supply. This hens why most of the Rolex watches mentioned above decrease in value after they leave the store.

In the table below, we put together some information on how much the cheapest firsthand models will cost you:

Air-King:$7.350 USD
Rolex Explorer:$9,290 USD
Oyster Perpetual:$5,570 USD
Rolex’s cheapest collections with their cheapest new prices:

Some of Rolex’s newest models have bumped up their price ranges drastically. This hens why we left some of the other models like the Datejust and Lady-Datejust out of this table. As we can see, the cheapest watch that you can get firsthand is the Oyster Perpetual and it will cost you around $5,570 USD.

Why is Rolex so expensive

Although all of these watches that we’ve mentioned are relatively cheap when it comes to Rolex watches, it is globally known that Rolex watches are incredibly expensive. These watches are no longer seen as just looking at the time. But they are seen as incredibly luxurious items that contain a hefty price tag and an amazing mental value.

The first and most important reason for the high price tags that Rolex offers are the fact that the watches are hand-made and contain incredible expertise which takes time. Hand-made watches have a way higher manufacturing time than watches that are mass-produced.

The fact is that the time to manufacture a Rolex watch is incredibly long and this time needs to get paid for by the consumer. While this might not sound like the biggest issue, you don’t only pay for the time that the watchmaker takes to make this watch. You also pay for additional costs like rent, bills, etc.

Another important reason that Rolex watches are so expensive is because of the (incredibly luxurious) materials that are used in the timepieces. With materials like 904L steel, Gold, and Platinum, it is hard to keep your retail price under a certain price point. This isn’t particularly a bad thing as these materials contain incredible quality and belong to the most precious materials out there. But the manufacturing cost will rise drastically.

Other than that, Rolex invests a lot of its budget into marketing costs, researching its next innovations, and more to keep its highly luxurious status. Rolex uses incredibly complex and luxurious movements and timepieces in general. This can cost up to tens of millions of dollars to develop and research, which are also additional costs that come with owning a Rolex watch.

Final words

In this article, we did in-depth research on how much Rolex watches actually cost when you are looking for the cheapest prices on the market.

The obvious fact is, that Rolex watches are the cheapest when you buy them second-hand. This is because they have been used and aren’t in the newest state anymore. While some Rolex models will rise in value after keeping them for a few years, the Rolex watches that have a higher supply than demand could be some of the cheapest Rolex watches when buying them second-hand.

In our research, we found out exactly which collections and models are the cheapest Rolex products. We put them all in a clear table in the article so you can see exactly how much they cost and which models it contains. We also answered additional questions and even put together a table of watches that you can buy new in the store, with their cheapest prices.

If you are looking for more queries on every single watch brand, you can check out our website over here. We have all the information you need when thinking of buying a new watch. We come with brand reviews, service costs, brand comparisons, and way more.

Hamilton is an excellent watch brand that has been manufacturing watches since 1892. The brand offers relatively affordable prices while remaining high quality. The affordable purchase prices are not the only costs that come with owning a Hamilton watch. With it comes additional maintenance costs. So, how much does a Hamilton service cost?

On average, a Hamilton complete maintenance service will cost you $210 USD, depending on the movement. Partial maintenance service costs you an average of $55 USD, also dependent on the movement. Service costs can vary based on the movement, model, and condition of the watch.

Hamilton watches need servicing just like any other watch. Watches need servicing to keep your watch working properly. In the paragraph above, we mentioned the average service costs. But how can these service costs change? And what are the different services and their costs? We discuss it in the following paragraphs.

How much does a Hamilton service cost

So, a Hamilton watch service will cost you anything between $50 USD to up to $290 USD. How much your Hamilton watch costs depends on the model, environmental conditions, and personal care you took for your watch. A watch that is damaged has more service costs than a watch that has been kept in perfect condition.

Hamilton works with different services for different cases. For example, they offer complete maintenance and have additional costs for different movements. But they also offer a partial maintenance service for cleaning, and replacement of gaskets, batteries, etc. These will usually cost way less.

Hamilton service cost

Complete maintenance service cost

Hamilton’s complete maintenance service offers the following operations for the service. This service will cost you an average of $210 USD and will provide the following services:

  • Movement treatment (replacing, reassembly, cleaning of the movement)
  • Case treatment (refurbishment, polishing, etc.)
  • Cleaning of the case and metal or rubber bracelet
  • Battery treatment (replacement, pushers, etc.)
  • Restoration of water resistance
  • Adjusting
  • Final check

Partial maintenance service cost

Hamilton’s partial maintenance service is there for people who want to keep their watch up to date in certain aspects. For example, the water resistance and checking things on if it still works well, like the gaskets. To keep your watch water resistant and clean, it is recommended to get your watch a partial maintenance service every year. This service will cost you an average of $55 USD. This service includes the following operations:

  • Cleaning
  • Replacement of gaskets 
  • Restoration of water resistance
  • Adjusting
  • Final check

Vintage watch service cost

The final service that Hamilton offers is its vintage watch service. Every vintage model can be brought back to an authorized Hamilton Service Center for servicing 10 years after the last model has been put into the market.

This service also ensures a new watch for you if the service center comes to the conclusion that your watch is unable to get serviced due to its loyalty program.

This service needs an individual estimate as to how much it will cost because of the many factors that can come in when wanting to service a vintage watch.

Exact Hamilton service cost per movement

Now that we know the average service cost of a Hamilton service, we wanted to dive a little deeper into the exact service cost. Hamilton actually offers their prices according to the specific movements.

A watch’s movement is the engine of a watch that makes sure that the watch keeps running. Some movements are different than others. For example, Quartz movements are battery-powered and therefore more accurate than automatic movements, these are powered by a mainspring.

Hamilton determines its service cost based on the service that they provide, combined with the specific movement. The movement type can be found in the description of every watch you find.

In the table below, we put together the service cost for each movement and service combined:

Automatic / Manual winding 2 – 3 hands: $190 USD$50 USDOn Estimate
Automatic Chronographs: $290 USD$60 USDOn Estimate
Quartz 2 – 3 hands: $150 USD$50 USDOn Estimate
Quartz Chronographs, Multi-Touch:$220 USD$60 USDOn Estimate
Watches with multiple movements, complications:On EstimateOn EstimateOn Estimate
Vintage watches (automatic, manual, quartz): On EstimateOn EstimateOn Estimate
Hamilton service cost per movement and service:

How often should you service a Hamilton watch

The frequency of a watch service is determined by many factors. Watches that are completely broken need more servicing than watches that have been in perfect condition throughout their entire lifespan.

On average, a Hamilton complete maintenance service should be done every three to five years. Hamilton’s partial maintenance service is recommended every one or two years. Service frequency can vary due to the model, environment, or personal care.

These given numbers obviously won’t be set for every Hamilton owner. There are a few factors that determine how often your Hamilton watch will need to get serviced:

  • Model
  • Environmental factors
  • Personal care

The model of the watch influences the service frequency due to the different materials that are being used. For example, gold needs different servicing than stainless steel. Some materials just need more or less servicing and this usually comes down to different models.

Environmental factors can play a role in the service frequency because environmental factors could damage components increasing the need for servicing.

Personal care is maybe the most important factor for how often your need to service your watch. Keeping your watch in good condition makes sure that your watch won’t get damaged and needs additional servicing and service costs.

After a Hamilton watch service

After a Hamilton service, your watch should be as good as new. Broken parts are replaced, and the water resistance is restored. Every part of the watch is done by the full-service according to the Hamilton specifications.

Make sure you put your watch back on after service. This is done by pulling out the crown and winding the automatic movements by turning the crown a few times.

Do Hamilton watches hold their value

Watches have more value in getting service when you decide to buy them as a potential investment. Because watches need time to go up in value, you’ll want to keep your watch in perfect condition for the best resale value.

Therefore, we wanted to discuss whether Hamilton watches hold their value well. Because watches that hold their value are keener to get serviced properly.

Watches that hold their value will often be hand-made. Hand-made watches require a lot more expertise and time to manufacture. This longer manufacturing time makes the watches rarer which will increase the demand because of the comparably low supply. This will ultimately lead to the increase in prices due to the lack of supply.

Hamilton watches have an assortment that is being mass-produced by machines. This hens why the watches are relatively affordable compared to luxury watch brands. But this also means that Hamilton watches won’t be a great investment.

The fact that Hamilton watches aren’t great investments does not mean they cannot be an investment for yourself. The fact is that Hamilton watches have an incredible price to quality ratio and will be a great investment in terms of what you get back for the price you pay.

How to clean a Hamilton watch

A frequently asked question about Hamilton watches is how you can clean your watch when it has dirt or for example water in the gaskets or under the case. This is a common problem that has its own individual procedure at the company.

When you decide to bring your Hamilton watch to an authorized Hamilton Service Center or official Hamilton retailer to get it cleaned, you can choose between the servicing procedures. Both the complete maintenance service and partial maintenance service offer an opportunity to get your Hamilton watch cleaned.

The complete maintenance service gets your watch professional ultrasonic cleaning of the case. The fact is that this isn’t the only service you will get, the complete maintenance service also comes with the things we mentioned above. The service will cost you an average of $210 USD and is one option to clean your Hamilton watch.

The other option and we think better option is to take a partial maintenance service. The partial maintenance service will offer the checking and restoration of the water resistance and will also clean your watch where necessary. This service will only cost you a lot less. The service will cost you an average of $55 USD.

So, when your goal is to clean your Hamilton watch you should be best of taking your watch to an authorized Hamilton Service Center or official Hamilton retailer and taking their partial maintenance service for the cleaning of your watch.

Clean your Hamilton watch at home

Hamilton also offers guidelines for servicing your own watch. Well, servicing your watch is hard and should not be done at home, but Hamilton has several guidelines on how to take proper care of your own watch to keep it in the best possible shape. All of these have zero costs acquired to them.

To keep your watch clean at home, make sure to clean it with a soft, dry cloth when necessary. The stronger watches that are water resistent can take a little more and can also be cleaned with a small brush and water with soap as these are can withstand these types of cleaning.

