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Grand Seiko is a popular watch brand that produces its own in-house watches and is located in Japan. With the high degree of luxury, together with master craftsmanship and made in exclusive watch manufacturing studios, comes the urge to see it as a potential investment. So, do Grand Seiko watches hold value?

Some Grand Seiko watches hold value. Depending on the model, most Grand Seiko watches are expected to lose 10% – 20% of their value immediately after the moment of purchase. Some limited edition models will hold their value, but you can expect a value decrease of up to 45% at the time of resale.

Grand Seiko is an amazing brand that offers exclusive movements and exceptional craftsmanship. Some of their high-end luxury watches will hold value and we will discuss the exact models in the following paragraphs.

Why most Grand Seiko watches do not hold value

Grand Seiko is a luxury watch brand. Luxury watch brands usually are more likely to manufacture watches that have good value retention. This is also the reason why people think Grand Seiko is a better brand to invest in than the regular Seiko watch line, which is true in a sense.

Grand Seiko is basically made by the same manufacturer as Seiko, the difference is that it’s made in one of Seiko’s two exclusive watchmaking studios, where they manufacture watches for luxury watch enthusiasts as their target audience. The differences are seen in the price point, quality of materials, and handmade craftsmanship. These factors usually make for a better resale price.

The fact is that most watches in the industry do not hold their value nor are great investment opportunities. Only the most premium brands like Rolex or Patek Phillipe make for a worthy potential investment. But it is also a fact that watches holding their value comes down to specific models rather than entire brands, due to the characteristics or emotional value of a specific model.

This is the reason why most Grand Seiko watches do not hold their value. The value retention of a watch usually comes down to the supply & demand of a model. if the supply is lower than the demand for that model, prices tend to rise as time passes. Let’s discuss which models hold value.

Which Grand Seiko watches hold value

Just like some other luxury watch brands, Grand Seiko offers some models that hold their value better than others. Although you can’t expect them to be an amazing investment like some, for example, Rolex models, the following models have proven to hold their value relatively well. The models you should look at are usually the limited edition or some popular discontinued series. While these watches won’t always hold their value, they have proven they are capable to hold up to 80% – 100% of their value.

Limited editions:

  • Grand Seiko SBGJ021
  • Grand Seiko SBGA405
  • Grand Seiko SBGH267

Grand Seiko SBGJ021

This model is a limited edition watch that Grand Seiko produced in 2016. It comes with a 55-hour power reserve and a 36,000 vph operating movement. This limited edition model has only produced about 500 pieces ever since, making the supply rather limited. Although this watch doesn’t have an amazing demand compared to the supply, you can still be up for a great resale value of its initial purchase price due to the low supply.

Grand Seiko SBGA405

This is another limited edition model that has proven to hold significant amounts of its value. When Grand Seiko first introduced this limited edition watch, it cost $12,500, we now see these limited edition models sell for around €10,800, which means it held its value really well through the years with value retention of about 85%.

Grand Seiko SBGH267

This is another popular limited edition watch amongst watch collectors. With a production rate of 1500 units since the first launch in 2018, the watch has sold out ever since. It used to sell for around $6,500, we’ve seen these limited edition watches gradually rise in price, and have even seen price increases of up to 150% of their initial purchase price. Making it one of the few Grand Seiko models that did not only hold its value but was also a great investment.

How much will Grand Seiko watches hold value

Grand Seiko watches are known to hold pretty good value when choosing the right model. Although there are a few models that hold their value, you can generally state that these watches are not great investments nor hold value well.

You can expect a value drop for these watches of about 10% – 30% if you wait long enough for your resale. Expect a bigger value loss of about 40% – 50% when selling it within a year after purchasing.

Does Seiko hold value

There is a difference between Seiko and Grand Seiko watches. Although they are made by the same manufacturer, Seiko owns two exclusive watch factories where their Grand Seiko models are produced. Seiko is an entirely different story when it comes to potential investments or value retention.

This mainly has to do with the fact that Seiko is not a luxury watch brand. This includes the fact that it is mass-produced, made by machines. And has a way lower price than its premium brother Grand Seiko. We actually have an entire article explaining if Seiko holds value or not, you can read it over here.

There are several factors that determine whether a watch will hold its value or not. A few of them are the price. The supply compared to the demand, and the rarity and mental value of a specific model. The fact is that Seiko doesn’t target the luxury watch audience.

They rather target an audience that is just wearing watches as fashion pieces, making their products very affordable. So, it’s safe to say that Seiko models usually do not hold their value. Except for some discontinued models.

Grand Seiko hold value

Is Grand Seiko good quality

A watch that has good value retention needs good longevity. This has to do with the fact that a potential investment or value increase needs time, usually years or even decades. Therefore, the quality of a watch that holds value needs to be rather good.

Grand Seiko is an amazing brand that carries a big package of experience through the years. The manufacturers that produce their watches have been producing watches since 1881 when Seiko was founded.

Grand Seiko is known to have an amazing value for the price you pay. This means that their products have very good quality compared to the price you pay. This is reflected in the materials, craftsmanship, design, and finishing of the watch.

To make it even better, Grand Seiko watches are known to have an outstanding quality of construction compared to their competitors. Grand Seiko is superior in terms of quality and is amongst the best quality watches in the industry.

Is Grand Seiko a good investment

There is a difference between a watch that holds value and a watch that is seen as a potential investment. The fact is that Grand Seiko is a luxury watch brand that offers limited supply and relatively high demand. This causes some sort of extinction that could provide a potential investment.

The fact is, like we mentioned before, that most Grand Seiko watches will depreciate around 10% – 20% after they leave the store. With some exceptions that have proven to hold their value. It is hard to say which models will exactly be good investments. But we’ve definitely seen Grand Seiko models that appreciate in value after some time.

In general, Grand Seiko watches are not great investments. When looking at potential investments you should be looking at other watches like Rolex or Patek Phillipe, maybe even Omega. But the general Grand Seiko won’t do more than hold a significant amount of its value.


To conclude this article, we can state that Grand Seiko does not hold value as well as some other brands do. You can expect a value drop of about 10% – 20% of its value the moment you leave the store. When quickly selling your watch after you buy a watch, you can expect a value drop of around 40%.

Grand Seiko has models that have proven to hold value really well and you can resell them for sometimes 80% – 100% of their initial purchase price. Which is really reasonable when selling your watch after several years of wearing it.

All in all, like other brands, Grand Seiko watches hold value when choosing the right models. Make sure you do your research when buying a watch as an investment or if you expect it to hold value.

We have more articles on watches and specific queries about them. If you have questions about all of the different popular watch brands, don’t hesitate to check out our website over here. For more articles on Seiko or Grand Seiko, you can check out this page, we talk about additional service costs, potential investment opportunities, and more about this particular watch brand.

Seiko is one of the world’s most famous watch brands, known for its affordable but incredible quality watches. But where does the brand originate from, and what does that mean for its manufacturing process. We researched the question, is Seiko Swiss made?

Seiko watches are not Swiss-made. Seiko is actually a Japanese brand founded by Kintaro Hattori, creating and manufacturing watches in Japan. The industry’s required standard for a Swiss-made watch states that at least 60% of the entire manufacturing costs of the watch should be made in Switzerland.

To understand why watches that are Swiss-made are so valuable, we dove a little deeper into the topic, answering some more questions about this Japanese brand.

Why Seiko is not Swiss made

Seiko is a world-renowned brand that has been creating and manufacturing entry-level watches since 1881. Seiko’s watches are known for incredible durability and have recognizable features that made the brand so famous.

But, when we look at the brand’s origin, we can say that the watch is 0% Swiss-made. To understand what a Swiss-made watch is, let’s explain the exact meaning first: The industry’s required standard for a Swiss-made watch states that at least 60% of the entire manufacturing costs of the watch should be made in Switzerland. It is important that the movement is Swiss, and that the final inspection and the watches are assembled in Switzerland.

Watches in the industry that carry the “Swiss-made” symbol are known to have world-renowned quality and radiate a powerful legacy. They ensure a bunch of quality guidelines and make people trust that particular watch almost blindly. Swiss-made watches carry some of the following characteristics:

  • Powerful legacy
  • Longevity
  • Incredible reputation
  • Hand-made
  • High market demand
  • World renowned quality

Think about brands like Rolex, Omega, or Patek Phillipe. However, Seiko watches are 100% made in Japan and go through an entirely different manufacturing process. We have different articles on this topic where we take a look at different watch brands and compare them to the Swiss guidelines. If you are interested in more watch brands, and if they are Swiss-made, take a look at this article for example, on whether Omega is Swiss-made.

