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Chopard is a Swiss watch brand that is known to produce luxury watches since 1860. With its rich history of manufacturing one of the most luxurious watches on the market, you’d expect significant value for the price you pay. But, is Chopard a good watch? We did research on this topic.

Chopard is a good watch brand. Chopard manufactures its own in-house movements, while also being labeled with the qualitative horological certification. This label indicates that it belongs to the highest levels of quality in the industry.

While the quality of this watch can be labeled with certification badges, this is not the only factor that indicates whether a watch is good or not. That’s why we did some further investigation on the different factors.

Why Chopard is a good watch

Chopard is a popular watch brand that is based in Switzerland. While they are not only known for their precision timekeeping devices, they are also known for incredible craftsmanship and world-renowned quality.

This status has taken shape after they had experienced in the watch trade since 1860, with several decades of experience. Their elegant and unique style gives watch enthusiasts a unique feeling that sets the brand apart from its competitors.

Chopard is a brand that has many characteristics that show that this brand manufactures good watches, but what exactly are these characteristics? We put them together in the paragraphs below.

Unique style

Chopard is known to have a very unique style compared to its competitors. This is one of the reasons it sets itself apart in the watch market.

A few examples are the dials on the case that are known to have a sunburst motif while the second-hand keeps the shape of an arrow. The crown looks like a central cap reminiscent of its mountain biotope. All of these features refer to the combination of an Alpine Eagle and its biotope, resulting in a unique style that has been thought about and is valuable to watch enthusiasts.

Other than that, Chopard also offers watches that are exclusively made in Chopard’s watchmaking workshops. This means that all of their high-quality movements are developed, produced, and assembled in the Chopard watch factory. A few examples of their in-house movements are the following:

  • 01.12 – C
  • 03.05 – C
  • 01.01 – C
  • 09.01 – C
is chopard good

Qualitative horological certification

So, how do watch brands get their confirmation that they are good in terms of quality? That is the exact reason why the qualitative horological certification was founded. This principle was launched in 2004 and located in Fleurier and was initiated by, among others, Chopard.

The foundation introduced a number of criteria to which watches must comply in order to radiate in such a way that they meet the highest possible quality. The criteria looks as follows:

These factors combined make for a watch that 100 percent proves its worth and has amazing quality guidelines. All Chopard watches are 100% Swiss-made which means that the watches are manufactured 100% in Switzerland. Also, all Chopard watches passed the tests of the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute.

All of these factors combined make up for a watch brand that has amazing quality and in fact, has one of the best once on the market. You can find more information on the specific meaning of this over here.


Chopard watches are known to be 100% Swiss-made. This might not sound as interesting as it actually is to the average human being. Swiss-made watches are known for world-renowned quality and belong to some of the best in the world.

Swiss-made watches are known to have world-renowned quality. Swiss watches have a powerful legacy and gain confidence through their exceptional craftsmanship. This means they carry a high level of trust and amazing quality that are hard to exceed.

So, Chopard carrying this badge says a lot about whether the watch is good or not. Making it belong to some of the highest quality on the watch market. Read more about the exact definition of Swiss-made watches over here.


Craftsmanship is an important factor for a watch to be good. How good is the mastery of the profession, and how is Chopard’s experience? Chopard has been around since 1860 and therefore carries a great package of experience through the years which shows in their craftsmanship.

While not all of Chopard’s movements are made in-house and are completely made by the brand itself, some of their collection carry entire exclusive movements all developed exclusively in Chopard’s watchmaking workshops. These movements are actually known to be incredibly good and chronometer-certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute.

Another unique skill Chopard possesses is the fact that everything that is sold by Chopard is manufactured in one of its three production sites, which is yet another proof of the excellent craftsmanship and experience that the brand offers.

So, is Chopard a good watch brand?

When determining whether a watch is good or not, we should take a look at several factors including the quality, craftsmanship of the brand, and the overall look and feel of the brand. We drew a conclusion from the information we made up from the paragraphs above.

It is safe to say that Chopard is a very good yet expensive luxury watch brand. the brand carries amazing craftsmanship, experience, unique style, and several certified badges of excellence. In terms of quality, the brand exceeds expectations.

The experience of the brand is good as its been around since 1860 and never failed to deliver in terms of quality and keeping up with new innovations and trends. They also carry a wide range of assortment with different collections such as happy diamonds. But also racing editions, and even classical range watches.

Our conclusion is that Chopard is an amazing watch brand for people that are willing to pay a lot for watches. Chopard is an expensive, yet very good watch brand when it comes to all of the most crucial factors.