You can check out this page on the Hamilton website to give you the exact information that is needed to keep your watch in the best possible state, for free. It contains guidelines for swimming, chemical products, temperature, batteries and more. All to keep your Hamilton in the best shape and state.

Final words

In this article, we did an in depth research to give you the exact numbers of a Hamilton service cost. Watches need to get serviced every once in a while and it could be handy to know when your watch needs servicing and how much this will cost you.

In this article, we wrote down the exact numbers of a Hamilton service and also come with all the additional information. For example, how much it costs, which services Hamilton offers, but also how often a Hamilton watch needs servicing.

Hamilton has different services that will come with different costs, in the table we gave you the best possible estimates of what the service will cost you.

If you need more articles on the service costs of different brands, we have an entire page will all the service costs of some of the best and most luxurious brands in the watch industry. You can tap this link if you are interested to look at it. We also have an entire website for all of your watch queries, you can tap that link over here.

Montblanc has been manufacturing watches since 1997, which is relatively young compared to some of the highly prestigious watch brands like Rolex and Omega for example. The brand is a popular watch brand that is known to be relatively inexpensive. But for the price you pay, do you also get the good quality you desire? In this article, we did in-depth research on how good Montblanc watches really are.

Montblanc makes good watches. They are known to be well-constructed and outperform many competitors in quality compared to the price you pay. Montblanc is not specialized in watches though, but it is an addition to their assortment, which makes for a less attractive watchmaking heritage.

The brand has a relatively scanty amount of experience and heritage in watchmaking. But what are the pros and cons of the brand? In the following paragraphs, we reviewed all factors of becoming a good watch brand.

Are Montblanc watches good

Montblanc is a watch brand that has been manufacturing watches since 1997. Most prestigious watch brands need a lot more time to establish their name in the watch industry. However, Montblanc is not only known to be a watch brand but has established its name by manufacturing different products than watches.

Becoming such a well-known watch brand in such a short amount of time indicates that the brand had to do something right to achieve this status in a relatively short amount of time.

One of Montblanc’s best characteristics is that they offer watches for all price ranges and thus for all people’s needs. For example, Longines builds watches for people who are looking for a mid-range price tag for their new watch. In contrast, Rolex is looking for a target group of people who want to spend a lot of money on a watch.

Montblanc offers a wide range of watches in different price ranges. But each of these is worth its price by being able to compete with competitors by continuing to offer good quality in every price range.

The fact is that Montblanc watches stand out in different aspects of good quality watches. On of them is their price-to-quality ratio. But a good watch has more features that are important. We diminish the most important factors for a good watch and reviewed them for Montblanc watches.

We have an entire category on our website about watch reviews. If you are interested in seeing more watch reviews, you can check out our reviews on Tissot, Bulova, Casio, or more watch reviews.

  • Materials
  • Price
  • Accuracy
  • Potential investment
are montblanc watches good

Are Montblanc watches good in materials

Materials in a watch are very important for the quality of the watch. Watches need materials that have good longevity and will stay strong in situations where you need them to. Every watch brand has its own vision of what is important but we think materials have a huge influence on the quality of a watch.

Montblanc uses several materials for the different parts of their watches. For example, they use Sapphire Chrystal which looks like a domed glass box with an anti-reflective coating. They also use Bronze in their watches for the case material and bezel. But they also use Stainless Steel in some of their models. The type of material is dependent on the model and the price accordingly.

For the layout of the brand’s materials, we can regroup their assortment into three groups according to the watch’s price tag:

  • Cheap Luxury
  • Moderately Luxury
  • High-end Luxury
Cheap luxury:Moderately luxury:High-end luxury:
Stainless SteelStainless Steel, Titanium, Bronze18 K gold or Stainless Steel
Sapphire crystalSapphire crystalSapphire crystal
Leather strap, Rubber strap
Materials used in Montblanc watches, Cheap, Moderately priced, and High-end luxury materials:

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is a popular material in watches and is used by some of the most luxurious watch brands because of its durability and anti-corrosion nature. The Stainless Steel is therefore being used in all of Montblanc’s price classes.

Their cheaper watches use stainless steel but we also see it come back in some of the highest-end luxury watches that Montblanc produces.

A good watch is at least made of Stainless Steel.

Stainless steel is known to be very anti-corrosion which keeps your watch looking beautiful for decades. Other than that, steel is also known to withstand the touch of the human body from both sides, meaning it can withstand perspiration and your skin will also thank you for stainless steel.

18K gold

This material is used in some of Montblanc’s highest-tier models like the Star Legacy Exo Tourbillon Slim and the Heritage Automatic. These are some of Montblanc’s most luxurious timepieces and use 18k gold as their case material.

18K gold is real gold that is often used in luxury watches because of its luxurious status and high quality. It is different from 24k gold as the 18k variant contains 75% gold and 25% other metals. This is attractive to watch manufacturers because the other metals make sure the watch stays strong. 24k gold is pure gold that is usually frailer because of the lack of supporting materials keeping the timepiece strong.

This gold is used in luxury watches because of its good durability, its status, and attractive color, making gold a good material to use in watches.

Sapphire crystal

Another material that we always see come back in watches, no matter the amount of luxury is Sapphire crystal. This is a no-brainer in watches because of their scratch-proof nature. This material can only be damaged (scratched) by the material, diamond.

Sapphire is therefore the ideal material for a watch’s crystal and is seen very often in luxury watches. Sapphire is relatively expensive compared to other Chrystal, it is the most strong material and the best scratch-proof.

So, if you find a sapphire crystal in your watch, you know that you have amongst the best of materials for your watch’s Chrystal and that you will not be likely to scratch or damage your watch very easily. This material is known to be very good in watches, and will not disappoint.


Some of Montblanc’s moderately priced watches have Titanium in their design. This material is very lightweight while also staying extremely durable. Titanium is known to be one of the strongest materials available and is also highly scratch-resistant.

Watches that have Titanium in them usually scratch a little bit easier than watches that have stainless steel in them. Although, the differences are not significant. Titanium is a lot more comfortable on your wrist though. Titanium watches won’t disappoint in terms of quality and will bring you better comfort than most other materials on your wrist.


The last material that we see recurring in Montblanc watches is Bronze. Usually in the moderately priced watches that they offer in their assortment.

Bronze is a material that has the characteristic of dirt opposing. Which is a nice extra when wearing the watch. A good thing about Bronze watches is that they have the characteristic of developing patina or tarnish over time. This makes for a unique color that will make your watch stand out from the rest.

So, Are Montblanc’s materials good

So, Montblanc’s materials are very good when we start dissecting the brand and looking at what they actually use in terms of materials. The materials they use are being thought about, and are amongst the best in the industry, comparing it with some of the highest-end and best watch brands.

The brand uses materials that are the best in every field and puts the price accordingly. So, if you are looking for a watch that has quality materials and offers a great price for the materials that come with that, Montblanc watches are there for you.

Are Montblanc watches good in price

The price of a watch is obviously an important factor in deciding whether you want to buy a new watch or not. How are the prices compared to the quality? Or is the watch overpriced? Watches that have a good price for what you get are worth the investment and will stand out in every field compared to the price.

Montblanc watches are known to have an incredible price-to-quality ratio. They fall into the luxury watch department which carries status in itself. Luxury watches are usually more expensive because they carry luxury materials, and are made in fewer quantities. Usually, they are hand-made, which makes them special and causes the demand for these watches to be higher than the actual supply of that model.

Montblanc is known to outperform competitors in each price category, in terms of quality, and materials, and won’t disappoint.

As we mentioned, watches that Montblanc offers are usually separated into three different categories. Cheap, moderate, and high-end luxury. All of these watches are luxury watches, but they each have their own prices and legacies. For example, Villeret and 1858 watches are one of the most expensive watches but also the most luxurious, they offer complete in-house movements, which is very special.

In the table below, we put together some of Montblanc’s most popular models with their prices.

Model: Expected Price:
TraditionUSD $1800,-
Star LegacyUSD $3800,-
 BohèmeUSD $3500,-
TraditionUSD $1900,-
HeritageUSD $4000,-
Star LegacyUSD $4000,-
1858USD $5500,-
Montblanc watch models and their ranges of price:

So, Are Montblanc watches good in terms of price

Montblanc watches have the status of delivering watches that are very good in terms of quality compared to the price you pay. For the material, brand name, and relatively low price tag, Montblanc watches are definitely worth the price.


The accuracy is an important factor in the quality of a watch. A watch that needs a rest every day won’t belong to some of the best watches in the industry. How is that for Montblanc watches?

The brand has different movements that run at different speeds and frequencies. The movement type is a big factor in how accurate a watch will be. For example, quartz movements are way more accurate than mechanical movements because they are battery-powered.

Montblanc offers watches that have a frequency of 28,800 /h which is about 8 ticks per second. These movements are high-tolerance movements that can be easily regulated for great accuracy and are known for a smooth sweep. This has a big impact on the accuracy of the watch.

While Montblanc watches do not have the best accuracy in the entire industry, this is an acceptable accuracy for a watch of this caliber.

Is Montblanc a good investment

The reason we wanted to discuss this topic is that Montblanc is known to be a luxury watch brand. Luxury watch brands are usually high in price tags. Because of the low supply and the relatively high demand, these watches tend to be a better investment, for example, Seiko watches which are mass-produced.

The fact is that most watches do not hold their value or are a good investment. The only two brands that can really be a good investment are Rolex and Patek Phillipe, next to some limited edition models that other brands have to offer. So, No, Montblanc watches are not good investments.

Final words

In this article, we reviewed the entire watch line of Montblanc watches. Montblanc has been manufacturing watches since 1997 which is relatively new compared to the other (luxury) watch brands. To find out if a watch brand is good, we look at several factors that we see that are good in the best watch brands in the industry.

Montblanc is not specialized in watches and has been manufacturing later in their existence. The benefit is that they have a large audience in different markets which led to a big gap in the market which leads to instant which ensured that they already had a head start on the rest of starting watch brands.

We have a few different factors that we diminish in watch brands. It is the materials, price, investment opportunities, and accuracy of the watch. The fact is that most of these factors score pretty well for Montblanc watches, making it a good brand.