Seiko’s quality

Now that we know that Seiko doesn’t carry a Swiss-made badge and therefore doesn’t have all the benefits that come with that we dove a little deeper into where the brand stands in terms of quality compared to Swiss-made watches.

The fact is that Seiko actually offers incredible quality for their price point, even compared to the Swiss-made watch market. Most watch enthusiasts state that Seiko’s high-end models are on par with Swiss brands such as the Swatch Group (Omega, Rolex, etc.).

Seiko is mostly known for producing entry-level watches for people that want to buy fashionable watches to complement their outfits. This also applies that this line of watches offers great quality for its price point. Seiko is known for not wanting to compromise on quality when the price range goes down, Using exclusive in-house movements is therefore the way to reduce costs whilst remaining quality.

is seiko swiss made

Did Seiko use Swiss movements

Some people think that Seiko made some of their models with a Swiss-made movement. However, that’s not true. All of Seiko’s most popular watches are made with the 7S26 Seiko movement. In fact, Seiko is known to produce all of its movements by itself, making it a brand that always uses its own in-house movements.

Seiko is always recognizable because of the longevity that the watch has. Their watches and movements are not only known to last a very long time but they are also manufactured to last. Therefore, Seiko watch movements are not Swiss but they do compare to their quality guidelines by radiating longevity and durability.

Is Grand Seiko Swiss made

Grand Seiko is a different brand than the traditional Seiko watches. Although the brand manufactures luxury watches in Seiko’s two exclusive watchmaking studios, it is a brand in itself. Therefore, manufacturing processes can also change from those of normal traditional Seiko watches. So, is Grand Seiko Swiss-made?

Grand Seiko originates from Japan. Just like the traditional Seiko watches, Grand Seiko manufactures their watches 100% in Eastern and Northern Japan. In fact, Grand Seiko offers 100% of its components from Japan.

Although Grand Seiko doesn’t offer watches that are labeled with Swiss-made marks, their quality might even exceed some of the Swiss-made timepieces. Its quality exceeds a lot of modern Swiss luxury watches and doesn’t fail to impress compared to its competitors.

Is Seiko as good as Swiss Made

So to draw a little conclusion we can state of Seiko watches are considered equal to Swiss-made watches. The fact is that Seiko is one of the world’s most popular watch brands, this obviously has a reason. Seiko movements are actually valued highly against some major Swiss movements.

Although their watches aren’t bad in terms of quality compared to their competitors, watch collectors and enthusiasts won’t write home about them due to the important Swiss-made legacy. The emotional meaning of Swiss watches simply means a lot more than a normal (high quality) fashion watch like Seiko.

So, you will never go wrong with Seiko if you are looking for a high-quality fashion watch, but if you are looking for a watch that has a high status you will not impress too much with one of Seiko’s timepieces. In terms of value for money, Seiko exceeds the competition though. Because in general, Seiko offers very good value next to a comparable Swiss model.

Final words

To summarize this article, we dove a little deeper into the Swiss watch industry and its similarities and differences with the Seiko brand. We took a look if Seiko even has anything to do with Swiss watch brands, and if they may be better in several ways than the large and high-quality guidelines that Swiss watches offer.

The conclusion is that Seiko and Grand Seiko do not offer Swiss-made watches whatsoever. None of their movements or materials used are made in Switzerland. Compared to the Swiss industry guidelines, 0% of Seiko is Swiss-made.

Seiko is one of the most famous watch brands of today, and for a good reason. With its long history, there is a lot of experience and attention paid to this brand. It is a Japanese brand that makes reliable watches of good quality. We know that tall trees catch lots of wind and this big brand can therefore raise questions. We start with, is Seiko a luxury watch brand?

Seiko is not a luxury watch brand. While luxury watches are directly related to higher price tags by using the finest materials, this is not Seiko’s vision. Next to innovative technology, Seiko strives to create watches that have a strong emotional appeal while remaining affordable.

While this may have answered your question, it might be nice to learn more about Seiko watches. So, we’ve answered more questions and explain exactly why this watch doesn’t belong to the luxury watch brands.

Why Seiko isn’t a luxury watch brand:

As most of you may know, Seiko is an incredibly large watch brand. Achieving so much success over the years is partly due to the fact that their watches are of incredibly high quality for their price range. They offer a lot of value for your money. Because they actually make everything they have to offer “in house”, they can guarantee this price/quality level.

So, why can we assure that Seiko is not a luxury watch brand… Let’s talk about luxury watches. There is no official definition of a luxury watch. You can “usually” characterize a luxury watch at a higher price range, this does not mean that every expensive watch is a luxury watch, but the higher price range can usually be settled on the significantly higher and usually manual effort of building a watch, which which is also highly valued.

As well as innovative technology and a finely honed approach to design, we aim to create watches that have a strong emotional appeal and that will enrich the lives of our customers.

Shinji Hattori 
Director, Chairman of the Board

Although it is not the case that seiko has ever said that they specifically want to be in a lower price range, we do know what the vision of the company is from this quote. From the range they have to offer, and their vision, it is clear that Seiko is not a luxury watch brand.

Is Seiko A Luxury Watch Brand

What are luxury watch brands:

Now that we know that Seiko is not a luxury watch brand, you might want to know how we got to this information. For that, we have to start by finding out what exactly a luxury watch is. So, what are luxury watches?

As a general rule, luxury watches are anything past what is absolutely necessary to keep the time, or time something with a chronograph. Anything outside these guidelines, that adds comfort or extra value would be considered a luxury watch. People do like to keep this definition open for discussion.

There is no specific meaning for a luxury watch, it is always difficult to say and will always remain a discussion. About this discussion, we would like to share some more information, starting with the following video:


So, as you probably understood by now, it is difficult to say what exactly is seen as a luxury watch, but we can assure that Seiko is not a luxury watch brand. Perhaps we could name a few examples of luxury watch brands.

These watch brands are certainly seen as luxury watches by the entire community and every watch fan, and are usually in the higher price range. To give you an example, a number of luxury watches and their cheapest prices are shown below:

Patek Philippe & Co$19,000
Audemars Piguet$26,000
Ulysse Nardin$9,000
Omega SA $2,000
Vacheron Constantin$13,000
Some of the most populair luxury watch brands

Even though there is no specific meaning for a luxury watch, it is clear that luxury watches are often in the high price ranges. It will therefore be quite easy for the average person to make this trade-off.

If we add everything together, Seiko is not necessarily a luxury watch brand because the price is simply not high enough for that, and because it does not offer more value than the guidelines indicate. But whether this is the perfect truth is left open to discussion.

All in all, a normal watch is a watch that tells you the time, and charges a worthy price for it, something that costs no more than is necessary, and something that offers no more than what is needed for a watch. On this one you could draw a line between a luxury watch and a normal watch.

Is Grand Seiko a luxury watch brand:

Awesome! So we now know exactly why Seiko is not a luxury watch brand, and what Luxury watch brands are. We can now form our own opinion about what is, and isn’t a luxury watch. But you don’t have to settle this consideration on the brand of the watches, but more on the watch itself.

Seiko watches are not just non-luxury, Grand Seiko watches are produced by master watchmakers in Seiko’s two exclusive watch studios, using exclusive timepieces and materials of the highest quality. Therefore, people might now wonder if Grand Seiko is not a Luxury watch, we also answered the question.

Grand Seiko is a luxury watch. From its price, we understand that Grand Seiko is on a much higher market than the average Seiko. Because they are watches of a high price range, they are seen as luxury watches because buying a Grand Seiko offers more than what you need for a watch.

Grand Seiko and Seiko:

The difference between seiko and grand seiko may confuse buyers of the brand, So, what is the difference actually?

The biggest noticeable differences will be in the price of the watches and the logo of the brand. Both Seiko and Grand Seiko are wholly owned subsidiary of Seiko Watch Corporation, which stands for what you understand as “Seiko”. Even though Seiko is not a luxury watch brand, we can safely say that Grand Seiko is. So there is actually a difference between the 2 “brands”. It just depends on what you need for your watch. Even though Grand Seiko is a luxury watch brand, it does have a number of drawbacks.

The disadvantage of Grand Seiko is that not many people see this as a luxury watch. Grand Seiko makes a statement only to those few people who know what the brand is, and who can tell the difference between a regular Seiko and the more expensive versions. So it wouldn’t be considered as a watch that immediately stands out for people, such as a Rolex or Patek.

The difference between a luxury watch brand and Seiko:

We have now explained everything and you can easily tell from this article why one is a luxury watch brand and Seiko is not. We would like to list exactly what the differences are.