Is Chopard a luxury brand

Luxury watch brands are usually seen as better watches, they carry an amazing status and have characteristics that prove they have significant value. While it is known that these luxury watches are usually more expensive than normal fashion brands. It is safe to say that you can count on the watch to be of good quality.

It is a fact that luxury watch brands are not labeled. Luxury watch brands are always subjective and therefore, we divide these into following characteristics:

  • The brand name
  • Materials
  • Is it Hand made
  • Price-tag

If we compare these factors with Chopard, we can state that Chopard definitely falls under the luxury watch category. We already know that Chopard is a brand name that is among the most popular ones in the industry right now. In fact, it is known to be in the top 5 most popular Swiss watch brands in the world. So, the brand name is recognizable and is admired by watch enthusiasts.

Chopard’s materials are of great quality and meet the luxury watch standards. With the use of gold and focussing on sustainable luxury within their products, you can count on great quality and value in terms of materials.

Most Chopard watches and materials are handmade which is also a great indicator of craftsmanship and expertise. Handmade watches usually mean more manufacturing processes and therefore more time to produce. This means there is more value seen by watch enthusiasts because of the time and precision put into each individual watch.

The price tag also doesn’t fall behind as Chopard is seen as one of the premium watch brands in terms of price. All in all, it is safe to say that Chopard watches are one of the premium luxury watch brands in the luxury watch market.

Are Chopard watches waterproof

Waterproof watches are another sign that the watches are of even better quality. Because our main question is whether Chopard watches are good, we wanted to include this in this article.

On this end, Chopard also offers great quality as all of their luxury watches are waterproof. Chopard offers their timepieces with security gaskets that ensure that the watch won’t get damaged when it gets exposed to water.

Are Chopard watches respected

Chopard watches are good in terms of quality, craftsmanship, and experience. But a watch brand that isn’t respected by the community could also be a great reason for it to not buy a watch. Therefore, we answered the question, Are Chopard watches respected?

Chopard watches are highly regarded in the watch industry, with their craftsmanship, diversification, and expertise they have a positive reputation among watch enthusiasts and are highly respected.

The brand started its journey in 1860 which is a very long time compared to its competitors. With this experience and keeping up with the latest trends and innovations, the brand has proven to be worthy of a respected reputation.

The reputation is also thanked because of its unique designs that are very different than other watch brands. These unique designs and especially continuing to innovate in these unique timepieces is an art in itself and also deserves a lot of respect from the outside world.

Are Chopard in-house movements good

As we mentioned before, Chopard offers its own in-house movements that are made in one of its workshops. While it is true that not all of Chopard’s movements are made in-house in one of their workshops, they do offer their own movements.

For example, the Alpine Eagle collection features four automatic movements that are all developed, produced, and assembled in the Chopard watchmaking workshops. It is interesting to see if these movements are also good. Are they making the brand even better, or are there better movements out there that can be used in your watches?

Starting off with the fact that all of Chopard’s movements are COSC-certified (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres). This means that their movements are certified with high precision and accuracy. Chopard movements are also known to produce up to 28,800 vibrations an hour, which is enough to produce an incredibly accurate timekeeping device.

Why are Chopard watches expensive

Chopard watches are expensive, while the brand offers watches in different price ranges, they are known to be relatively expensive. This mostly has to do with the high-end materials that the brand offers. An entry-level Chopard watch can be picked up for just around $5000 USD, which is not cheap in most people’s eyes.

But Chopard also offers watches that are worth several millions of dollars. Making this brand different in prices but also different in luxury. The fact that Chopard watches are so expensive often has to do with the fact that they match the value that they have in the eyes of the brand.

This is measured by a few factors like quality, and exclusivity, but also the value in the eyes of the consumers. This is usually measured by the amount of time of manufacturing the timepiece. But also the resale value plays a role in these situations. So, Chopard watches are so expensive because the brand sees value in the factors that we mentioned above. While these watches can sometimes be ‘worth it’. It always stays a personal preference for people whether the watch is worth the expensive timepieces.

Final words

This article discussed whether Chopard watches are good. We took a look at several deciding factors like the quality of the materials and the watch in general. Also, we took a look at the price, and if their price ranges have a good price/quality ratio.

In conclusion, we can state that Chopard watches are very good. They do very well in terms of quality, have an amazingly unique design, and are well respected in the industry. The watches are labeled with several badges that ensure their quality and that prove that the brand has very good products.

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Panerai is a popular Italian luxury watch brand that is very well-known amongst watch collectors. They offer classy designs and a solid and relatively affordable status that makes every watch enthusiast’s heart beat faster. We took a deeper look and researched the question, Is Panerai a good watch?

