Omega is one of the world’s most popular watch brands. It’s also known that the brand manufactures high-quality luxury watches. But are Omega watches Swiss made?

Omega watches are Swiss-made. A watch can be officially called “Swiss made” when at least 60% of manufacturing costs are from parts made in Switzerland. Omega is known for going further than the expectations, by going beyond the required standards of 60%, meeting Switzerland’s highest demands.

So, Omega watches are Swiss-made. But heir is actually a meaning behind this understanding. What is “Swiss-made”, and why is it so important to some people.

Why are Omega watches Swiss made

Omega SA is a Swiss luxury watchmaker based in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland.

Omega offers watches with the world-renowned symbol of excellence, “Swiss made” on all of their models. With this precious symbol, you should be able to trust that all of their models are completely made in Switzerland, right? Yet, that’s not entirely true.

Before drawing that conclusion, you’ll want to make sure that the meaning of “Swiss made” is clear to you. The industry’s required standard for a Swiss-made watch states that at least 60% of the entire manufacturing costs of the watch should be made in Switzerland. The simple explanation is that a watch should be made in Switzerland. It is important that the movement is Swiss, and that the final inspection and the watches are assembled in Switzerland.

Omega states that “Every part of an OMEGA watch is made in Switzerland“. This statement means that the brand goes beyond the required standards of 60%, and also meets the important additional requirements for a watch. Making it safe to say that Omega watches are Swiss-made.

Exceeding Swiss standards is part of Omega’s plan. Omega has even partnered with the Swiss government’s measurement agency to improve the quality and accuracy of its products through a series of rigorous tests that go beyond requirements.

It’s nice to know that if you buy an expensive watch for $3000 or more, it has achieved the Master Chronometry certification. This is a separate badge that indicates that it has gone beyond normal watch requirements. It indicates high standards on many important factors of the watch.

Omega Watches Swiss made

Why should watches be Swiss made

What is so important about the Swiss-made badge that watches gain when they meet the requirements. Are these watches worth more? Are watch collectors more likely to buy it from you? Let’s discuss that in this paragraph.

Swiss-made watches are known to have world-renowned quality. Swiss watches have a powerful legacy and gain confidence through their exceptional craftsmanship. Next to their high level of trust and amazing quality, Swiss watches are also known to last decades and have an amazing luxury look.

This legacy and trust make it so people are willing to pay a lot more for a Swiss-made luxury watch than for just a normal watch. This is also the reason that most Swiss-made luxury watches are of the highest quality and carry relatively high price tags. Some of the biggest brands in the world carry the Swiss-made symbol, think about brands like Rolex, Patek Phillipe, TAG Heuer, and Omega. The importance of a luxury watch also comes into play for watch collectors. We have an article on whether Omega is a luxury watch brand here.

These watch brands are top-tier and are all Swiss-made. Swiss watches embody exclusivity and limited quantities. Together with their high demand, these watches are rare and make it special to own a Swiss-made watch.

How much of Omega is Swiss Made

Now that we know the required standards of a Swiss-made watch. How much of the watch is actually Swiss-made. This is obviously pretty hard to tell, as Omega offers several models and has a huge production rate.

The fact is that most people won’t really care about the exact percentage of a watch’s Swiss manufacturing costs. This has to do with the fact that Swiss is Swiss. So If a watch meets the requirements to be a Swiss-made watch, it won’t be any better than a 100% Swiss-made watch, as watch collectors usually don’t seek further than that.

Even though it’s hard to say, there are some models that Omega offers, that are known to be 100% Swiss-made. Think about the Omega Geneva Seal. Omega is known to produce 100% of their watches to be Swiss-made. But some people state that some bracelets and other nonessential parts on some Omega models are made in other countries like China.

How to know if a watch is Swiss made

After reading this article, it is very clear how to tell if a watch can be considered Swiss-made. But, there are also other ways to tell if a watch is Swiss-made.

To start with the brands, some high-end brands only produce Swiss-made watches. Before even looking at the model you intend to buy, you can already assume that these watches are Swiss-made. We are talking about some of the following high-end luxury watch brands:

  • Rolex
  • Patek Phillipe
  • Omega
  • Jaeger-LeCoultre
  • Blancpain
  • Breguet
  • TAG Heuer

But this doesn’t specify a Swiss-made watch, as it doesn’t contain specific models. Specific Swiss-made watches also have a label. This is a tiny mark on the face or dial of a timepiece, telling you that the watch is Swiss-made. This mark originally came from the Government of Switzerland with the intention of giving it a unique and high-end status with this badge.

Final words

So, we learned a lot in this article. We learned about the Swiss-made badges, the requirements of a Swiss-made watch, and why people value Swiss-made watches over normal watches. We also answered the most important question: Are Omega watches Swiss made.

To sum it up, Omega watches are Swiss-made. Swiss-made watches can only be called Swiss if they meet the requirements according to the law. We discussed these requirements in the paragraphs above. Swiss watches are valuable, and even more valuable than normal watches. This is the reason that it is important to know if a watch brand is Swiss-made.

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