Seiko:Luxury watch:
Lower price tagHigher price tag
No additional featuresAdds extra features
no confirmation from ExpertsEvery expert can tell
Differences between Seiko and Luxury Watches:

Like we’ve mentioned before, there is no specific reason why people classify a watch as a luxury watch. But with the meaning and with this table we can really assure that it does not belong to the luxury watches.

But with this information we can also list which watches from seiko should be on the list of luxury watches. To keep it simple, we classify all watches related to the Grand Seiko brand as luxury watches. Based on the research we have done about what actually is a luxury watch, we have made a short list of examples for what we would consider a luxury watch. We have given a few examples below:

  • The Spring Drive Snowflake
  • Grand Seiko Spring Drive SBGZ001
  • Seiko Prospex LX SNR029J1
  • Grand Seiko Masterpiece Collection SBG207

You can find all Grand Seiko watches by searching their website or tapping this link: https://www.grand-seiko.com/be-en?gclid=Cj0KCQiA5aWOBhDMARIsAIXLlkdvcCVFcVAm-LmHCtiGCGo_p4Mkg55Vin4QDoD25ElTZ_llxgFn2YsaAnn-EALw_wcB

These are some examples of luxury watches. You can also classify luxury watches yourself by applying the above information to the research you are doing. If your looking for how to style yourself with a watch, take a look at the following page: https://mensfashionline.com/wear-a-watch-with-long-sleeves-the-best-way/

Is Seiko a good watch brand:

Okay, back to the basics of this beautiful watch brand, we now want to know if Seiko is a watch you want to buy. Seiko has, of course, acquired an incredibly large and, above all, trusted name in the industry for a reason. This has to do with the fact that it is a very good brand in its field.

After Switzerland turned the watch market upside down, Seiko started making very good timepieces for a reasonable price which has amazed the Swiss watch industry. If you are thinking about buying a watch from Seiko, it is useful to know whether Seiko is a good watch brand, we answered the question.

Seiko is considered as more than a good watch brand. Due to its many years of experience and reliability, the watch will do what it promises. With over a a century of experience, Seiko’s timepieces are still perfect and of a high quality.

If you are thinking about buying a watch from the brand, you will not be disappointed so easily. Of course you have to consider which watch you want exactly and determine what meets your expectations.

Seiko watches

In any case, it is good to know that with the seiko brand you are assured of good customer service and an extremely good price/quality value.

Is Seiko a respected watch brand:

It is of course not self-evident that a watch brand that is often used and has been around for a long time immediately makes the best watches, it is therefore good to know what people’s experiences are and what they say about the brand.

If a brand has been around that long, there has been plenty of time to build trust with its costumers. Seiko is a true watchmaker with a manufacturing process that is 100% vertically integrated. Some people have quite a bit to say about the watch brand, high trees catch a lot of wind and it is therefore good to form your own opinion.

Seiko is a highly regarded and respected watch brand that has built up a lot of trust with its customers. This is of course reflected in the fact that it is one of the oldest watch brands that still exists to this day.

There are various factors and things to be found online that indicate that Seiko is not a good brand, or that it is bad how they treat customers. While there are plenty of things to be found online that indicate that Seiko has little respect. If you add it all up and do a little logical thinking, a brand couldn’t have gotten that big, and above all, last that long, if people didn’t respect the brand.

And the facts tell us that it is a brand that a lot of people love and respect. Because of its gripping story and distant history.

Final thoughts:

Let’s take a quick look at everything. Seiko is a watch brand that strives for and delivers incredibly good quality and has been doing this for years. The brand does this successfully and has had success with this impressive brand for over a century.

In this article we also learned that Seiko is not a luxury watch brand and we learned what we base this on. Whether a watch is a luxury watch will always have its own interpretation, but we do take into account various guidelines and factors. Some people may like to think for themselves and speculate about these opinions.

In any case, it is clear to us that Seiko is not a luxury watch, but that it does not strive for it either. If you’re looking for a top quality watch at a worthy price that you won’t be disappointed with, this watch will be the one for you. It is one of the most respected watch brands and it shows.

Seiko is one of the world’s most iconic and experienced watch brands. With their watches being manufactured since 1881, Seiko has made some great watches through the years. Seiko isn’t known for insanely high prices, but, what does a Seiko watch service cost?

On average, a Seiko watch service costs $407,-, depending on the movement and model. Seiko’s mechanical caliber series service costs on average $384,50,-. Their quartz caliber series service costs on average $236,45,-. A Grand Seiko service costs on average $600,-.

We don’t just want to provide you with averages. In this article, we give exact numbers of the different Seiko models and their service costs. Also, we give tips on how to let your Seiko be serviced the best way.

What does it mean to service a watch

Let’s start at the beginning and explain what it actually means to service a watch. This general concept is seen as very common in the watch industry, but should probably be explained to less experienced people. When you talk about a “watch service”, we mean several maintenance actions that are required to maintain a watch, usually, done by a watchmaker who’s specified in maintaining and building watches.

The watch service contains the following maintenance actions.

  • Fixing and replacing damaged watch parts
  • Cleaning
  • Checking for invisible impurities
  • Adjusting
  • Fixing or replacing parts
  • Lubrication

These are all the maintenance actions that you can bring your watch to a watchmaker for. While you could do these actions yourself, a watch service costs money because it’s often done by someone who specializes in servicing watches. This service obviously varies from different watches, as every watch contains different specifies and parts.

A Seiko watch is often seen as an affordable watch on itself but does come with additional service costs, just like any other watch. So we broke down the exact cost of a Seiko watch service.

Seiko Watch Service Cost

How much a Seiko watch service costs:

How much a Seiko watch service costs depends on the different models that Seiko offers. The different price ranges, and also materials. While some Seiko watches can be serviced locally, some will have to be sent to Japan to get serviced which will also bring additional costs. Your best bet will be bringing your Seiko watch to an Authorized Seiko Service Center, but this service does cost money.

Seiko has an incredible tool on their website that gives you the average service costs of a specific model Seiko watch. Every Seiko owns its own caliber number. If you want to know more, we have an entire article on watch number here.

Finding a caliber number

Finding a caliber number is necessary to distinguish models and movements. Seiko uses caliber numbers to be designated to distinguish from other pieces. This consists of the first four digits of the eight-digit, hyphenated, number on the back of your Seiko watch. It’s usually not that hard to find.

Your watch has a case number engraved on the back of your watch, on the case. Just filling the first four digits of this number in this form gives you the average cost of a complete service of the watch movement.

In the table below, we give you the service cost of the different Seiko movements and models:

Average service cost of Seiko’s different movements:

Mechanical Caliber Series$384,50,-
Quartz Caliber Series$236,45,-
Grand Seiko Complete Service$600,-
Average cost mechanical, quartz, and GS services

In the following table, we’ll show you the exact movement service cost for each of the Seiko models and different movement types.

Service cost of Seiko’s mechanical movements:

Old mechanical calibers$290,-
Seiko’s mechanical movement service cost

Service cost of Seiko’s quartz movements:

Analog or rechargeable$100,- (average)
Analog / Digital$98,-
Discontinued calibers$154,-
Analog V series solar$116,-
Seiko’s quartz movement service cost

These are all service costs of most of modern Seiko watches. Although these are common watches, there are still some things to keep in consideration when buying a new Seiko watch. We explain in the following paragraphs.

Discontinued gaskets

If you’re thinking of buying a new Seiko watch, you should be informed about some discontinued gaskets. Seiko doesn’t offer any gaskets anymore for Seiko’s calibers 6138 and 6139 as their stock has been depleted. This basically means that if these movements need overhaul service for movement parts, new parts won’t be available. So, this might be something to take into account when buying these models.

Can all Seiko watches be serviced locally

Seiko Watch Service Cost

Something to keep in mind when buying a Seiko watch is that not all of their watches can be serviced locally. A fact like this could influence your choice on which Seiko watch you should buy.

Although these watches can’t be service at your local watch store, there is a way of still getting these Seiko’s serviced. You’ll have to send your timepiece to Japan to get it serviced. This will usually take between 5-8 weeks to get your watch serviced when send to Japan. We are talking about the following models:

  • S760
  • S771
  • S770
  • 1BXX
  • 4SXX
  • 5R86
  • 6SXX
  • 7B25
  • 7B24
  • 7R87
  • 8B54
  • 9R01
  • 9T82
  • 9S25
  • 9SA5
  • 9RA5
  • 9R96
  • 9R86
  • 9R31
  • 9R02

If you find yourself owning one of these watches, additional shipping and customs charges will apply to your total service cost, as well as a waiting time of 5-8 weeks before you get your watch back in your hands.

On average, getting a watch serviced in Japan from the USA costs $460,-. The service itself will cost you an average of $400,-. The return shipping costs an average of $60 for the cheapest option. This is necessary to know because some watch models of watches can only be serviced in Japan.