Panerai is a very good watch brand and falls under one of the best luxury watch brands on the market. With their amazing versatility, rich status, and quality which exceeds in every aspect, they’ve become one of the world’s best brands in the watch industry.

Panerai radiates luxury and offers unique designs that carry a rich history and status. We took a deeper look into the brand and how it and what the differences are compared to its competitors. We also discuss why we think Panerai is such a good brand.

Why Panerai is a good watch

Giovanni Panerai started its own watch company in 1860. Ever since Panerai watches are requested all over the world. It is important to know that Panerai owes its success mainly to the unique design (military-attuned watches), which they have developed over the years in their manufacturing process, this produced a unique status that has continued to this day.

Panerai is known for producing watches that have solid-looking designs and using movements in their watches that have proven to be accurate and all In-house (P. 6000 movements). Also, Panerai is known for producing watches that are attractive in terms of price-quality ratio. It’s clear that Panerai is one of the greatest and most expensive luxury watches in the world. But it also offers reasonable prices for what you get in return.

The reason Panerai watches are so expensive is only clear for real watch enthusiasts. This has to do with the fact that Panerai offers qualities that are only noticeable in the details.

For example, the watch offers special qualities such as telling a second time zone, moon phases, and the equation of time. These features together create a brand and a watch that distinguishes itself from the rest of the market in a special way.

To answer whether and why Panerai watches are so good, we have listed a number of factors and taken a closer look at them.

Is Panerai a good watch


Panerai watches are known to have amazing quality materials which are reflected in the quality and price point. For example, they use stainless steel in their products. But Panerai even uses materials that are very different from the rest of the watch world. The use of composite, which is a synthetic ceramic made through an electrochemical process called Micro Arc Oxidation from aluminum really set them apart from their competitors.

Which materials are used in Panerai watches obviously depends on the model and the price you pay for the watch. We put out a small list of all of the possible materials that Panerai uses in their different models.

  • Composite
  • Steel
  • Titanium
  • Ceramic
  • White gold
  • Red gold
  • Bronze
  • Carbotech
  • Platinum

The materials used in Panerai watches have characteristics that have been thought about. For example, the steel is known for being highly resistant to corrosion and is hypoallergenic. The Titanium in their models is known to be extremely light and known for hypoallergenic characteristics.

Panerai uses Ceramic because of its anti-fingerprint features. Their gold features are used for their look and good resistance to scratches. Their bronze models have recently been introduced to return to their roots in the Panerai appearance, and resistance to the corrosive action.

In short, Panerai uses materials that have been really considered and thought about. The use of materials that really help your watch in terms of performance, but that also look fantastic and are of high quality.


Panerai was used in 1935 by the Italian Navy to construct watches for use underwater. Ever since the brand only grew to write an amazing history and create amazing legacies.

The fact is that Panerai has one of the craziest watch histories in the world. It is one of the reasons why people love the brand so much. It is not only known for having great history and heritage, but the brand has also grown because of well-known people like Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Sylvester Stallone. These people also respected and therefore used the brand.

This heritage is one of the reasons why the brand grew out to what it is today, and is also the reason that Panerai is a well-respected brand in the industry.

People appreciate the design, but this can also be the case when buying a Patek, Rolex, or Omega watch. Those are seen as the same level in terms of price and luxury. The fact that someone wears a Panerai instead of these other big brands probably has to do with the fact that they trust Panerai and that they value their history and heritage.

Unique style

Panerai is known for manufacturing watches that look and feel different than its competitors. For example, the look of their models comes with a somewhat oversized case that really gives its watches their own feel and identity.

This is one of the reasons many people appreciate the brand. It really gives a genuine feeling of individuality and a connection with the brand.


Panerai is not a cheap brand by any means. If you look at some of the high-end Panerai models you are already looking for and relatively hefty price tags. Panerai is one of the world’s most recognizable watch brands and prices can rise to very expensive ones for the more luxurious models.

With the likes of Rolex and Patek Phillipe next to their side, comparing the brand’s price ranges would clarify that Panerai offers a very good value for what you pay. Panerai will overwhelm with quality and its roots in history and tradition will make the watch live up to its value.

Another fact is that Panerai offers watches that start from affordable prices from $4000 USD to watches that are way more expensive to up $400.000 USD to several hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The fact is that Panerai is very good at giving you what you pay for. Panerai offers watches in different price ranges but certainly won’t disappoint in terms of price/quality ratio.

So, Is Panerai a good watch

After researching the ins and outs of Panerai, it’s safe to say that it is a good watch brand. With its unique designs, good price/quality ratio, large history, and quality materials. Panerai has launched a product that can distinguish itself from the competition in all areas.

