Oris is a Swiss watch manufacturer with an amazing reputation amongst watch enthusiasts and collectors. This enthusiasm is mainly due to the exceptional qualities that set them apart from their competitors. We did research into how good an Oris watch actually is. So, Are Oris watches good?

Oris is a good watch brand. They are known for providing some of the best value in the Swiss-made watch industry for the price you pay. With their real Swiss-made label they offer world-renowned quality and radiate a powerful legacy in the watch market.

Oris is known for making watches that are relatively inexpensive, yet offer what the customer’s need demands. But what exactly sets them apart from the rest? We did some in-depth research and looked at all the ins and outs of the brand.

Why are Oris watches good

Oris is an independent Swiss watch brand that has been manufacturing watches since 1904. They became known for only offering mechanical watches in their assortment. With their striving vision of continuous innovations and their collaboration as a 100% Swiss-made brand, it is safe to say that the brand offers guarantees of quality and innovative ideas.

The brand is known for having exclusive functions that other watch brands do not have. Like having modifiable functions that are popular amongst watch collectors, or the manufacturing of only mechanical movements. Their timepieces are also accurate in timekeeping, radiate a special appearance, and have amazing value for money. Besides that, their Calibre range is anti-magnetic, shock-resistant, and features power reserves that last very long periods.

The popularity of the brand has increased even more after the launch of their new models. The rich and successful history of Oris is really complimented on this launch and watch enthusiasts loved to see this. These are watches that complement the vintage look that offers great value for both its clientele and fans.

There are a few factors that we decided to take a look at for the Oris brand. We took an in-depth look at the materials the brand uses, the price/quality ratio, price, quality, and investment opportunities of their watches.

There are a few more interesting brands that might be interesting to look at when you are thinking of comparing the different available watch brands. We have articles on, for example, Breitling, Tudor, or Omega.

Are Oris Watches Good


With the use of 100% Swiss-made watches, the brand already guarantees good quality for their products. The carry a symbol that the brand is proud to share.

Watches in the industry that carry the “Swiss-made” symbol are known to have world-renowned quality and radiate a powerful legacy. They ensure a bunch of quality guidelines and make people trust that particular watch or brand way easier.

Oris watches are striving for a few things that make the brand special. Together with striving for ecologically friendly products, they also try to make their products as affordable as possible which at the same time should not suppress the quality of the timepieces. And it’s safe to say the brand is doing a great job in these areas.

Oris watches are (among other things) made of titanium, which is durable and hypoallergenic. As we mentioned before the movements are purely mechanical calibers. The watches are known to be built well constructed and incredibly accurate in keeping the time, and have interesting designs, making the materials very good for the price you pay.

Price/quality ratio

In this field, Oris is known as one of the best on the market. Together with their high-quality materials and their relatively affordable prices compared to other Swiss brands, ensure that this offers one of the best price/quality ratios in the watch industry. Especially their entry-level watches.

They possibly offer the best value in the Swiss-made watch industry. If you are looking for a quality watch that is relatively more affordable than an entry-level Oris, you probably won’t be able to find one. Oris is definitely the perfect brand if you are looking for the best value for your money.


As we mentioned in the paragraph above, the price is really good for what you get. Although Oris watches aren’t actually ‘cheap’ for the average human, the price is significantly lower compared to its competitors.

An average Oris watch costs between $2000 USD and $4500 USD. with an outlier from their most expensive model, the BIG CROWN PRO PILOT which sets you back around $7600 USD. The cheapest Oris watch is their TT1 model which should set you back around $800 to $1500 USD.

In the table below we put together a table with some of the prices of some of the most popular Oris models:

Model:Average Price:
Big Crown Propilot$ 7000 USD
Aquis$ 2000 USD
Divers$ 2500 USD
Prodiver$ 4000 USD
Artelier$ 5000 USD
Classic$ 1200 USD
Average price of popular Oris models:


In terms of quality, the watch brand doesn’t fail to disappoint either. Together with their Swiss-made label of world-renowned quality, powerful legacy, and great history, they have really put a hot dot on the market in terms of quality.

Oris offers different models for different activities, the quality and materials that are used really depend on the different activities that the watch is used for. Oris manufactures watches in these categories: diving, aviation, racing, and travel. All of these timepieces offer their own quality guidelines and in every area they offer significant quality related to their own activities.

Investment opportunities

Another factor that could play a role in watches being good is the potential investment opportunities. In general, most watches will depreciate in value the moment that they leave the store where you buy the watch, there are very few brands that actually hold their value or appreciate in value.

In general, Oris watches are not good investments. This is due to the lower demand than the actual supply for their products, the materials used, and relatively low prices compared to its competitors. An exception is the Oris Aquis, which has been proving its capable of holding value for years.

When talking about watches that could be potential investments, watch enthusiasts and collectors usually think about the big luxury watch brands like Rolex and Patek Phillipe. These are watches that have characteristics that can make a watch increase in value over time.

We see a few recurring factors like handmade models, high prices, high-end materials, and others that determine if a watch is a good investment. If you are interested in whether for example, Omega or Breitling is a good investment, you can check out the articles by clicking on the names.

The real guideline to see if a watch is a good investment is the supply and demand of the watch. If the demand for a watch is higher than the actual supply, prices tend to go up because it is less available people are more willing to pay more.

So, are Oris watches good

After researching the various factors that we consider important in a good watch, it can be seen that Oris has brought a great timepiece to the market. With its rich history, high-quality materials, and great value for money, it is one of the best watches for what you pay.

is Oris Swiss made

Oris is a watch brand that is known to produce Swiss-made watches. It is worth mentioning what a Swiss-made watch actually means for people who don’t understand the incredible value it brings.

All Oris watches are Swiss Made and quality controlled to the highest standards throughout the manufacturing process. Watches in the industry that carry the “Swiss-made” symbol are known to have world-renowned quality and radiate a powerful legacy. They ensure a bunch of quality guidelines and make people trust that particular watch without any doubts.

The fact that Oris is Swiss-made already states indirectly that the watch contains quality guidelines that make watch owners very happy. So, Oris is completely Swiss-made and their watches are very well made.

Are Oris watches waterproof

Another fact that we should mention in this article is the rate of water resistance of the Oris models. Oris is open about their quality and different specifies in their watches.

“All our watches are rated for water resistance according to ISO standards.”


Oris publically states the water-resistance possibilities of their watches. In fact, Oris watches are all tested according to their exacting quality standards so that they are entirely confident in their product when it leaves the store.

Is Oris made by Rolex

A frequently asked question about Oris is their collaboration with Rolex. The fact that we wanted to include this topic in this article is because of the incredible prestige and experience of the biggest watch brand in the entire industry, Rolex.

A collaboration with a brand like this, or even using the same manufacturers will definitely set a brand up for an amazing basis in terms of quality and experience. The fact is that Rolex does not own Oris. Oris is an independent Swiss watch brand that wrote its own history and experience since 1904.

Summing up

To sum up this article, we discovered that Oris watches are very well made watches. We discovered a few factors that determine why a watch could be good. Therefore, we looked at the materials, the price/quality ratio, price, quality, and investment opportunities.

After doing our research we came to the conclusion that Oris watches are very good in all of those aspects. If you are looking for a relatively affordable watch that offers good value for the price you pay, Oris is the right place for you.

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