Is the cost worth servicing a Seiko watch

Now that we know the service of a Seiko watch cost around $400 you need to take into consideration if you think this watch service is worth the money. We would like to state first, that this is of course entirely up to you. But you could consider the following factors.

If you want to determine a watch service for yourself, it is good to measure the materialistic value but also the mental value of your Seiko watch. Maybe received this watch from a family member, or this watch contains a lot of value to you for some reason. Then it might be worth servicing your Seiko watch.

The other side is to take into consideration the price of the watch, and the price to get it serviced. Sometimes, new Seiko watches are even cheaper than to get your old one serviced. With the exact numbers of your Seiko watch being serviced in this article, you can make this decision easily. After all, it is a personal decision.

Because of the price of a Seiko watch service cost is higher than $200 dollars, we can state that servicing a watch under that price point is probably not worth the price. Unless the watch has enough mental value that you want the watch to stay, it’s probably not worth servicing a watch under $200,-. As these watches have need a service of $200,- every three years, you might be better of buying a new piece every three years.

How often should a Seiko watch be serviced

Servicing a watch could depend on the watch its self. But, there are a few factors that determine how often a Seiko watch needs to get serviced. For example, this could depend on the country you live in and your usage conditions.

Some countries have warm climates and some are really cold. Keeping your watch in normal weather conditions will increase the time that your watch needs servicing. Keeping the Seiko watch in extreme heat or cold can cause damage to the movement and gaskets, which causes your watch to need a service earlier.

As a general rule, you should have your Seiko watch serviced every three years. Although this number depends on a number of factors. You can assume this, if there is nothing wrong with your watch before the three year mark.

How long does Seiko watch service take

As mentioned before, the time of getting a Seiko watch service cost will vary widely. While some watches can be brought to a local Authorized Seiko Service Center, some need to be send to Japan to get serviced. So, this completely depends on the service that your watch needs, and on the country or place you need to ship it to.

Getting your watch shipped to Japan from the USA and back, will take about 5-8 weeks before your watch is back in your hands. As a general rule, watches can get a service in at least four weeks, while some can take up to 6 months.

The biggest factors when it comes to the duration of your watch service would be the location of your watch company’s Service Center. After buying a new watch, it’s good to get to know your watch and its company. Because knowing its requirements will ensure the best possible care for your watch.

Final Words

Seiko watches are beautiful pieces that come with different models and price ranges. If you are planning to buy a new Seiko watch, its good to take the service cost into consideration. A service of a watch comes with costs, and every watch has additional ones, like shipping and service costs.

So, having a Seiko watch service will cost you on average, $400,- every three years. Depending on several factors, this price can vary. We should mention that this average cost does increase with the Grand Seiko line being the most expensive. The Grand Seiko watch service costs about $600,-. While the normal mechanical and quartz watches that Seiko offers only cost you about $300 to $350 dollars.

Getting a Seiko watch serviced is something to keep in mind when buying a Seiko watch for a good price. If you have a Seiko that comes under the price of $200,-, it might not be worth getting your Seiko serviced. Although mental value does play a huge role in this, getting a Seiko watch under $200 dollars serviced is usually not worth the price.

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Seiko has evolved into one of the world’s largest affordable watch brands. They have different types of watches that they offer in different quality tiers. Every watch has its own price range but, are Seiko watches overpriced?

As a general rule, Seiko watches are not overpriced. It’s a fact that Seiko offers good quality and value for money. The price is fairly linked to the type, materials, and timepiece you get. The prices diver depending on the quality tier of the watch, so the watches are as expensive as you want them to be.

It could diver from watch to watch whether or not the watch is overpriced. So, what are the different Seiko watches, and are all Seiko watches worth your money?

Why Seiko isn’t overpriced:

Seiko is a brand that has been around for a while. These watches carry a backpack of experience, which reflects in the quality of their watches. Seiko watches come in different forms and quality tiers, and therefore in different price ranges.

The lower-tier watches like Seiko 5 automatics are relatively cheap and come in the lower tiers of the Seiko brand. Sarb033 or the Alpinist Sarb017 are types of Seiko watches that are a little bit more expensive. Presage and Solar for example are some of the higher tier types that come with the Seiko production line. All though these watches diver in price ranges and come with different prices, the materials used and the quality of the watches reflect a fair bang for the buck.

The quality:

Seiko watches are known for their quality. Made of the best materials with high-quality timepieces, they are loved by many men or women. Seiko makes very good timepieces and has amazed the Swiss watch industry. The brand started back in 1881 and so, has a big bag of experience. Every watch that you buy from Seiko ensures good quality timepieces.


Seiko isn’t only known for its good quality watches. But their range offers an incredible diversity with many different qualities and types of watches. Therefore, every type of Seiko watch offers different prices and has proven to have a good price-quality ratio. There are more expensive watches, and there are lower-end price ranges.

The different Seiko watch prices:

As we mentioned, Seiko has a lot of different watches in different price ranges. So, we made a table for you to see how the different price comparisons are for some popular models:

Seiko modelPrice to quality ratio:Price:
7S26****100 – 450,-
4R36****100 – 450,-
Sarb033*****50 – 900,-
Sarb017****300 – 950,-
Presage****260 – 3000,-
Popular Seiko movements, their prices, and Price/quality ratio:

All of these watch movements are made in different quality ranges and different price classes. Therefore, given the innovation, different positions in the market from the cheapest quartz to the most expensive Grand Seiko’s. All Seiko watches have a great price/quality ratio.

If you are on the lookout for a good Seiko watch you can compare these different watch movements. Because all of these are good quality watches that diver in the price range. But all of these are what we think are awesome watch movements that are worth a look.

Why Seiko watches become more expensive:

For the ones who really followed Seiko through the years, you might have noticed prices going up in value and been sold for more. Even though you may think so, this is not necessarily directly the fault of Seiko.

Of course, materials and quality evolve over time, which led to higher prices and relevance of the brand. Seiko was known for its low price models and selling affordable watches as part of their business model. But, with the evolving market, Seiko was a little bit forced to give up their lower prices which led to significant price increases over the entire collection, and a change in their business model.

Because of different brands and watches, Seiko couldn’t afford to produce a simple high-quality watch and only ask 150$ for it. Another reason could be that Seiko needs to keep inflation into consideration.

Are seiko watches overpriced

Why this doesn’t make them overpriced:

Some people could see this as an increase in prices, although this doesn’t have to be the case. Inflation is an overall increase in the price level. The result of inflation is that you can buy less for the same money, including watches. Hands why Seiko watches are not overpriced.

If you look at it over the years and compare it with today, you might think that of course, the simple slice of bread on your plate has also increased in value in recent years. If you put everything together it would make sense that the new Seiko prices aren’t more expensive, and not overpriced by any means, But the quality is simply worth more, and the inflation shows a normal price increase.

The only thing that you do have to take into consideration is that Seiko watches probably won’t increase in value over time. Therefore, they won’t be a great investment.

So, are Seiko watches overpriced:

To summarize this article, we made clear that Seiko watches are not overpriced. There are different types of watches that Seiko offers, but they shouldn’t take the bang for the buck. Every modern original Seiko piece should offer the desired quality, and therefore, you can’t really go wrong with this brand. If you want a good quality watch that isn’t overpriced, The Seiko watches are a good call in every shape or form.

You can check out their watches without having to worry about them being overpriced. Consider a price range in which you want to buy a watch, and then look for the watches from Seiko that fall into that price category. Don’t hesitate about them being overpriced, nor about their quality.

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Breitling is one of the world’s most famous watch brands. With its rich history of producing timepieces since 1884, the brand carries some exceptional expertise and experience. They have a wide range of luxury watches that can also be seen as an investment. That’s why we were curious, Do Breitling watches hold value?

Most Breitling watches do not hold their value. It always depends on the model whether a watch retains its value. Expect a value drop of about 10% to 40% after leaving the Breitling boutique for most models. Some exceptions like their odd limited edition models could hold their value.

We just gave you a general answer to the question. But we were also curious about the specific models that do retain their value and how much they retain their value. We have further researched this topic in the following paragraphs.

Why most Breitling watches do not hold value

Breitling watches are seen as one of the most luxurious and exclusive watch brands available. Although they have this luxurious status, most models still tend to lose significant amounts of their value after leaving the boutique, so how come?

The truth is that watches are not as great of investments as people might think. The watches that are good investments usually need decades to regain their value or appreciate in value. These watches are usually the most elite brands like Rolex or Patek Phillipe. The fact is that these watches usually have a lower supply compared to incredible demand.