So in conclusion, Montblanc is a good watch brand that offers a great price/quality ratio. Montblanc watches won’t disappoint and are very good in many aspects of the watch market. Buying a Montblanc will provide you with a beautiful luxury timepiece.

Rolex is one of the most iconic brands in the watch industry. The brand experienced rapid growth in popularity resulting in becoming the biggest watch producer in Switzerland. Because of the extraordinary luxury and prestige that is put into each particular product, consumers have to make a large expense, if they intend to buy a Rolex. That is why it is important to prepare well, and why we listed all of the costs for you. We answered the question, how much does a Rolex service cost?

On average, a Rolex watch service costs $800 USD. The price depends on the state of the watch and the type of service required. Prices tend to range between $600 and $1000 USD on average for Rolex retailers and Rolex affiliates to service your Rolex.

Rolex watches cannot just be serviced at home because of their complicated mechanism. Therefore, Rolex has a complicated servicing process that is done by professionals, and in and in different procedures. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss the servicing procedures and the cost of all services.

What does a Rolex service cost

A Rolex watch service will cost you anywhere between $600 USD to a little over $1000 USD. The exact price will depend on various internal or external factors. For example, your watch would be in good condition, so it would have to go through fewer procedures in the servicing process. But it can also vary due to different types of services.

The following factors can have an impact on the service price of your Rolex watch:

  • Movement (Internal mechanism that makes the watch work)
  • Condition (Watches that are broken need more servicing procedures)
  • Model (Which Rolex model is being serviced)

To determine the price of the service, the condition of your watch will be evaluated before sending it to a watchmaker. After the evaluation, the watchmakers will hand you an estimate for your approval for the cost of the service.

Average Cost

To make sure your Rolex complies with its functional and aesthetic specifications, your Rolex timepiece requires a service every once in a while. It is recommended to contact an Official Rolex Retailer or Service Centre if your Rolex needs servicing.

These services are divided into different procedures, and variable costs are associated with them. A full service usually costs around the $800 USD mark. This full service includes several processes. For example, the assembly and lubrication of the movement and the cleaning of the components are a part of the full service, but can also be serviced apart. This will include different costs.

So, it is not given how much a Rolex service will cost exactly. But based on past experiences, it’s safe to say that you’ll spend an average of $800 USD to provide your Rolex with excellent servicing. Depending on your watch and what it needs, it may vary slightly, usually about $200 – $400 USD above or below the average service price.

rolex service cost

An average Rolex service cost (Model)

Now that we know that the price of the service will depend on several factors, let’s discuss some of the Rolex service costs for their models. Rolex offers a large assortment of luxury timepieces that all have different materials, prices, and manufacturing processes.

This hens why all of their models have different price ranges for servicing and the price of the service will depend on the factors we mentioned above. One of those factors contains the model of the watch, which is an important factor in deciding the service cost.

Because of the variable factors, it is hard to say the exact price for each specific model. But there are models that are usually higher in service costs than others. For example, Rolex Daytona models usually have higher service costs than their Rolex Datejust models, although the price still varies depending on the condition of the watch. In the table below, we listed some of the average service prices that you can expect for some of the most popular Rolex models: (These prices are not given, they are averages of what you can expect and are still dependent on experiences and other factors)

Model:Service cost:
DAYTONA (VINTAGE)$900 – $1000
SKY-DWELLER$1000 – $1200
YACHT-MASTER$700 – $800
YACHT-MASTER II$1200 – $1500
GMT MASTER$500 – $600
SUBMARINER$500 – $600
LADIES DATE$400 – $500
DATEJUST$400 – $500
DAY-DATE$500 – $600
Popular Rolex models and their average price ranges for service costs:

Rolex service cost per movement

The movement is another important factor for the average service price of your Rolex watch. A movement is a mechanism that a watch contains which makes the watch move. Some movements tend to be much more complicated than others and need more time and expertise to get serviced. We see that back in the service prices of the different models in the table above.

The different service costs in the table above go hand in hand with the movement types. Because for example, the Rolex Datejust contains a much less complicated movement than for example the Rolex Sky-Dweller. This is why the Rolex to service cost will be variant dependent on the complexity of the movements.

In the answer paragraph, we answered the question of how much a Rolex service will cost, and why the costs could change. The complexity of the movement is one of the main indicators of why a service could vary from $600 to up to $1200 USD.

All Rolex watches use mechanical movements which will always be more complicated to get serviced than quartz movements which are battery-powered. This is one of the reasons why a Rolex service will usually cost more than other brands.

In the list below, we will show you some of the most expensive movements to get serviced, and some of the cheaper movements to get serviced. Usually because of the complexity of that specific movement:

Rolex movement service cost

Most complicated Rolex movements (Expensive service cost $1000 – $1500 USD):

  • Caliber 4130 (Daytona) – ($1000 USD)
  • Caliber 9001 (Sky-Dweller) – ($1100 USD)
  • Caliber 4161 (Yacht-Master II) – ($1300/1400 USD)

Less complicated Rolex movements (moderate service cost $500 – $700 USD):

  • Caliber 3155 (Day-date) – ($500/600 USD)
  • Caliber 3185 (GMT Master II) – ($500/600 USD)

These are just some examples of movements that Rolex has produced throughout the years. All of their movements are entirely dismantled and all the parts are examined when bringing your Rolex to a service center, after that, your watch will also be reassembled and lubricated.

Condition of your Rolex impacts service cost

It is clear that the prices of your service will vary dependent on several factors like the complexity of the movement, but also the model. Another factor that comes into play is the condition of your watch. Rolex watches that are in a bad condition will entail more costs, which of course makes sense.

The additional cost that comes with the servicing of the watch will depend on the materials that will need to be repaired or replaced. Some of the things that Rolex offers are band replacement, replacing glass or crystal, or the replacement of the crown or other materials. It is highly recommended to get this done by an official Rolex service center.

How much the additional costs will be will depend on the type of material and the severity of the damage, which is obviously hard to tell, because of the large number of cases that could come with that.

Depending on the type of bracelet, Rolex charges you around $1000 to $1200 USD for replacing the bracelet. The replacement of the crystal (sapphire crystal) would be around $200 and $300. And the crown replacement should cost around $300$400 USD.

Note: Please note that all of these numbers are estimates and are numbers that we’ve seen in past experiences.

What does a Rolex service include

Rolex offers different services. When we look at the service cost that we’ve mentioned in the answer paragraph, we are talking about a complete overhaul of your Rolex watch. This is recommended every once in a while.

Once you bring your Rolex watch to a service center, the process of servicing begins and offers several procedures to get your watch fully serviced.

In the paragraph below, the procedures are listed in the right order to give you a better understanding of what you are paying for with a Rolex service:

1. Assessing the watch for maintenance procedures

2. Detaching materials to service them separately (preparing)

3. Dismantling the movement to fully recover

4. Cleaning the watch thorough

5. Assembling and lubricating the movement

6. re-polishing the case and other materials

7. Assembling the case parts

8. Movement is put back into case

9. Precision and waterproofness tested

10. The final control and returning the watch

How to get your Rolex serviced

Your Rolex watch is of course invaluable to you, not only physically, but also mentally. That is why it is important to get your timepiece serviced in the best possible way. There are several service center’s throughout the world that will give your Rolex a complete service.

The first step for servicing your Rolex, we recommend you hand it to an Official Rolex Retailer or Service Centre to get it serviced. This is due to the fact that the official Rolex servicing offers by far the best professionalism and expertise for your Rolex service.

A Rolex service isn’t particularly hard to perform. Choosing a Rolex service center is easily done with the tool that is provided on the Rolex website over here. After bringing your watch to one of their authorized service centers, the procedures speak for themselves, and Rolex will automatically guide you through the rest of the steps.

How often should a Rolex be serviced

Now that we know the Rolex service cost, know more about how to get your Rolex serviced, and also which factors impact the service cost, we wanted to provide you with information about how often you should get your Rolex serviced.

A watch needs servicing every once in a while but you shouldn’t need it every week or year. Rolex states that one of their watches needs servicing approximately every 10 years. This is an estimate based on the model and condition of your Rolex watch.

Watches typically need servicing twice as much as a typical Rolex watch needs servicing. This is due to the quality of the watch and the materials that are used. Rolex’s quality is very good compared to its competitors and hens why the watch needs less servicing than other big watch brands.

The estimate of 10 years is obviously not a given. If certain components or parts of your watch are disabled or do not work properly anymore, you can always bring back your watch to an official Rolex service center or dealer to get it serviced sooner.

Final words

In this article, we discussed how much a Rolex service will cost you. The fact is that it is hard to tell you exactly how much a Rolex service will cost you. This is because it depends on several factors that we included in the article.

The factors that are important for deciding your service cost will depend on the model, the movement, but also on the condition of your watch. These factors combined will be the estimate for your exact Rolex service cost.

On average, a Rolex service will cost you around $800 USD, with outliers of about $400 USD above or below that price. The only exception is when one of the expensive materials is in need of a replacement.

All in all, Rolex services are highly recommended once in a while, and the promised expertise and experience that are put into it, will eventually be worth the cost.

If you have more queries about watches, we have an entire webpage with all of your questions about the different brands and watches in the industry. You can check out everything on our website over here. If you want more information about other brands’ service costs, you can check out our webpage over here.

Tissot and Seiko are both popular watch brands in society and are both known to be relatively affordable and have similarities in price, experience, and vision. If you’re thinking about buying a new, relatively low-priced watch, it’s good to look at which one fits your needs. Therefore, we have put the 2 brands side by side to give you the best idea of what the best choice is for you, Tissot vs Seiko.

Tissot is known for selling quality watches at entry-level prices, with a large bag of experience. The same characteristics are known for Seiko watches. Which brand is better for you comes down to what they radiate and what the brands stand for, which is a personal preference.

Where the differences lie comes down to different characteristics. But it comes down to how the brands want to profile themselves to the consumers where you see the real differences. Both brands want to develop their own image and identity, which means that there are indeed differences. In the following paragraphs, we reviewed those differences.

