Seiko has evolved into one of the world’s largest affordable watch brands. They have different types of watches that they offer in different quality tiers. Every watch has its own price range but, are Seiko watches overpriced?

As a general rule, Seiko watches are not overpriced. It’s a fact that Seiko offers good quality and value for money. The price is fairly linked to the type, materials, and timepiece you get. The prices diver depending on the quality tier of the watch, so the watches are as expensive as you want them to be.

It could diver from watch to watch whether or not the watch is overpriced. So, what are the different Seiko watches, and are all Seiko watches worth your money?

Why Seiko isn’t overpriced:

Seiko is a brand that has been around for a while. These watches carry a backpack of experience, which reflects in the quality of their watches. Seiko watches come in different forms and quality tiers, and therefore in different price ranges.

The lower-tier watches like Seiko 5 automatics are relatively cheap and come in the lower tiers of the Seiko brand. Sarb033 or the Alpinist Sarb017 are types of Seiko watches that are a little bit more expensive. Presage and Solar for example are some of the higher tier types that come with the Seiko production line. All though these watches diver in price ranges and come with different prices, the materials used and the quality of the watches reflect a fair bang for the buck.

The quality:

Seiko watches are known for their quality. Made of the best materials with high-quality timepieces, they are loved by many men or women. Seiko makes very good timepieces and has amazed the Swiss watch industry. The brand started back in 1881 and so, has a big bag of experience. Every watch that you buy from Seiko ensures good quality timepieces.


Seiko isn’t only known for its good quality watches. But their range offers an incredible diversity with many different qualities and types of watches. Therefore, every type of Seiko watch offers different prices and has proven to have a good price-quality ratio. There are more expensive watches, and there are lower-end price ranges.

The different Seiko watch prices:

As we mentioned, Seiko has a lot of different watches in different price ranges. So, we made a table for you to see how the different price comparisons are for some popular models:

Seiko modelPrice to quality ratio:Price:
7S26****100 – 450,-
4R36****100 – 450,-
Sarb033*****50 – 900,-
Sarb017****300 – 950,-
Presage****260 – 3000,-
Popular Seiko movements, their prices, and Price/quality ratio:

All of these watch movements are made in different quality ranges and different price classes. Therefore, given the innovation, different positions in the market from the cheapest quartz to the most expensive Grand Seiko’s. All Seiko watches have a great price/quality ratio.

If you are on the lookout for a good Seiko watch you can compare these different watch movements. Because all of these are good quality watches that diver in the price range. But all of these are what we think are awesome watch movements that are worth a look.

Why Seiko watches become more expensive:

For the ones who really followed Seiko through the years, you might have noticed prices going up in value and been sold for more. Even though you may think so, this is not necessarily directly the fault of Seiko.

Of course, materials and quality evolve over time, which led to higher prices and relevance of the brand. Seiko was known for its low price models and selling affordable watches as part of their business model. But, with the evolving market, Seiko was a little bit forced to give up their lower prices which led to significant price increases over the entire collection, and a change in their business model.

Because of different brands and watches, Seiko couldn’t afford to produce a simple high-quality watch and only ask 150$ for it. Another reason could be that Seiko needs to keep inflation into consideration.

Are seiko watches overpriced

Why this doesn’t make them overpriced:

Some people could see this as an increase in prices, although this doesn’t have to be the case. Inflation is an overall increase in the price level. The result of inflation is that you can buy less for the same money, including watches. Hands why Seiko watches are not overpriced.

If you look at it over the years and compare it with today, you might think that of course, the simple slice of bread on your plate has also increased in value in recent years. If you put everything together it would make sense that the new Seiko prices aren’t more expensive, and not overpriced by any means, But the quality is simply worth more, and the inflation shows a normal price increase.

The only thing that you do have to take into consideration is that Seiko watches probably won’t increase in value over time. Therefore, they won’t be a great investment.

So, are Seiko watches overpriced:

To summarize this article, we made clear that Seiko watches are not overpriced. There are different types of watches that Seiko offers, but they shouldn’t take the bang for the buck. Every modern original Seiko piece should offer the desired quality, and therefore, you can’t really go wrong with this brand. If you want a good quality watch that isn’t overpriced, The Seiko watches are a good call in every shape or form.

You can check out their watches without having to worry about them being overpriced. Consider a price range in which you want to buy a watch, and then look for the watches from Seiko that fall into that price category. Don’t hesitate about them being overpriced, nor about their quality.

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