The supply and demand of a specific model is a big indicator of whether a watch will hold its value or eventually depreciate in value. Next to the supply and demand, there are other factors like exceptional rarity, remarkable provenance, or the condition of the piece that determines the value at the time of resale.

A great example when it comes to Breitling is the Breitling Emergency Orbiter 3. This watch carries exceptional rarity with only 1999 models made. This causes the demand to be higher than the supply and therefore we see a positive trend in the price appreciation over time.

Unfortunately, most Breitling watches tend to fall under the category of depreciating over time due to there, for example, mass production rate or unnecessary provenance. Therefore, depending on the model, a value drop anywhere between 10%-40% is expected. You can expect an average value drop of about 30% when buying your Breitling watch.

Do Breitling Watches Hold Value

Which Breitling watches do hold their value

Although most Breitling watches don’t tend the appreciate over time. They actually have some models that have proven to appreciate or at least hold their value significantly compared to their competitors. We are talking about some of the following models:

  • Breitling Emergency Orbiter 3
  • Breitling Avenger II GMT
  • Breitling Transocean
  • Breitling Colt
  • Breitling Navimeter

These are just some examples of the watches that have proven over the years that they can hold their value relatively well. Although not all of these models will always appreciate over time, they do hold significant value. We researched all of these models, and why they are so popular amongst watch enthusiasts.

Breitling Emergency Orbiter 3

It’s not for nothing that we put this model at the top when we talk about potential Breitling investments. Because this model is very popular amongst watch collectors as it is known to appreciate over time pretty significantly compared to the rest of the brand’s models.

This mainly comes down to the incredible demand compared to its very low supply. In fact, it is known that there are only 1999 of these models made in the history of the Breitling Emergency Orbiter 3. You can describe this watch as an oversized analog-digital quartz watch which is interesting for watch enthusiasts due to its heritage and history in the hot air balloon industry.

For these reasons, this might be the only Breitling watch model that really tends to not only hold its value over time but also appreciates in value. So, for investors, we recommend taking a further look into this specific model.

Breitling Avenger II GMT

Although the following Breitling models are not as good investments. They have proven to hold their value relatively well over the years. One of them is the Breitling Avenger II GMT. Which is one of Breitling’s generic steel models that sets itself apart with a singular piece of laser engraved steel.

Although this model does seem to depreciate in value, it does hold its value pretty well. If we pull up the numbers, you can expect a value drop of about 15%-20%, which is a very acceptable depreciation after wearing it for a long time.

Breitling Transocean

Another popular Breitling model is the Breitling Transocean. Which is one of Breitling’s sought-after watches that are also popular for keeping significant value. It is a popular dress watch and has a great value for what you pay.

With their high quality and COSC-certified movements. You can expect longevity that is significant and will keep its quality over the years. This watch is available for around $1500 USD and will depreciate around 15%-25% of its value over the years when kept in good condition.

Breitling Colt

The Breitling Colt is a watch that is popular for its military roots and also one that will hold considerable parts of its purchase price when reselling. This model is also known to hold its value due to a higher demand than the actual supply.

These Breitling Colt watches that were bought before the 00s are likely to have increased in value by 180%. Coming from $1000 USD in the 90s demanding up to $3000 USD. Although this is only for the people that bought the model back in the day.

Modern Colt watches tend to not really depreciate in value. They might be expected to have a value drop of around 15%-20%.

Breitling Navitimer

Breitling Navitimer is the last but not the least one of the possible investments that Breitling has in their assortment. This watch is popular for being in the pilot’s industry and became famous because of it. Just because of its value retention it also became popular amongst watch enthusiasts.

With a price of around $6000 USD for a used Breitling Navitimer, it has proven to hold its value relatively well over the years compared to the other Breitling models.

How much do Breitling watches hold value

When comparing all the statistics, we can pull a conclusion out of all the numbers that you can expect an average value drop of around 30% after your Breitling watch leaves the boutique.

To clarify, this is an average. If you were to ask the question literally, do Breitling watches hold value, that would be an average answer. On average, Breitling watches do not hold their value and will depreciate around 30% over time, depending on the model. There are specific models that we talked about that could be exceptions.

Are Breitling watches considered luxury

Luxury watches could be a good indicator of possible investment for your timepiece. Luxury watches are special watches that have characteristics that separate them from normal fashion watches. If you are looking to invest in a watch or looking for a watch that holds its value, it is important that you pay attention to luxury watches.

As we mentioned, luxury watches have a few characteristics that separate them from the rest. We have done research in several of our articles to find out what exactly those characteristics are:

  • The brand name
  • Materials
  • Is it Hand made
  • Price-tag

It is very well known that Breitling offers its products with high-end materials and in-house movements. With its high brand awareness, and by using its own materials, and handmade timepieces. They not only respond to the physical aspect but also the mental aspect with their products. Its price range can also be distinguished from normal fashion watches and therefore, this watch can be considered a real luxury watch.

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Do Breitling watches just hold value or are they a good investment

Some people might be coming to this article to find out whether Breitling might be a nice brand to invest in so that they can get a nice resell later on. We have listed everything in this article to see whether Breitling retains its value, and which models actually do. But is Breitling a good investment?

Breitling watches are not great investments. With average depreciation percentages of about 30% in the first few years, you can expect a significant depreciation in value. However, Breitling is one of the few brands that carry a few models that could be good investments.

Whether a watch holds its value or is actually a good investment is quite different. Holding value well just means that the watch less quickly loses its value than the average watch after leaving the boutique. Good investments mean that you can actually end up with a profit for your watch.

The fact is that most watches are not great investments. This is due to the fact that it often takes a very long time before they get back to holding value or before they exceed their initial purchase value. If you are looking to invest in a watch you should be best off taking a look at the cream of the crop, Rolex or Patek Phillipe.

Furthermore, there are only very few other brands that are really a good investment. Although it is true that there are really specific models from other brands that can also be good investments. We always recommend researching a specific model for investments, and not the brand.

What kind of person wears Breitling watches

If you are looking to resell one or more of your Breitling timepieces after a few years. It could be good to know what kind of person to look for. If you have been keeping your Breitling watch for years and it has actually proven to hold its value. This could be a great question.

We usually see Breitling watches being worn by people who are hard workers and have adventurous careers where they are seen. Think about people like professional athletes, entrepreneurs, or soldiers in the army. That’s something that could be described as a tough profession.

If your watch actually held its value and you are looking for a nice resell on your watch. You can look for people with these characteristics.

Are Breitling watches still popular

When you actually found out that Breitling watches tended to hold their value over the last few years. You might want to know if this will keep happening in the coming few years. The popularity of a brand could depreciate. Because if you are looking for a Breilting that holds its value, you might need to wait several decades for it to hold value or appreciate.

The fact is that Breitling is one of the world’s most famous and prestigious watch brands. It is amongst the most popular and highest-rank watch brands in the world. With their new innovations and highest quality materials, this upward trend of popularity is not going to go down anytime soon.

Watches are not only something to tell the time but also have a mental and emotional value that people always want to experience. So, you don’t have to worry about these watches becoming less popular. But you don’t have to worry about the brand either, as it is one of the largest and most experienced in the whole industry.

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Longines is one of the most popular watch brands in the industry. With its large manufacturing history of creating timepieces since 1832, you’d expect some outstanding experience. Whether this brand falls under the luxury watch category is debatable as it always remains subjective. The brand exudes quite a lot of luxury compared to its competitors. So, Is Longines a luxury brand?

Longines is basically a luxury watch brand. Although this is debatable, the brand has significantly lower prices than the high-end luxury brands like Rolex or Patek Phillipe. The fact that Longines watches are mass-produced is another reason, but it always stays subjective.

The fact is that Longines watches have made some significant changes through the years. With their low prices compared to its competitors. But the other factors being considered a luxury still falls under the luxury watch brands, we explain how we reason this in the following paragraphs.

Why Longines is a luxury brand

Longines was an incredible watch manufacturer back in the day. With the manufacturing of the world’s first-ever chronograph movement for wristwatches in 1878. And being responsible for introducing the first system of electromechanical sports timing. They became known as an incredibly innovative brand.

If we fast forward a few years, a revolutionary event happens that changes a number of things for the brand. It was bought by the Swatch Group. The new owners of the swatch group have brought about a number of changes within the manufacturing process of the brand. For example, the price had been reduced and they started to use a different type of movement (ETA) in their watches.

These significant changes caused some major factors to change within the brand. When we take a look at if watches can be considered luxury watches we look at a few recurring factors that we see in some of the most famous luxury watch brands in the industry and compared them to Longines.