Brand identities – Tissot vs Seiko

Even though some companies are similar in terms of products. And may attract the same target audience, the differences that the brands have can mainly be found in the identity of the brands. This concerns the general impression they leave on the consumer. Also, the recognizable brand attributes distinguish the brands from each other. It provides the direction and focuses that allow the Seiko and Tissot brands to compete.

Tissot and Seiko have similarities all over. They do have differences in the way the brand is seen from the point of view of the consumers. Seiko is known for offering many different watch models all over the place. Tissot is rather known for offering budget luxury timepieces. Seiko offers many different movements, like Solar, Kinetic, Mechanical, and quartz movements, each owning its own price range.

Tissot is known for offering watches that have different innovative designs. The brand managed to produce a lot of different watches and managed to create an image of special inventions in their timekeeping devices. This is making them one of the largest Swiss watch brands in today’s watch world.

Brand identity is all about the general impression that the brands leave to their consumers. It is a big attribute of creating your own image. So, there are differences between Tissot’s and Seiko’s brand identities.

Tissot vs Seiko

To tell you exactly which brand suits you the best, it is best to look at the character traits you are looking for, for example, the quality, the image, but also the ease of use. Other irrational factors can also play a role, such as feelings. All of these factors make the brand and Tissot and Seiko have differences in these characteristics. There are a few characteristics that make a brand good and diminish it from the rest:

  • History
  • Quality (Materials, Accuracy)
  • Ease of use
  • Investment opportunities
  • Price

In the following paragraphs, we will put Tissot and Seiko next to each other and discuss these points for both brands.

Tissot vs Seiko’s history

History is a big part of a brand’s image and where they come from. The fact is that both brands have an incredible history and bag of experience in timekeeping history and managed to conquer the hearts of many different consumers along the way. But they both led their own different routes.

Tissot’s history

Tissot is a brand that has been around for a while. Ever since 1853, they have been manufacturing and selling watches and started their book of history about innovative designs and becoming one of the largest brands in the history of timepieces. In 1853, when the brand started innovating watches. The brand already started implementing mass-produced watches. This was a big innovation in watch history and was one of many more to come at the time.

Another one of Tissot’s innovative ideas was the manufacturing of woman’s watches. This was seen as an incredible principle for the evolution of fashion.

Later in their journey, In 1930, Tissot came with another huge announcement in the watch industry by creating the world’s first non-magnetic wristwatch. This was huge because the (then) magnetic timepieces came into conflict with a large amount of electricity that was being used and increasingly used within households. This conflict would greatly reduce the precision of the timepieces back then.

These innovations were not only good for the watch industry, but also for the entire fashion industry. These innovations made Tissot huge and set the foundation of the brand.

Seiko’s history

Seiko started their journey in 1881 when they started manufacturing timekeeping devices, a little later than Tissot. It all started in a local shop where Kintaro Hattori was selling and servicing watches and found out he wanted to evolve. Seikosha became the name of a newborn company in 1892. This later became one of the world’s largest manufacturers of watches.

Seiko came into existence when Seikosha filed for bankruptcy and the brand couldn’t continue under the name Seikosha. But the founders did not stop there. Shortly afterward, in 1924, they made the first watch under the name Seiko.

Seiko is also known for producing watches with innovative designs and later became one of the largest manufacturers of wristwatches with a huge assortment of timepieces for every human’s needs. This included divers watches, Grand Seiko line, which is standing for more luxurious timepieces. But also wristwatches with stopwatches, automatic chronographs, TV watches, Kinetic watches, and many more innovations in the industry.

All of these innovations combined made for a huge assortment of watches that anyone can benefit from. With affordable prices, luxurious timepieces, and one of the biggest brands in the world.

Tissot vs Seiko Quality (materials, accuracy)

An important factor for people that are intending to buy a new watch is the quality of the watch. This includes the quality of the materials. But also the accuracy of the watch, and the longevity of the overall piece. The fact is that Seiko and Tissot are both known for producing quality watches and materials. And are known to have a good price-to-quality ratio. Which ensures that the watch offers quality at the price that it costs.

Seiko is known to manufacture very durable watches and make everything they make in-house. This makes the brand having ensures that the brand knows what it is putting in its products and therefore has full control over the quality of its timepieces. Tissot on the other hand often uses different movements from external companies which could be an interesting factor.

Tissot vs Seiko Materials

Seiko’s materials are very diverse as they make a lot of different watches and materials in their watches. These materials are made in-house and usually exist of Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and Titanium. But they also use gold in some of their expensive models. The quality of their materials is widely known to be very good and have an amazing price to quality ratio.

Tissot doesn’t disappoint either, with their large bag of experience in watchmaking and innovating the best designs. They carry an unbelievable suitcase of experience in the quality of the materials. This is also reflected in the quality of the materials and the overall watch. For example, they use 18K gold. But also Super-LumiNova, which is a relatively new material that is used in the dials and hands of the watch. Tissot is also known for producing fine materials that have great longevity and come with the best possible quality for the price you pay.

Tissot vs Seiko Accuracy

The accuracy of a watch could also be an important factor for watches to be good. The fact is that the movement is responsible for the accuracy of a watch. For example, mechanical watches are moved by a spring and will always be less accurate than quartz movements. This is because quartz movements are battery-powered.

The differences in accuracy are seen in the movements. Although Tissot and Seiko are both known to produce good watches in terms of the accuracy of the overall brand. Tissots’ fastest watches are their quartz movements and are stated to be accurate to -0.5 to +0.7 seconds per day, which is very accurate if we look at the competition.

Seiko’s quartz movements are also accurate to -0.5 seconds per day, which comes down to an average of ±15 seconds per month. These quartz movements are above average and are both compared to its competitors, very accurate.

Automatic watches have different movements and are known to be significantly less accurate than battery-powered movements. This is due to the fact that mechanical watches are made of metals that exert an effect on the accuracy of the watches.

Seiko’s automatic watches are known to be accurate to +/- 5 to 6 seconds per day. While Tissot watches have a stated accuracy of -10/+30 seconds per day. But this average will always depend on the model and the state of the movement.

Tissot vs Seiko

The ease of use

The ease of use could also be a deciding factor when choosing a watch, or any product that you are intending to buy. It leads to more conversions and ensures trust and interaction with the customer. Watches are not complicated, but some are easier to use than others, So how do Tissot and Seiko score in this field?

The use of a watch also depends on the movement as the movement needs to be wound based on different movement types. Automatic watches, for example, are wound automatically by wearing the watch and normal wrist movements. Battery-powered watches are a little different and need wounding through the battery, which needs to be replaced once in a while.

Seiko watches are known to be very easy to use, this is because they are easy to read, use, and service. The fact is that Seiko watches have their own in-house movements and are therefore not being made complicated at all. This means that the watch can be fixed when broken by yourself and doesn’t need any extraordinary products or servicing. Also, modern Seiko watches are easy to read, serial numbers are always 6 digits and have a clear meaning. Also, the the date is easily readable with on the case and dials of a watch.

Tissot watches are also known to be easy to use. You can easily read the watch and Tissot offers watches with an interchangeable strap system. You can change your watch’s style by changing the bracelet with this easy-to-use system.

Investment opportunities

For people who are looking for investment opportunities, Seiko and Tissot are not the best options for you. The fact is that most watches are not great investment opportunities. While many people think that you can just buy a watch as an investment, you’ll need to look at specific brands and watches to have a good potential investment.

Seiko and Tissot have assortments that are both focussing on the mass production of watches. This means that they produce their watches in big quantities and their models are not particularly special or rare in the watch market. This is one of the biggest factors of potential investments in the industry. Watches are potential investments when they have a rather large demand compared to the supply of the specific model.

This is why luxury watches and investment watches are usually handmade. This provides much more expertise and time to produce a good model, making it way rarer to have one of those watches and therefore making it more valuable in the future.

Seiko and Tissot are both brands that are focussed on the mass production of their models and will therefore not provide a good investment opportunity. The only reasonable investment opportunity lies in Seiko’s side brand which is called Grand Seiko. Grand Seiko is one of the luxury watch brands that have the same manufacturer as Seiko and the brand puts way more effort into one particular timepiece. Although most Grand Seiko watches will depreciate about 30-40 % in value in the first few years, buying the right model could lead to a nice potential investment opportunity.


The price of both brands is obviously also a great factor in which brand you would like to buy. Because it is one of the first things you look at when buying a new watch. The fact is that the brands have similar price ranges for their models, only Seiko has more watches and a bigger assortment.

Both brands have an incredible price-to-quality ratio and will therefore not disappoint in terms of the price you pay and what you get back for it.

So, Tissot vs Seiko, which one is best?

If we compare the two brands, we can tell that it really is a personal preference which brand you choose to buy. The fact is that their price ranges are similar and they both use mass production for their products. The brands are both easy to use, although Tissot uses an interchangeable strap system for strap replacements. Seiko uses its own in-house materials and movements which make the case and movement less complicated to use and easier for replacement when necessary.

The accuracy of the watches is pretty much the same and their quartz movements are just as accurate as each other. Other than the accuracy of their mechanical movements, the watches both have their own identities. Tissot is known for providing value to the watch world with its new inventions and innovations, whilst Seiko owns a large assortment of different watches, movements, and price ranges for every humans needs.

The way you can look at Tissot is “affordable luxury” which is one of the main factors that they want to radiate with their beautiful luxurious timepieces for relatively affordable prices compared to its competitors. Seiko rather wants to radiate the principle of “watches for everyone”, which they show in their large assortment. Seiko offers watches for all needs and options. The brand you choose should depend on what vision, experience, or terms of use you set for yourself. Because both brands are very good in their field and won’t disappoint.

For more articles on every single watch query, check out our website over here for all of your questions about the different watch brands in the industry.

Rado is a watch brand that manufactures world-renowned timekeeping products. Ever since 1917, the brand has been producing innovative designs and vintage looks that stand out in many parts of the watch industry. While these are valuable features, luxury watch brands are beyond these factors. We, therefore, answered the question, is Rado a luxury watch?

Rado is a luxury watch brand. The use of complex materials and limited quantity supplies are some of the reasons that Rado watches are significantly rare. The heavy price tag and brand name comply with luxury watch standards. These are important characteristics of luxury watches.

The fact that Rado offers luxury watches originates from various information and data that distinguish a fashion watch from a luxury watch. In the following paragraphs, we will explain why Rado is a luxury watch brand.

Why is Rado a luxury watch

Rado has a rather large experience in watchmaking and is a part of the Swatch Group. The brand has been manufacturing watch products since 1917 and started in the village of Lengnau, Switzerland. Rado found different ways to distinguish itself from the competition. For example, the brand became innovative and started specializing in high-tech ceramic watches.

After World War II, Rado became one of the biggest brand names on the watch market for producing movements that a watch needs to keep running. After this accomplishment, Rado started manufacturing their own watches. They were even put in context as some of the world’s most durable and luxurious watches on the market.

This principle established the brand name and the brand was known for its specialization in innovative materials. In addition, the brand is also known for the manufacturing quantity of its timepieces. For example, they only make half a million watches a year, which allows them to pay more attention to each individual product.

All these characteristics that the brand offers, correspond to the characteristics that we see in luxury watches. In the list below, we see the recurring features that distinguish fashion watches from luxury watches. In the following paragraphs, we will therefore discuss these characteristics, specifically for the Rado brand:

  • The brand name
  • Materials
  • Is it Hand made
  • Price-tag
is rado a luxury watch

The brand name

If you look at the bigger picture, Rado might not be amongst the most popular watch brands in the community of watch enthusiasts. Brands like Omega, Rolex, and Patek Phillipe would rather come to mind.

However, the brand established its name in the watch industry as one of the most durable and luxurious timepieces in the 1980s. They have continued this line, and the brand is now pioneering the watch market. They have also established their name through innovative ideas like manufacturing ceramic watches.

All these factors have ensured immense success for the brand and also ensured that they have established themselves in the industry. This is an important characteristic of luxury watch brands.


Luxury watches are different from fashion watches in several aspects. One of them is also the choice of materials that are used in the timepiece. Luxury watches use expensive materials. They are seen as everything above what is actually necessary for terms of quality for watches.

Think about materials like gold, but also titanium and ceramic are materials that are often used in luxury watches. Ever since the 1990s, Rado’s signature material that the brand became known for is the manufacturing of ceramic watches. In fact, the brand goes beyond the use of ceramic and also uses hardened titanium, diamonds, and sapphire crystal in its timepieces. These are all materials that we also often see in the biggest luxury watch brands.

Best known for their transformative use of ceramic, the dreamers at Rado have
mastered the art of material science.

Rado – Switzerland

The materials used in Rado watches are relatively expensive and that shows in the final retail price of their products. The fact is that Rado uses quality materials that are strong and have their own stories, definitely meeting the luxury watch guidelines.

Hand made watches

Luxury watches diminish themselves from fashion watches because they are usually seen as a lot rarer than normal watches. This has to do with the principle of mass production and the supply and demand that comes with it.

Watches that are mass-produced are produced by machines in large quantities and are usually manufactured by external suppliers. The fact that they are mass-produced makes the production time per product a lot less, and the number of products in that manufacturing time a lot more. This means that mass-produced timepieces are usually a lot less rare and interesting for watch collectors. This causes the retail price to go down, and the resale price as good as nil.

On the other hand, watches that are handmade have a lot more expertise, time, and value within the manufacturing process. This causes the watch to be more expensive and could even be a good investment for the future. Which are a big part of the difference between fashion watches and luxury watches.

Rado watches are handmade and are also made in limited quantities. This causes the products to be rather rare compared to its competitors. Rado watches have leaked that they have a manufacturing process that produces around 500.000 watches per year. In comparison, some of the brands that use mass production for their manufacturing process can make up to 2 million watches per year.

So, the fact that Rado produces their watches in a lot fewer quantities and the fact that they are relatively rare is another sign why Rado is a luxury watch.


Rado is a luxury watch brand but the price could be debated as their products are relatively affordable to some of the high-end luxury watches on the market. Although for some watch buyers, price ranges of $1000 to $5000 USD are on the pricey side, it actually isn’t that expensive for a luxury watch.

In the following table, we put together some of Rado’s models and their prices. This gives a better understanding of the price ranges that Rado offers:

Captain Cook:$2,100 – $5,000 USD
True Square:$1,600 – $3,200 USD
True:$1,400 – $2,900 USD
True Thinline:$2,000 – $3,400 USD
Centrix:$1,280 – $2,600 USD
Rado watch models and their prices cheapest/highest

Luxury watch brands could be seen as investments because of the prices we see in them could go up to tens of thousands of dollars. Because of the rarity that is created by a lower supply than the demand for these watches. And the expertise and time that is put into an individual piece, but also the use of expensive materials, the prices are higher for these watches.

These factors drive the price of the watch and make it come to a fair price. The fact that Rado is amongst some of the cheaper luxury watch brands has to do with the use of ceramic materials, rarity, and quality they provide compared to other luxury watch brands like Rolex or Patek Phillipe.

All in all, Rado can still be seen as a luxury watch brand in terms of price for the watch. But it is seen as one of the cheaper options in terms of luxury watches, which is a good thing for the quality and for what you get back from it.

So, Is Rado a luxury watch?

Luxury watches have characteristics that diminish them from normal fashion watches. In the paragraphs above, we discussed the different characteristics that we see recurring in luxury watches and analyzed them for Rado.

In conclusion, Rado is a luxury watch brand due to a higher demand than the actual supply that the brand offers, the choice and use of luxury materials in its products, and the established brand name in the industry. The price is also quite high, which is due to these various factors added together.

So, it’s safe to say that Rado is a luxury watch brand that offers luxury timepieces and radiates a legacy of incredible history and innovative designs.

Is Rado a good investment?

Now that we know that Rado manufactures luxury timepieces, there could also be a potential investment opportunity. In the paragraphs above, we explained that luxury watches are usually (the only) good watch investments as they are handmade and not mass-produced. This increases the rarity of the watch and the demand as a result. But is Rado also a good investment?

Rado is not a good investment. The fact is that watches reflect their demand in the market. Rado is simply not good as an investment in that case. The only watches that are really good investments are Rolex or Patek Phillipe. These watches have an incredible supply and demand rate. Other than that, some specific limited edition models from other brands could also be a good investment. But Rado is just not as wanted as some of the biggest demand watch brands in the world to be a good investment.

The only way you can look at a Rado watch as an investment is through the emotional value you add to it. Rado has an incredible heritage in the watch industry for manufacturing some of the most innovative and extraordinary designs in the entire market, which could be seen as an investment in itself.

Is Rado a quality watch?

Watches do not specifically have quality guidelines to become seen as luxury timepieces. But quality in luxury watches is often an obvious factor for them. The materials that they use are not only expensive because they are luxurious, but they are also of good quality and solid. The movements that luxury watches use are also often of good quality and the watches often last a long time.

Rado is known for using ceramic materials which are known to be very strong and erosion/scratch resistant. The brand also has characteristics of precision and is incredibly durable, which makes the brand overall good quality.

For the price you pay, you get a lot of good from Rado. These watches have everything you need and won’t disappoint in terms of quality and heritage.

Rado’s most luxurious watches

We know that Rado manufactures luxury watches, but we also explained that not all watches are luxury watches. Luxury watches are rare and won’t come down to a specific brand, but rather from the watch itself. Therefore, not all Rado watches are luxury watches and we put together some of the most luxurious Rado watches there are.

In the list below, we put together some of the most luxurious timepieces that Rado has to offer in their assortment:

  • Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic
  • True Square Automatic Open Heart
  • Captain Cook Automatic Chronograph
  • True Square Over The Abyss

The Captain Cook line is known for producing vintage watches and contains some of the most expensive products that the brand offers. The True Square is also a popular watch in terms of luxury and is known for its high-tech ceramic features.

Final Words

In this article, we discussed if Rado belongs to the luxury watch market. There are several factors that diminish luxury watches from normal fashion watches. Rado offers watches that are made of extraordinary materials and are manufactured in limited quantities, which are some of the characteristics of a luxury watch.

Luxury watches are known to have an established brand name, rare and expensive materials, are usually handmade and not mass-produced, and the price tag reflects the luxury.

In this article, we discussed all of these factors for Rado and came to the conclusion that Rado is a luxury watch brand. Rado uses limited supplies and has an incredible brand name in the industry, and the price of its products reflects the value they have to offer.

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Tissot is known for manufacturing watches that are relatively affordable, people state that the watch is known as one of the better cheap options on the watch market. In this article, we checked out Tissot as a watch brand and the quality of its timepieces. We reviewed, is Tissot a good watch brand?

Tissot is a good watch brand that sells quality watches at entry-level prices. They are known for manufacturing reliable timepieces and have a large experience. The brand is a part of the Swatch Group which has an excellent reputation. Tissot also has incredible quality compared to the price of the brand’s watches.

Just telling you that Tissot is a good watch brand wasn’t enough for us. In this article, we did an in-depth review on why Tissot is a good watch brand and what our opinion is on the different qualities and weaknesses of the brand’s products in the following paragraphs.

Why Tissot is a good watch

Tissot is a part of the Swatch Group which is an international organization that owns a group of watch brands that are a part of one of the biggest wrist jewelry organizations in the world. Not only are they one of the biggest, but they are also known to manufacture products that produce high-quality timepieces.

The fact that they are a part of this group doesn’t say everything. Tissot is a brand in itself and owns its own qualities and characteristics. Therefore, Tissot deserves its own opinion.

One of the qualities that Tissot has is that they have a very attractive price-to-quality ratio. People state that the brand is one of the best quality watches that you can buy on the entire market for under $1000 USD. Another great quality is the specifications that the watch offers which will often exceed the expectations compared to the price points of competitors with the same specifications.

All of these factors make the brand attractive to its audience and make it stand out from its competitors. The fact that people say the watch is such a good stater watch (entry-level priced) makes it worth the review. Therefore, we checked out the brand and its products and did an in-depth review on deciding factors that the brand offers.