  • Price-tag
  • Quality/high-end Materials
  • Hand-made
  • High brand awareness

The fact is that luxury watch brands are always subjective and will always have some sort of debate. Although it stays subjective, we always see the factors come back in all of the major luxury watch brands. Therefore, if we see these four factors within a watch brand, we state that it can be considered a luxury watch brand. Let’s discuss them for Longines in the following paragraphs.

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Is Longines a luxury brand

The Price-tag a Longines watch

Longines is a watch brand that managed to find the sweet spot between the right quality and affordability. And therefore in those terms, is considered one of the best in the industry. Longines can be considered a mid-priced watch. Watches being manufactured and sold for as little as $120 USD is something you will never find at the largest luxury watch brands.

Therefore, this brand is quite debatable in terms of price when it comes to luxury watch brands. Because luxury watch brands usually fall into way higher price ranges. This is mostly due to the handmade production and the materials they use.

The average Longines watch will cost you somewhat around $2,000 USD which is not always considered a luxury watch for some people. This price is mostly due to their high-quality materials. But the fact that these are mass-produced causes the price to be able to reduce significantly.

Quality/high-end Materials

Longines is known for manufacturing watches that have incredible quality. This is not for nothing because this is actually a fact. With watch prices that sell for around $2,000 USD, you’d expect somewhat of that quality within their watches.

With the use of real gold and titanium nitride, stainless steel, and steel in their models, it is safe to say that the watches use real materials that are worth the price you pay. In fact, as we mentioned before, Longines found the sweet spot between the right quality and affordability and are therefore some of the best on the market in terms of materials and the price you pay for what you get.

Another factor is that Longines watches are Swiss-made, which is another huge factor that determines the quality of the watch. It is basically a standard of quality within the watch industry that radiates the world-renowned symbol of excellence for timepieces.

In fact, Longines actually uses materials that are also seen in some of the high-end luxury watches but for significantly lower prices. This causes this part of the article to fall under the luxury watch category.


Another big factor when it comes to luxury watches is the fact that they are usually hand made unlike the mass production of most watch brands. The fact that the high end luxury watch brands are hand made, causes a few deciding factors.

The first and most common thing is that the prices of the watch go up. This is due to a longer and more precise/expertise manufacturing time.

When watches are hand-made and use incredible materials that are being put together superiorly by people, and thus each deserving its own piece of attention, take longer to be made and are worth much more. This is one of the major differences that distinguish normal fashion watches from luxury watches.

The fact that these watches need more production time also causes the price to go up in the long run, as the supply is significantly less than the demand for these models. This is why luxury watches are also frequently seen as potential investments for watch enthusiasts or investors.

The problem with Longines is that their watches are mass-produced. This causes the supply to be higher than the demand, and it causes lower production time, which is also seen back in the price differences between Longines and the most popular luxury watch brands.

High brand awareness

In terms of brand awareness, Longines won’t disappoint. This is one of the reasons that Longines is so debatable in terms of deciding whether it falls under the luxury watch brand category. The fact is that Longines has been around since 1832 and has one of the biggest histories in the watch industry.

Longines is in the top 25 most recognizable Swiss watch brands in the world and with its rich history of innovative inventions for the industry, the brand became incredibly popular.

Longines is one of the world’s most recognizable watch brands and therefore owes an incredible brand awareness. So in terms of brand awareness, the brand doesn’t disappoint either.

So, is Longines a luxury brand?

Longines is probably one of the most debatable watch brands when it comes to deciding whether it is a luxury watch brand. Some state that it is a luxury watch brand but within the mid-priced price range. Some state it isn’t a luxury watch brand due to the significantly lower price ranges.

The fact is that Longines as a brand is not a luxury watch brand. This is mainly due to the low prices and mass-production of the entry-level models. But Longines does own and sell some more advanced models like the vintage line. Their Art Deco watches or 13ZN chronographs can reach some pretty significant prices.

These watch models could therefore be seen much more quickly as luxury watches. In fact, we would consider these watches luxury watches. But in general, Longines doesn’t fall under the luxury watch category.

Is Longines a good investment

Luxury watches are sometimes good investments, repeat, sometimes. Because most watches will, just like cars, depreciate in value the moment they leave the store. As we mentioned before, some luxury watches like Rolex carry models that have a higher demand than the supply due to handmade production.

We also mentioned that Longines has some models that can be considered luxury watches and can therefore also be a potential investment. Certainly, not all of Longines models are good as investments. In fact, most of them aren’t. The two models that tend to hold value are the following:

  • Vintage Longines
  • Longines Heritage

The fact that these watches could be good investments is due to their incredible history. It is incredibly well made and timeless. These watches also tend to have a higher demand than their supply which causes the price to go up over time. Models to look at are the Heritage Flagship, for example.

Is Longines an entry-level brand

Longines definitely sells watches that are entry-level prices. With watches being sold for as little as $120 USD, you can state that Longines is an entry-level watch brand. In Longines’s early, it was above Omega and perhaps even Rolex, but with the new owner of the Swatch Group things have changed a lot.

Longines’s vintage calibers were up there with the best, some of the highest-end watches on the market. The situation now is a bit different as their watches have depreciated their price.

For some people, Longines can be considered an entry-level luxury brand. But they won’t forget what Longines has done for the watch industry since the start of its existence.

is Longines a good brand

Longines is one of the world’s most famous brands. They own one of the largest histories within the industry and have been manufacturing watches since 1832. This incredible experience is radiated in their models and Longines is a very good brand.

Since being bought by the Swatch Group they changed over to their new ETA movements which are considered good quality and highly accurate. The design of the watch is also great and they are responsible for the manufacturing of high-end mechanical and quartz watches.

Hosting many events in the sports world with their timepieces also gives a lot of confidence in the quality of the watch that Longines offers. Longines offers watches that are of the right quality and affordability.

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Rotary is a popular watch brand that is known amongst watch enthusiasts to be high quality and affordable. The award-winning worldwide brand was founded in Switzerland in 1895. With a rich history like this, you’d expect it to be a somewhat good watch. So, is rotary a good watch brand?

Rotary is a good watch brand. Rotary is from the Swiss manufacturing heritage, which already provides a good basis. The Swiss models use sapphire crystals and ETA movements that are highly accurate and reliable. Their watches from China with in-house movements, also offer good quality.

Rotary wasn’t always in its best shape. After hearing that some of their movements were not good enough in terms of quality, they reinvented their manufacturing process. In the next paragraphs, we’ll tell you exactly what is good about the Rotary watch brand.

Why Rotary is a good watch brand

Rotary watches are very popular in the United Kingdom. Rotary typically manufactures watches that are Swiss-made and watches that are made in China. Their Swiss-made movements have their own in-house ETA movements and come with all of their qualities. It’s safe to say that Rotary represents a successful history of Swiss watchmaking.

With their exceptional popularity in the United Kingdom, Rotary has won several awards like the ‘Watch Brand of the Year’ in the United Kingdom. This success was mostly due to their British design and incredible build quality.

With Rotary watches being known as watches that are very affordable, they offer a great price/quality ratio that offers a great value for your money. If you are looking for an affordable fashion watch that has good quality, Rotary might be a good choice for you.

There are a few factors for watches that we take into consideration when deciding if a watch can be considered a good watch brand. We discussed them in the following paragraphs.

is rotary a good watch brand


The materials that Rotary uses are usually pretty high-quality compared to its competitors and their price ranges. With the use of a global source of materials and movements to ensure the highest quality for the price you pay. Their materials are known to be durable and high-quality materials that are used in the manufacturing process.

The materials that Rotary uses are made of Titanium, gold, and Diamonds to enhance their exceptional appearance. Rotary’s best in-house ETA movements come with accurate and reliable qualities and are known to be some of the best movements in the world, used by several watch brands around the globe.

Price/Quality ratio

This is one we’ve talked about earlier. Rotary actually makes very affordable fashion watches that come with an amazing price/quality ratio. With their average price of $300 USD and their good materials, longevity and build quality, they offer an amazing value for your money.

The price

The price of Rotary watches is one of the biggest factors as to why the brand can be considered a good brand. The fact is that the watches they produce are very cheap compared to its competitors. With a price range of about $100 to $600 USD for their models, they come with a product range that is known for producing relatively cheap products.

Is a Rotary watch Swiss-made

Watches that are Swiss-made come with several qualities that leave an amazing legacy for their reputation. When a watch is Swiss-made it comes with the exact qualities that a watch enthusiast likes to see.

The industry’s required standard for a Swiss-made watch states that at least 60% of the entire manufacturing costs of the watch should be made in Switzerland. It is important that the movement is Swiss, and that the final inspection and the watches are assembled in Switzerland.

A Swiss-made watch comes with the experience of the biggest watch country in the world, Switzerland. With the experience of the Swiss watch brokerage, there are a lot of good features in the watch. Watches in the industry that carry the “Swiss-made” symbol are known to have world-renowned quality and radiate a powerful legacy.

  • Longevity
  • Incredible reputation
  • High market demand
  • World renowned quality

These are some of the qualities that come with a Swiss-made watch brand. But, is Rotary Swiss-made? Rotary is a Swiss-made watch brand. With the manufacturing of watches that are 100% made in Switzerland and their world-renowned quality and longevity, they build watches that are Swiss-made.

How long will a Rotary watch last

The longevity of a watch is important for a watch to be good. Rotary is actually known to have very good longevity for what you pay for. With proper maintenance of the watch, it can actually last several decades. With that comes proper maintenance and servicing once in a while.

The winding of the mechanical watches keeps the watch wound while it is being worn. For Rotary watches, these can last around 24-38 hours of lifespan before you need another winding.

All in all, Rotary watches have great quality in terms of the longevity of their models and you won’t be disappointed with the watch’s performance.

Is Rotary a respected watch brand

Another factor that could determine whether a watch is good is the respect that a brand has. Watch enthusiasts and people who choose a specific brand watch sometimes need confirmation that the brand is appreciated by other people. It can help to make a choice for the watch they choose.

As we mentioned before, Rotary owns an incredible legacy in the United Kingdom. With the brand being founded in 1895 you’d expect somewhat of a good experience due to the many years they’ve been founded.

Rotary actually grew out as one of the better and more respected watch brands that have competition with the likes of Seiko and Tissot, which aren’t the least watch brands. Rotary actually grew out and now sells its watches in over 65 different countries where it is known as an amazing, high-quality fashion watch for an affordable price.

Is Rotary a luxury watch brand

Luxury watch brands are watches that are a little more special than other watches. They have different characteristics and are usually seen as watches that have an investment opportunity, cost more money, and use special materials. Luxury watches are mostly hand-made and can are usually special and therefore good watches.

Rotary is not a luxury watch brand. Rotary manufactures watches that are usually mass-produced and therefore use cheaper materials and production costs. While luxury watch brands are usually hand-made and use expensive materials.

Luxury watch brands could be important when you’re making a choice about whether you want to buy a watch or not. We have a lot of articles on the different watch brands in the industry and why they are luxury watch brands or not. Examples are the competitors of Rotary like Seiko, Tissot, Citizen, and Breitling.

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Cartier is one of the world’s most recognizable fashion brands that also offers its own line of watches. Additional to their high-end luxury product line that can have high purchase prices comes the worth mentioning service cost. We took a look at the service cost of Cartier watches. So, how much is a Cartier service cost?

On average, a Cartier complete Service starts from $385 USD and is recommended every 5 years. Their battery service is around $60 USD to have the battery of your quartz movement watch replaced. Prices may differ based on your personal watch.

Cartier doesn’t have fixed prices for their different services. There are differences in the movement and obviously the service that your watch needs. There are a few fixed services that you can depend on. We dove a little deeper and got some exact numbers.

Cartier service cost

Cartier offers different services for their watches. It is always recommended to bring your watch to a Cartier boutique for the best possible servicing for your personal Cartier watch. Cartier’s most popular services are their complete service and battery service.

A complete service starts from $385 USD depending on the movement. Cartier’s regular movements are cheaper than their chronograph movements. Chronograph movement complete servicing could rise up to $450 USD. In the table below, we put together some of the service prices that you can expect from the different services that Cartier offers.

Service:USD ($):
Complete service $385 USD
Complete service (chronograph)$400 – $450 USD
Battery service$40 – $65 USD
Watch strap replacement$350 USD
Other (personalized) servicingUpon request
Cartier service cost different services:

These services only apply when you go to a Cartier dealer and are then performed by a Cartier expert watchmaker. To find your closest authorized dealer (AD), check out this page from Cartier to see where the closest place is to get your Cartier timepiece serviced. In the following paragraphs, we’ll discuss the different services, their costs, and when to use each service.

We also have articles on other watch brands’ service costs. When you are looking for investing in watches or just wanting to know how much their total cost is, we have articles on the service cost of Seiko, Breitling, Tag Heuer, and Tudor.

Cartier service cost

Cartier complete service

With Cartier’s complete service comes the usual service recommended every five years, with this service, the movement of your watch will be returned to the perfect state.

What does the complete service offer

In this service, your watch gets completely checked and getting ready to be repaired to bring it back to as good as new condition. First, a number of checks get performed to see where the watch can be repaired and restored.

After the checks have been executed, the following service is performed.

  • Complete disassembly
  • Cleaning the watch
  • Movement refurbishment
  • Various checks
  • Reassembly

Cartier complete service cost

The complete service for a normal Cartier watch, depending on the model usually lies around $385 USD. Chronograph movements are usually a little more complicated and therefore a little bit more expensive. Also, higher-end watches use more advanced materials that need different servicing that can also ramp up the price a bit. But in general, you can expect a full servicing anywhere between $385 to $450 USD. The Cartier watch service for a chronograph movement costs around $400 – $450 USD.

Cartier battery service

Cartier also offers a battery service for the replacement of batteries for their Quartz movements. This service is recommended every two to three years.

What does the battery service offer

The battery service is required to keep your watch up and running. Without a battery replacement every now and then, your watch will not keep time as well, and can even stop at some point. The battery service offers the following services:

  • Back-case opening
  • Necessary (battery) checks
  • Battery replacement
  • Back gasket and tube gasket replacement
  • Case resealing

Cartier battery service cost

The cost of a battery replacement can vary depending on the movement and model. Different models have different services and carry movements that need specific treatment. Therefore, a Cartier battery service cost can cost you anywhere between $40 to $95 USD.

Replacement is not included in this service. You can always ask for a request at Cartier for personalized advice for your specific service (problem).

Watch strap replacement

Cartier also offers a service where your watch strap can be serviced or replaced. These services are usually offered to personalize and take care of your timepiece. A watch strap can be damaged and can also just not be to your own taste. Therefore, watch straps can be replaced for maintenance or just to improve the look of your watch.

Watch strap replacement cost

The price of this service depends on several factors. The cost will depend on the material of the strap and style for your specific Cartier model. They offer different skins and formats for different watch straps, they also offer replacement straps in standard colors. For normal skin, you should assume a price of about $350 USD.

Cartier standard leather straps are expected to last up to a year in proper condition. A replacement is not necessary but to keep your watch in a perfect state, a watch strap replacement is normal. For Cartier’s standard straps, enjoy in normal conditions of using an average lifespan of between six and twelve months.

How often to get your Cartier watch serviced

Servicing is necessary to keep your watch intact for years to come. When buying a Cartier timepiece you are certainly in for one of the most luxurious fashion items available on the market. With their precious metal content and exclusive brand movements, you’ll certainly want to notice the damage before it happens.

Therefore, Cartier has published a fixed time limit for which it is smart to offer the different services:

Service:Time limit recommendation:
Complete serviceEvery, 5 years
Battery serviceEvery, 2 – 3 years
Watch strap replacementNo recommendation
Time limit recommendation for different Cartier services

Make sure you’ll get your watch serviced within the timeframe we’ve given you above to keep your watch intact for the rest of its existence. If you care about your luxurious timepiece you can rely on the data we have given you.

In general, a good quality watch should last you up to 7 – 10 years depending on several factors. A high-quality watch could last longer depending on how the owner treats the watch. Most watch brands have a longer life span than the company usually suggests. If you do nothing, no service or maintenance, it will probably run for ten years or more.

Do Cartier watches increase in value

For people that have come to this article to know whether your watch increases in value, we did research on that as well. An increase in value is not for all watches. When you look at a watch as an investment, it might be very handy to see if it’s even worth servicing in the first place.

Watches aren’t always good investments. In fact, most of the time you can expect pretty significant value drops when it even first leaves the store.

Cartier is one of the most luxurious brands in the world. So, Depending on the model, Cartier watches seem to retain their value very well compared to other watch brands. But obviously, doing research for each specific model is necessary before investing in a luxury timepiece. Whether it is worth servicing your watch because of the value retention, depends on the model.

But it is certainly a good idea to service your Cartier watch as it is a brand that is known to retain significant value compared to other watch brands. Some watches that seem to hold their value and are certainly worth servicing because of that are:

  • Cartier Tank
  • Santos De Cartier
Cartier service cost

Will a Cartier watch last a lifetime

When servicing your watch in the recommended time frame and keeping good care of your watch, you can expect an incredible lifespan for your Cartier watch. In fact, you can even expect a lifespan of several generations when taken care of properly.