There are a few characteristics that we always use in reviews that we think are important for watch brands to be good watches. We distinguish the quality of the following points that watches must meet in order to be good:

  • Materials
  • Price
  • Accuracy
  • Potential investment
Is Tissot a Good Watch


Tissot uses several materials in their products. The brand uses materials that have been thought about piece by piece and uses materials that are all of good quality for the watch. For example, the brand uses stainless steel in its timepieces. Stainless steel has anti-corrosion characteristics and is also known to be a very strong material that can withstand many situations that require a strong watch.

Tissot is also known to use the material ‘Tritium’ in their watches. This is a material that gives your watch a glow in the dark. Tissot mentions this characteristic with an indication, the description will state T Swiss made T\” and is usually printed on the dial face.

Another popular material that Tissot uses is Titanium, which is also known to be a very strong metal that is 50% lighter than normal metals while also staying anti-corrosion.

All in all, Tissot’s materials are good and are known as products that each have its own purpose and are therefore used in a way to improve the watch’s overall performance.


Tissot watches are known to be relatively affordable compared to their competitors. Many watch brands come with watches that have similar qualities to Tissot but cost multiple thousands of dollars. Tissot has many watches in the cheaper price ranges ($500 to $1000 USD) that have great qualities and will offer you more than enough for a quality timepiece.

The brand can be seen as a budget brand that offers excellent watches for more affordable prices. Which makes the quality/price ratio excellent.

The average price of a Tissot watch is $445 USD. This is very affordable and doable if you are looking to invest in a quality watch. Some good examples of starter watches that have a good price range are the Gentleman Powermatic. But also the Le Locle Regulator is an amazing starter watch that falls into the budget watch price range. In a conclusion, Tissot offers amazing watches in cheaper price ranges. This makes it an amazing watch brand for starters because of its amazing quality and relatively low prices.


Another factor of a good watch is the accuracy of the brand. Good mechanical watches should be able to get in the range of +6/-4 seconds per day. While the average lies about +/- 10 seconds per day. The accuracy depends on several factors. Tissot watches will, on average, have a precision of around -10/+30 which is considered average. Tissot watches will all exceed these expectations though.

Although, there are several types of movements that are used in watches. Quartz movements are battery-powered and are known to be way more accurate than mechanical movements. Tissot states the following about their quartz movements:

The precision tolerance of quartz watches is around -0.5 to +0.7 seconds per day (excluding certified quartz chronometers).

Tissot Watches

Quartz movements are usually accurate up to +/-1 second per day which is stated as the average. This means that the accuracy of Tissot’s quartz movements is good compared to their mechanical movements. Although the mechanical movements are not exeptional in terms of accuracy, they will definitely do the trick. Tissot’s accuracy is more than enough for the average consumer and won’t disappoint either.

Potential investment

Potential investments are a bonus quality that a watch can have. Although most watches aren’t great investments. Some watches could be interesting and could be resold for more than the initial retail price after a few years of keeping the timepiece.

The fact is that most watch brands and their products are not great investments. The only two brands that can really be interesting and can be up for a nice resale are Rolex and Patek Philippe. On the other hand, there are a few models for particular brands that could also be interesting as a potential investment. But most watches are not great investments.

Tissot watches are not good for investments. This is mostly due to the supply and demand of the watches, but also due to the price range of the products that Tissot produces. If the supply of a particular watch is lower than the demand for that timepiece, prices tend to rise over time.

The fat is that Tissot watches are mass-produced and won’t provide a good resale because there are so many products being made. This causes the supply to be higher than the demand. Making it not interesting to buy from a second-hand owner and making the watches less or actually not rare.

The fact that Tissot is not a good investment doesn’t say anything about the quality of the watch in itself. The brand still manufactures watches that are very good for starters and makes good watches.

Is Tissot a luxury watch

Luxury watch brands are separated from normal fashion watch brands because of their luxurious characteristics. Luxury watch brands are usually expensive. They are rare watches that are rather eager to be bought as an investment for the future. They are not only expensive because of their expensive materials, but also because of their low supply compared to very high demand.

Tissot is not seen as a luxury watch brand. This has to do with the fact that they are seen as entry-level watch that is mass-produced and doesn’t use any high-end materials. On the other hand, Tissot watches are not used as investments and will, because of these characteristics not be a luxury watch brand.

Luxury watches have characteristics that diminish them from normal watches. The differences usually lay in the price, materials, investment opportunities, and supply and demand. Supply and demand are big factors for luxury watches as these tend to make the price rise over time. Let’s briefly explain this principle.

When the supply is higher than the demand, we call this case the principle of mass production. This happens when watches are produced in a high frequency and are therefore not ‘rare’ or ‘special’ in the eye of the consumer. The opposite will happen when the watch has a higher demand than the actual demand. You speak of limited edition timepieces. This will cause prices to go up in the long run as the watch isn’t always available for sale. This principle makes the timepiece rare and makes it more valuable, which is usually only seen with luxury watch brands.

So, is Tissot a good watch?

In the paragraphs above, we reviewed Tissot as a watch brand and the products they make. We wanted to make a conclusion on the main question, Is Tissot a good watch? We checked out several factors that we think are important for a watch brand. The materials, price, accuracy, and investment opportunities.

Tissot passes all of the tests and these features all have good quality. In addition, Tissot makes watches that have great value for the price you pay. The moderate prices, yet well-made watches, make them one of the best options on the market for under $1000 USD.

Is Tissot a respected watch brand

Another way to know if a watch is good is to look at reviews and experiences from the community. This is often one of the most trusted sources of reviews and that is for good reason.

Tissot was created in 1853 and is a Swiss watch brand that already sets the tone. This brand is incredibly experienced. The brand kept coming up with new innovations in the watch market, increasing brand recognition and respect from the community. Through the years, Tissot became a world-renowned brand that gained a lot of respect.

The respect manly came from its good quality and longevity. Tissot watches usually last a very long time and won’t leave any quality on the table at that time. Other than that, the watch looks good and is sustainable and affordable, making it a respectable watch brand.

Is a Tissot worth it?

After reviewing this well-known brand, we wanted to determine whether Tissot watches are worth the $500 – $1000 USD you pay for a Tissot watch. Buying a good timepiece is always a journey and you won’t just find the right one in one go.

The fact with Tissot is that you can’t really go wrong for a first-time watch. Tissot watches are usually priced at around the 500 to 1000 USD mark which is acceptable for a watch. Although this is still a significant amount of money, the brand still makes relatively affordable watches.

Whether the watch is worth buying is always a personal preference. The fact is that Tissot is a good watch brand for people who are looking to buy a quality watch for a good price. In fact, we think the watch is incredible for a first-time watch because of its price and quality.

Tissot will offer you one of the best options on the market that is above all of the weak majority of products that you’ll find in the store. Tissot offers you a watch that carries history, experience, and quality at a very acceptable price that you can’t really go wrong with. So, in our eyes, Tissot is definitely worth it.

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Seiko is a Japanese watch brand that has been manufacturing affordable fashion watches ever since 1881. The brand comes with several models in its assortment that have different materials and species. There are several timing mechanisms in the watch industry. For example, quartz, solar, or manual winding, but also automatic. What mechanism does Seiko use? Is Seiko automatic?

Some Seiko watches are automatic. Seiko also uses other movements like quartz, solar and kinetic watch movements. Automatic watches basically have a self-winding mainspring where you can drive the watch’s power by the movement of your wrist. Several Seiko models use this mechanism, but not all of them.

In this article, we wanted to dive a little deeper into the question and answer some of the additional queries. In the following paragraphs, we talk about what exactly an automatic watch does, which watches use Seiko’s automatic movements, and more.

Why Seiko isn’t automatic

Now, that isn’t entirely true. The fact is that Seiko uses several movements in their assortment. A watch’s movement is basically the engine of the watch that drives the watch’s power. This job can be done in different ways.

Seiko uses all of these movements and mainly uses automatic movements and quartz movements in their watches. Their Solar movements are also getting increasingly popular. So, Seiko isn’t always automatic, this depends on the model and the movement that that model uses.

The fact that we don’t call the brand automatic has to do with the fact that this phrase is just not correct. Movements are different from watches, and watches could also be different within the brand. Seiko offers different movements and watches within its brand. Although the brand isn’t fully automatic, they do manufacture a lot of their assortment with automatic watches, so in that in that sense, Seiko is partly automatic.

Is Seiko an Automatic Watch

What does automatic mean on a Seiko watch

Automatic watches wind themselves automatically. This happens when you make a movement with your wrist while wearing the watch. This basically creates a sweeping rotor that winds the mainspring, which provides the power in your watch. The fact that you don’t have to do anything but move the watch makes it ‘automatic’.

The majority of Seiko’s assortment makes use of these automatic movements. Automatic watches are handy when you don’t want to have to worry about battery life or self-winding the watch. These watches will just wind themselves and are capable of working for several decades without having to look at it running out. The only catch is to keep wearing it to create the movement which will charge the timepiece.

Seiko also uses quartz watches in their assortment. These work differently from automatic watches as they need a battery to keep working. Quartz movements usually live up to 2-3 years before they need ‘winding’ again by replacing a new battery. These are usually more accurate than automatic movements though, which is one of the reasons people choose quartz over automatic.

Another popular movement that Seiko uses is the Kinetic movement. While there are fewer movements in their assortment that use this mechanism, it is known to be pretty interesting. The Kinetic movement is relatively new compared to Seiko’s other mechanisms. It has quite the similarities with automatic watches, only the difference is the winding of a ‘capacitor‘ instead of automatically winding the mainspring in the watch. The benefit is the longer winding lifespan of these watches, they can last way longer than normal automatic watches.

What movement does Seiko use

Seiko makes use of several options that drive the watch’s power in different models. These all have different operating mechanisms. These are all the possible movements that Seiko uses in their company:

GPS SolarRadio Sync Solar
Solar Automatic
Automatic + Manual woundMechanical
Spring driveKinetic
Quartz Quartz (digital)
Different movements Seiko uses:

These are all of Seiko’s movements that they use to power their watches and make them work. All of these are types of movements or parts of a specific movement. For example, Quartz digital movements are a different form of the normal quartz movements that Seiko also uses.