Cartier watches are known to have incredible quality and offer watches that have above-average longevity due to their incredible manufacturing processes. Cartier started manufacturing eta-based movements, which are not known for their incredible precision, but they do last a lifetime or longer.

All in all, Cartier watches are very well made and have good quality within their movements. This causes the watches to last a very long time when taken care of properly. So, yes, Cartier will last you a lifetime when you take proper care of it.

Should you take a Cartier Watch Service

When taking a look at everything in general, let’s draw a conclusion about whether it is worth servicing Cartier watches. So, for people that are just buying a Cartier watch for their own enjoyment while still treating it right, Cartier servicing might extend a little bit more from the recommended time frame. The fact is that when treated right, watches tend to last a little longer than the recommended time to get your watch serviced.

When you are looking for certain Cartier models as an investment they need to stay in the best shape possible. In this case, it is important to keep your watch as good as possible and to keep it on according to the recommended length of time.

In general, a watch always needs servicing. When you care about your watch, getting it serviced once in a while is certainly a good idea. And the value of your watch will certainly be worth more than the few extra dollars you pay for a good quality service.

Citizen is one of the most legendary watch brands to ever exist. With their exceptional build quality, and innovative technology they’ve established a real footstep in the watch industry. But, is Citizen also a luxury watch?

Citizen is not a luxury watch. It is a fact that Citizen does not fall into the general luxury watch standards. With its mid-grade priced products and their rate of mass production, the brand cannot be considered a luxury watch brand. However, this does not alter the fact that it is a great brand.

Citizen is an amazing brand, but not a luxury watch brand, but why is that the case? We will discuss that in the following paragraphs. We also answered several follow-up questions in the rest of this article.

Why Citizen is not a luxury watch

Watches have different ways of radiating luxury. When people ask themselves whether a watch falls under a luxury watch category, they usually assume a number of recurring factors that we see in the most elite watches.

While Citizen is a watch that radiates luxury in terms of appearance and elegant looks. When we take a look at the different recurring characteristics of luxury watches, Citizen lacks the necessary differences.

The recurring factors that we are talking about are mainly seen in watches such as Rolex, Omega, and Patek Phillipe. These watches are at the top of the mountain when it comes to luxury watches and has a number of recurring factors which separate them from normal fashion watches.

When we take those into consideration we can see that Citizen lacks in terms of price, materials, and mass production rate. These factors are usually different in high-end luxury watches and are also the reason Citizen is not considered a luxury watch brand. Let’s talk about that in the following paragraphs.

We actually have a whole lot more articles on the different popular watch brands, and if they are luxury watches. Think about whether Seiko, Cartier, Breitling, Tissot, and Movado are luxury watches. You can check out those articles by clicking on the links of the different brands in the sentence before this.

Is Citizen a luxury watch


The price is a factor that plays a big role in the luxury watch market. While it isn’t the deciding factor because prices vary widely, luxury watches are usually in the top-tier price ranges. Citizen is relatively cheap compared to high-end luxury watches. Most Citizen watches go for $200-$400 with some outliers that will push up towards $1,000.

The price of these watches doesn’t only state numbers but also radiates the quality of the materials and types they use for manufacturing their products. With a $200-$400 price range, you shouldn’t expect the most high-end luxury watch, but you also shouldn’t expect a cheap Chinese watch.

This price range mostly falls into the Seiko type of watch, and the Toyota of the cars. Citizen manufacturers great quality and amazing quality watches for the price they offer. But compared to the luxury watch market, they don’t fall into the same category.


Luxury watches carry luxury materials. The materials we see in luxury watches are usually expensive and hand-made into the final watch product. Some examples of materials that we usually see in luxury watches are; oyster steel, pure gold, or platinum. These are examples of materials used in watches such as Rolex, Patek Phillipe, and Omega, in other words, the cream of the crop in the watch industry.

Citizen, however, does not use such materials and we can therefore mention another point that distinguishes itself from luxury watches. Citizen uses its own in-house Miyota movement which has proven to be of exceptional precision and quality. This proprietary in-house movement is known for relatively low manufacturing costs and doesn’t particularly radiate incredible luxury.

Other than that, they use Sapphire crystal glass and stainless steel to set up the foundation of their products. Although stainless steel isn’t among the cheapest of steal, it is available for a low price compared to some high-end luxury watch materials. This also explains why Citizen is a good watch brand that offers value for money.

Mass-production rate

What is one of the biggest differences that distinguish luxury watches from normal fashion watches? That has to do with the rate of production. You might be thinking, what does that have to do with it? Let’s explain that.

The rate of production is important for luxury watches. The fact is that luxury watches carry a rate of supply and demand. Because luxury watches are usually hand-made due to their specialty and expertise, the production rate tends to go down. Fewer watches can be produced in the same amount of time. This is also a reason that luxury watches are way more expensive.

Not only does it take more time to produce them, which increases the prices, but also the rarity of the specific models goes up. Because of the low production rate, prices tend to climb higher up over time due to the high demand of people who want to buy them, but the relatively low supply.

Citizen is known to have one of the fastest production rates in the watch industry. Citizen’s watches are made using both human and robotic assembly, but the goal of the production is to produce as fast as possible. This does not go well with the purpose of luxury watches as the demand won’t ever get higher.

So, Is Citizen a Luxury Watch

These factors are clear indicators that distinguish fashion watches from luxury watches. The rate of supply, materials, and price are important for luxury watches and every watch enthusiast will pay attention to this when buying a new luxury watch.

Citizen is a very good watch brand that is known to produce high-quality watches with a luxurious appearance. The fact that it isn’t seen and understood as a luxury watch brand, doesn’t mean that the quality lacks. In fact, Citizen is actually one of the best fashion watches available on the watch market.

Citizen can be seen as a watch brand that offers amazing quality and expertise for an affordable price. Amongst the likes of Seiko. Citizen watches are for the people who want a quality luxurious-looking timepiece that is affordable and will last a long time.

Is Citizen a luxury watch

Where does Citizen’s luxury watch status come from

The fact is that Citizen offers watches in their assortment that radiate luxury and are usually worn and seen as a luxury goods. This thought probably came because of the luxurious look that the brand has. In fact, Citizen watches are not luxury watches because of their relatively cheap materials and mass production rate.

Although, when you are a real watch enthusiast and are willing to dive deeper into the luxury watch market, you’ll notice that these watches aren’t a real luxury.

CITIZEN considers luxury not in terms of flashy or expensive decoration, but as elegant, intelligently designed products with a holistic respect for people and the planet.


The brand states that their products are not luxury goods, but that they do want to radiate a luxury appearance. This hands why their products could sometimes be confused with luxury watches on the market. Which we know explained in this article.

Are Citizen’s good watches

Now that we know that Citizen doesn’t fall into the luxury watch category, let’s check out the quality of the watch. Because Citizen isn’t just a cheap Chinese disposable watch. In fact, Citizen is actually an amazing watch brand if you are looking for an affordable fashion watch to complement your outfit.

It’s globally known and proven that Citizen produces very good quality watches. Besides being able to look at the best points that citizen watches have, we can also look at things that might be better. It is of course logical that you get less if you pay less, and that has to be reflected somewhere.

Something that is a drop in the ocean but still plays a role is the precision of the Japanese movements. They are fantastic movements, but compared to the high-end luxury watch there will be minor differences in precision and longevity.

All in all, Citizen watches are very good for the price you pay. And you might even get a little bit more if you buy the right models. If you are looking for an amazing watch that isn’t necessarily impressed by luxury watch enthusiasts but offers an unbelievably good price-quality ratio. Citizen is definitely the right place for you.

Are Citizen Watches famous

Citizen watches are good quality fashion watches, they are not among the most luxurious Swiss watches, but they do have a great price-quality ratio. This could well mean that they will fulfill the best wishes of many watch owners, so, is Citizen famous?

Citizen is a famous watch brand. Comparable with the likes of Seiko, Citizen is famous for manufacturing high-quality watches that offer an amazing price to quality ratio, therefore, fulfilling the need of many watch enthusiasts.

Citizen owes its fame to the fact that they have won the hearts of many fans through its vision, which is to make affordable watches with great quality. Therefore, Citizen watches grew out to be one of the world’s most famous watch brands.

Citizen became famous for their long history of innovation within the industry, specializing in design, and manufacturing luxurious fashion watches. With their longevity and high-quality manufacturing, they gained the trust of many watch collectors through the years. This solid reputation has continued to show the watch industry high-quality but affordable watches.

To sum up this article, watches aren’t always as luxurious as they seem. There are a few factors that determine the luxury status of a watch. Think about the price, materials, mass production, etc. In this article, we checked if Citizen is a luxury watch brand based on the recurring factors of luxury watches.