In the paragraph below we put together some of the most popular movements that Seiko uses in their watches. These are the main movements and are popular and beneficial in their own way:

Automatic & Quartz

Every watch model could have a different driving mechanism, this will always be stated in the description of the watch. Seiko uses mainly automatic and quartz movements as they are the most popular two in the industry. While automatic movements are wound by your own hand’s movement, quartz watches are driven by a battery that needs to be replaced every once in a while.


The Kinetic movement is relatively new and has a lot of similarities to automatic watches. The only difference is the winding of a capacitor in a kinetic movement instead of a mainspring that is being charged by your body’s movement.


Seiko’s Solar movements drive their power from light, when there is light pointed at this watch, the watch will convert this energy into electronic energy which will drive the watch’s power into moving the timepiece.

Which Seiko watches are automatic

Now that we know that not all of Seiko’s movements are automatic, but it varies from different models, it might be interesting to take a look at some of the most popular Seiko watches and the corresponding movements. We made a table with some popular Seiko watches and their movement types:

5 SportsSKA791SSH053SSB175
Popular Seiko models and their movements:

Is Seiko Automatic watch good

Another interesting question you might ask is how good Seiko’s automatic movement actually is. This can be measured by taking several factors into consideration. For example, how many seconds a day is acceptable for an automatic watch movement? And how long does the movement last before it needs winding again?

Seiko automatic watches are very good. They are known to last an average of 40 – 50 hours before they need winding again, which is above average. The accuracy is also good with an average of +25 to -15 seconds per day depending on the model.

The industry states that a good automatic watch deviates between +/- 10 seconds per day on average. Seiko usually gets to those numbers but Seiko sets larger guidelines. The watch, when fully wound should last around 40 – 50 hours before it needs winding again. Which is good for an automatic watch and should be more than enough to keep most people going throughout the day.

Do Seiko automatic watches need a battery

Another common question that people think about is whether automatic watches still need a battery to keep being wound for several years. This is not the case, automatic watches have a mainspring that keeps being stimulated by your own hand’s movement, which causes the watch to keep working and keep boing wound over and over again.

Automatic watches have their own lifespan and can last several decades without having to look back at wounding when worn regularly. So, if you choose to go with an automatic watch, you have a watch that can last a very long time.

How do you set a Seiko automatic watch

Automatic watches are different from, for example, quartz movements. Quartz movements are battery-powered and could have different ways to set up the date and time for them. Seiko uses a two-click system for its automatic movements to set the date and time for your timepiece.

A crown on a watch is the button that you’ll usually find on the side of your watch. The crown is used to adjust the date and time on your watch. Seiko watches use a two-click system where you can pull out the crown into two stations. If you pull the crown fully out, you’ll be able to change the dials on your watch, and therefore, set the correct minutes and hours. If you pull the crown only one click out of your watch, you’ll be able to change the date and day on your watch.

This system isn’t something that only Seiko uses for their automatic watches. Most automatic watches use this system and will have this easy-to-use act for changing the time on watches. If you are someone who likes to see how to do this, we have a good video over here, explaining exactly how to change the date and time on your Seiko automatic watch.

Summing up

In this article, we discussed the question of whether Seiko is an automatic watch or not. The fact is that Seiko uses a lot of their watches with automatic movements, but it is not the only movement type that they use. They use several movement types in their assortment like, quartz, solar, automatic, and even kinetic movements.

Which movement is used for a specific watch comes down to the model and will always be in the description of that model. the majority of Seiko’s assortment uses automatic and quartz movements. The automatic movement is a mechanism that is used in watches to keep the watch winded automatically. This happens when you make a movement while wearing the watch, this will create a movement which will push power into the mainspring, which will keep the watch winded for several hours and days without having to look back at it.

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Bulova is a watch brand that is known to carry an interesting history in watch manufacturing. They are an American watch brand that has been manufacturing watches since 1875. The brand is now owned by Citizen and has a good reputation amongst watch enthusiasts. We did some in-depth research answering the question, Is Bulova a good watch?

Bulova is a good watch brand. Bulova is known to have an incredible history of high-frequency precision timepieces. Although they are not seen as high-end, they do make good quality watches. Also, Bulova is owned by one of the most one of the largest watch manufacturers, namely Citizen.

There are several factors that show why Bulova makes good watches. But what exactly makes this brand good? We dove a little deeper into the brand and researched and discuss the different qualities and weaknesses of the Bulova watch brand.

Why is Bulova a good watch

Ever since the year 1875, Bulova has been manufacturing and improving timepieces for the watch industry. With their wide range of low and high-end watches they differentiate and have products of different qualities and calibers.

Watches have several guidelines that indicate whether a watch is good or not. One of these for example which Bulova is also known for is its incredible pedigree and history in watch manufacturing. Bulova offers some of their models which compete with some of the biggest brands in the industry, like the Bulova Accutron. The brand has proven to be in constant development with the greatest attention to detail.

Bulova’s rich and successful history has proved that they are capable of some incredible experience in watchmaking. The brand is also known for manufacturing relatively affordable watches with prices ranging averages of $100 – $550 USD.

There are a few deciding factors that we examined and reviewed which indicate whether Bulova watches are good or not, we reviewed the following factors for the Bulova brand:

  • Materials
  • Price
  • Accuracy
  • Quality
is bulova a good watch


Materials play a huge role in the quality and reputation of a watch. What materials do they use and what is the price compared to the quality of materials you are getting?

Bulova is a watch brand that is seen as relatively affordable compared to high-end watch brands in the industry. This will automatically reflect the quality of the materials. Although Bulova offers watches that are relatively cheap, they have proven to exceed expectations in terms of material quality.

Bulova uses crystal glass which is known to be a solid glass for the protection of the dials and the case. They also use stainless steel in their models which is used as the watch case material. Stainless steel is often used in watches as it is an extremely powerful metal that is resistant to heat and known for its sustainability and corrosion resistance reflecting Bulova’s qualities.

Although Bulova uses relatively cheap materials in its products, the prices reflect the quality and won’t disappoint. Therefore, the quality of the materials in Bulova watches is good.


The price of Bulova watches is one of the most appealing factors as it is known to be an entry-level watch in terms of prices. With price ranges ranging anywhere from $100 to $600 USD, you might be surprised with the price/quality ratio that the brand offers.

Only a hand full of their models exceed these price guidelines. For example one of their models is called the Bulova Curv, which is the world’s first chronograph with curved movement and is priced at $895 USD. On the other hand, some of their classic models are retailed at $179 USD. However, you’ll find most of their models hanging between the $100 to $600 USD price range.

Bulova also offers different caliber watches and models that are mainly made for investments and not particularly for fashion. Bulova offers vintage, antique, and limited edition watches which are in different price ranges as well. For example, one of their most expensive watches is the Joseph Bulova Collection, a 24-Karat Gold watch, which is retailed at 42,000 USD.


Bulova is known to have an outstanding accuracy compared to its competitors. In fact, they are known to have produced one of the most accurate technologies in the world for time-keeping quartz movements. With this technology, quartz watches are accurate for up to 10 seconds per year, whereas normal movements are only capable of keeping 20 seconds per month in comparison.

The movement is called Precisionist and basically has a quartz crystal that creates a torsional resonator, this eventually highers the frequency and leads to a highly accurate second-hand dial. However, these movements are not always used in every single timepiece that Bulova sells in their assortment. The precisionist line of Bulova is known to be tip-top accurate, but Bulova offers several lines in their assortment.

Bulova also offers lower-end watches that often carry ETA 2824 movements which are known to be a little less accurate than their Precisionist movements. These movements are accurate to about 10 to 30 seconds per day. Which is significantly less accurate than the Precisionist movement in their higher-end models.

Although the accuracy changes between different models and the watches have differences, on average, Bulova watches are accurate enough to not ave to worry about losing time in the long run.


The quality of a watch comes down to several factors being added together. For example, how long will the materials last, and do they stay in good shape after they are used for some time? It needs to satisfy a specified set of requirements to have good quality.

We’ve discussed some of these requirements in the paragraphs above. The crystal glass that Bulova uses in their models stands for strong glass that won’t break as easily as normal glass would. Also, crystal glass is known to stay more durable and looks more beautiful than normal glass.

Stainless steel is used by a lot of brands in the watch industry. This is not a weird thing because it is known to be very durable, corrosion-resistant, and not easily scratchable. These materials are also known to last several decades in life expectancy, if treated well, they can last up to 50 years.

Often in the watch industry, watches are equal in cost and quality, this is also the case with Bulova watches. Their materials last long and are strong, setting the watch up for a long life expectancy when treated right. But also, the movements and battery have their own stories. For example, the ETA or Precisionist movements are known for their quality, and they are constantly being renewed and improved. They are attributes in themselves and are therefore treated to match the best possible quality.

The fact is that you can expect the quality of what you pay for. You can expect a decent watch that will last a while when you pay $600 USD for a watch. The quality will match the price tag.

So, Is Bulova a good watch

Bulova is a watch brand that is known to be relatively inexpensive. With watches being manufactured and retailed at an average of $500 USD you can expect a quality that is similar to that price range. For an affordable price, you can expect a watch that will last long, has very good accuracy and looks incredible.

So, yes, Bulova watches are good. Bulova has an incredible history and heritage that will always carry a story. So for a price point of $100 – $500 USD you can expect a very good watch that won’t disappoint in terms of quality, heritage, and several other factors.

Is Bulova a Swiss made watch

Swiss-made watches are known for world-renowned quality and are therefore special and trusted by many watch enthusiasts for their quality. It is a sign that the watch is made from the right guidelines and ensures the best possible quality. A watch being Swiss-made ensures at least 60% percent of the manufacturing cost boing Swiss-made.

Bulova is not Swiss-made. Bulova offers good quality watches but they are made in America. However, they do use movements that are made in Switzerland.

Is Bulova a high-end watch

High-end watches usually are very expensive, are of good quality, and are very popular amongst watch collectors and enthusiasts. They use expensive and exotic materials that are seen as pure luxury.

Bulova watches are not high-end. This is due to the use of relatively inexpensive materials. The fact that their watches are not high-end doesn’t mean they that they are not good, Bulova watches have a great value/quality ratio.

A few examples of high-end watch brands are Rolex, Omega, and Patek Phillipe. These brands offer watches that use high-end materials like diamonds and gold, making a luxury item that goes beyond the consumer’s necessary needs. Bulova offers watches that have significantly lower price ranges which are reflected in the luxury of the watch.

This is not particularly a bad thing, it just means that the watch uses cheaper materials and is less valuable in the eyes of a real watch collector. If you are just a regular consumer that uses watches as fashion items, buying a Bulova watch is a better option than going for one of the high-end brands in the industry.

Summing up

Bulova is a watch brand that is known for its incredible history and heritage in watch-making history. Ever since 1875 they have been manufacturing innovative designs and delivering quality within their price ranges.

In this article, we discussed why Bulova is a good brand and what kind of watch you can expect. With a price range of anywhere between $100 to $600 USD, you can expect a watch that lasts a long time, has durable and quality materials and can be used for several occasions.

Bulova watches are good for people that are looking for fashion watches that will fit basic needs. Bulova watches offer good quality and won’t exceed in terms of luxury. So, in conclusion, Bulova watches are good watches.

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Casio is a watch brand that has been around since 1946 and produces watches with Japanese roots from Tokyo, Japan. Although they are relatively cheap when compared to their competitors, the watch has some very strong features and characteristics. We researched, Is Casio a good watch?

Casio is a good watch brand. Although they are relatively affordable, the watches are amazingly accurate, durable, and come with a fashionable design. People in many different professions and activities use the timepiece, because of its multifunctional qualities and characteristics.

In this article, we researched what exactly makes a Casio watch so good, and how it sets itself apart from its competitors. In the following paragraphs, we discuss the main qualities and cons of a Casio watch.

Why is Casio a good watch

Casio is one of the world’s most popular watch brands, and that did not come out of the blue. They owe their status and legacy to a great history of manufacturing watches and have become one of the most popular Japanese watch brands together with Seiko.

These Japanese watch brands carry an affordable status but at the same time, also deliver great quality. How come Casio has managed to deliver such quality at an entry-level price point?

Casio is known to produce multifunctional watches for several occasions that look stylish and feel solid. For example, you can wear a Casio during a neat occasion, but also during an afternoon working in the garden. This is mainly due to the fact that Casio watches are durable, with a long-lasting battery. But also a tough watch with shock and vibration resistance, and is made of solid materials like titanium, while still looking fashionable.

Next to its strong features and unique designs, Casio is also known as a brand you can rely on in terms of timekeeping. For example, the brand has proven over the years that they are significantly accurate. In fact, they would be unbeatable as the average accuracy of a Casio watch is 0.5 seconds a day (s/d).


One of the main characteristics that Casio is known for is its outstanding accuracy. As we know, Casio is a very cheap watch brand compared to its competitors, with watches with a purchase price starting at $10 USD you’d expect some imperfections. This accuracy is mainly due to the great characteristic of maintaining next to the perfect time in their products, with a precision of 0.5 seconds a day (s/d), keeping that up for several decades.

This accuracy is due to the fact that all of Casio’s movements are battery-powered or solar quartz. This basically means that their models are all battery-powered and can match a next to perfect precision which is a quality that no automatic watch can match.


The reliability of this watch brand is one of the main reasons for people to buy their new Casio watch. People are tempted to trust Casio relatively fast. This is probably due to the many years of experience that the watch carries and keeps people amazed with its precision timekeeping devices, innovations, and affordable prices.

Casio has also gained its reliability by proving its long lifespan, while it is known that these watches are affordable. They are also known to last up to 1 to 2 decades without even changing one battery. Added to this that the watches are very strong and not vulnerable compared to the price. So, good reliability is a logical consequence.


Casio manufactures its watches with battery-powered or solar quartz movements. We’ve already seen these watches going into exceptional accuracy. But these watches also carry a battery of exceptional quality.

It is known that Casio’s battery actually lasts up to a decade to 15 years of lifespan which is one of the longest lifespans in the industry. Although we’ve seen these types of watch battery lifespans, the average lifespan of a digital quartz watch is 4 – 7 years. This does depend on the climate you live in, which still exceeds most batteries of competitor brands.

We actually have an entire article on how long a watch battery will last on average over here, it might be interesting to read when comparing your watch to the average battery lifespan. Also, in there are additional tips on how to change the battery and how to avoid future problems with your battery.

Water Resistance

Casio watches are known to be usable in several situations and circumstances. They are made to be performed under some extreme conditions, hens why they are marked with the words the degree of water resistance. Each watch that can be worn underwater has one of the following marks:

  • Water Resistance: Splashes but no pressure.
  • 50M Water Resistance: Sinks, swimming, shallow waters but no snorkeling or scuba diving.
  • 100M Water Resistance: Most water activities but not during jet-skiing or scuba diving.
  • 200M Water Resistance: Most circumstances but not while scuba diving.

Casio’s water resistance watches are wearable under the slightest splashes but cannot handle any pressure of water. This is basically the first level. Only Casio’s diver’s watches are capable of performing in the most extreme water circumstances and can be used while scuba diving at depths that do not require helium gas.

This is yet another reason that Casio watches are good under some extreme circumstances, which is something most expensive luxury watches won’t match.


Casio watches are not known for their incredibly expensive devices. In fact, they are known for offering relatively cheap watches compared to their competitors. With a starting purchase price of only $10 USD, they won’t match most of the industry’s standards. This is a good thing when comparing it with their quality standards.

Casio is actually known for manufacturing watches that have one of the best price/quality/durability ratios in the entire watch industry. Although Casio offers some exceptions in their assortment, you can get most Casio watches for an average purchase price of around $100 USD.

Casio offers only one watch, the ‘G-Shock in 18K Gold‘ which retails for around $70,000 USD. This is one of the few exceptions that they offer which are incredibly expensive, although this isn’t the main goal that Seiko is trying to accomplish.

Which Casio watches are good

Casio offers a very wide assortment of watches for several occasions, which is one of the reasons this brand is so good. We did some research on the different watches that Casio offers and which ones particularly stand out. Also, we have listed a number of advantages and disadvantages of these specific models for these interesting Casio watches:

Casio F91W

Arguably one of the most popular Casio models in Casio’s assortment is the Casio F91W. Which is one of the most iconic watches in the industry. In fact, this model actually holds the record for the most popular digital timepiece of all time. Ever since the launch of this model in 1989, we’ve seen different people wear this watch on different occasions. This has never diminished.

With a price point of around $10 – $30 USD, you can’t go wrong with a watch like this. This timepiece is also known to last up to 15 years of battery lifespan while staying reliable in terms of timekeeping. The watch comes with an alarm, a stopwatch, and even a backlight. And ever since its launch, it has become an all-time favorite in the watch industry.

Is Casio a Good Watch

Casio G-Shock series

Casio has a few different lines, particularly those that come with a more iconic status than others. We’ve already discussed the F91W, but one of the most iconic lines in their assortment must be the Casio G-shock series. This is a series from Casio that most people should have heard of.

Known for their durability and amazing value for the money you pay. This line stands out in many watch enthusiasts’ eyes. For the price you pay, you get a watch that can withstand impact and centrifugal forces. But can also withstand high water pressure. In short, it is a brand that is made to take a beating and function under extreme conditions, while still looking stylish and tough. Meeting all of Casio’s qualities and therefore, making it a very good Casio watch.

Casio AE1200

One of the newest lines that Casio has in their assortment whilst still being iconic is their Casio AE1200 line. This watch line was released in 2012 and has been setting a mark in the industry ever since due to a special phenomenon.

This line made its mark after appearing in a James Bond movie. This was a strange phenomenon as James Bond stands for luxury and class. But they suddenly showed a watch worth about $30 USD, giving the watch a more iconic status almost immediately.

The watch is equipped with 100M water resistance. This watch is also one of the watches that have proven to have a large battery lifespan of up to a decade. These features actually turn out to have an amazing price-to-quality ratio again. Making this one of the Casio watches that are actually very good.

So, Is Casio a good watch

When comparing all the different watches in the assortment that Casio offers, we can state that Casio is actually a very good watch brand. While there are watches that are more luxurious and have more mental value. Casio watches are incredibly well-made while staying incredibly affordable.

Known for their affordability, durability, and amazing battery, these watches are a no-brainer in every watch collector’s collection. If you buy a Casio watch, you can expect a watch that will withstand extreme circumstances and will build a bond with you through many different experiences.

In conclusion, they are perfect for the everyday watch owner that needs a watch to carry you through the day. Also, they are great for kids and men that have urban jobs.

Is Casio a good luxury watch

Luxury watches are watches that are different from normal fashion watches. While luxury watches, for example, are hand-made and exceptionally made with every single piece. Normal fashion watches are mass-produced and made in many more quantities. This is also one of the main reasons why some watches can be made more affordable.

Casio is not a luxury watch. This is mainly due to mass production which causes an overload on models and options that ensure that the demand remains lower than the supply. Also, Casio watches are mainly too cheap to be seen as luxury watches.

Luxury watches are different from fashion watches in several ways. While there isn’t a particular label for luxury watches. There are a few recurring factors that determine whether a watch is a normal fashion watch or a luxury watch. For example, the brand name, materials, and also price-tag play a role in the decision.

The fact that Casio is not seen as a luxury watch brand doesn’t particularly make it less good of a watch. It just has different characteristics and won’t be seen quickly as a watch that could be a good investment nor have good value retention.

If you are looking for watches that do hold their value, you can take a look at our website over here. We have a lot of articles on watches that are luxury watch brands, so could be a potential investment opportunity or could be up for a valuable resale after years of owning the watch.

Casio is a good watch

In conclusion, we wanted to sum up what we discussed in this article. The conclusion is that Casio is seen as a watch brand that has an incredible value for money. While their watches are already being sold for as little as $10 USD, they offer amazing quality and are wearable under many different circumstances. This is something many luxury watch brands won’t accomplish.

If you buy yourself a Casio watch, you can expect a durable, fashionable, very accurate, and affordable watch that will last for many decades when treated right. And it is certainly a fact that you won’t regret having a Casio watch added to your collection.