People that buy a Panerai will have a watch in their hands that doesn’t just radiate luxury and expensiveness but also radiates an awareness of great history and impressive timeline and innovations through the years.

So in general, you will have an amazing timepiece in your hand and you won’t be disappointed with your watch after buying a Panerai.

is Panerai a good investment

Whether Panerai is a good investment is actually a great question. Panerai watches radiate luxury and offers expensive products that are widely respected and collected by watch enthusiasts around the globe. The fact is that most watches are not great investments.

Whether a watch is a good investment really depends on the supply and demand of the watch. If the supply is lower than the rate of demand, the prices of the models tend to rise and go up in value over time. Another factor is how you treat your watch, is it still in the desired state? Check out our article here to find out how watches can be assets in the future and how you can use them as potential investments.

In general, Panerai is a good investment. Whether it retains its value really has to do with the Panerai model you buy. The unique designs and quality materials together with the high appreciation for the brand could make some models an investment.

Before just buying a Panerai watch and hoping it will resell for way more, please do your research on the specific model you are trying to buy.

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Tag Heuer is a Swiss watch brand that is known for manufacturing fashion and luxury watches. But also timing sports events since 1860. With a solid reputation in the sports industry for its very concentrated timing innovations, you would expect somewhat good quality for their products. We did research and took a look at the question; Is Tag Heuer a good watch brand?

TAG Heuer is a good watch brand for a first (luxury) watch. TAG Heuer is known for its good price to quality ratio, but models do reflect their price tag. The Carrera or high-end Monaco watches have incredible quality. You can expect less quality if you pay less for the lower models.

Tag Heuer has been manufacturing watches since 1860. And it’s safe to say they’ve managed to maintain their quality over the years. We have considered a number of factors to determine whether Tag Heuer is a good watch brand, and discuss them in the following paragraphs.

Why TAG Heuer is a good watch brand

Tag Heuer has been manufacturing watches for years and is especially known for its roots in automobile racing. But also manufacturing chronograph innovations. The brand is also known for its Swiss watchmaking expertise and carries a status for world-renowned quality that radiates a powerful legacy.

Swiss-made watches are a great indicator for watch collectors that the brand’s quality is trustworthy and reliable in the longer run.

Tag Heuer is also known for manufacturing entry-level luxury watches that offer good value for money compared to its competitors. This entry-level price does usually mean it is seen as a low-end watch in the high-end luxury watch market.

To determine whether a watch is good or not it would be a good idea to list all of its pros and cons. Since we have some experience with the watch industry. We can determine exactly which factors are needed to make a watch good. We have listed these points to compare this brand with its competitors and determine the quality of the brand’s products.

  • Materials
  • Price
  • Accuracy
  • Potential investment
Is TAG Heuer a good brand


The materials are a very important factor that determines the quality and luxury of a particular watch model. Materials could be expensive, and luxurious, but how long they last is also important for the quality of the materials.

When we look at the materials of a watch, we look at the type of materials, the movement of the watch, and the overall build quality. The use of stainless steel from the 316L family of steels, and the alloy is made from low carbon content, makes it particularly resistant to acid-induced corrosion. Tag Heuer also uses ceramic which is known to have great hardness and strength, and titanium for cases and bezels.

It is safe to say that Tag Heuer made considerable changes through the years, but this has happened in a positive sense.

The movements that they use used to be ETA movements and most of them were not COSC certified. This changed over time and they now use their own in-house Heuer 01 and 02 movements. The materials they use to change the model, where the price is also adjusted to the different materials.

List of possible materials used in Tag Heuer watches:

Materials:Applicable Models:
CarbonCarrera, Aquaracer
CeramicFormula 1, Carerra
GoldFormula 1, Carerra
Grey GoldTH Formula 1
SteelAquaracer, Formula 1, Link, Carerra, Autavia
TitaniumCarerra, Aquaracer,
AluminiumFormula 1, Auqaracer
PVDTag Heuer Formula 1
Tag Heuer materials and the different models they are seen back in


The price of a watch is important, it indicates whether the watch is of good quality or perhaps has other specialties than other models or its competitors. Tag Heuer is known to have a good price/quality ratio for a widely popular luxury watch.

When you look at That Heuer and compare it to the high-end models like Rolex and Patek Phillipe, you can already get Tag Heuer watches for an average price of $3000 USD, which is an amazing choice for the amount of luxury, and legacy this watch caries with it. With average prices of around $3000 USD, you might be in for a very good first-time watch.

The cheapest Tag Heuer watch you can get is the Tag Heuer Formula 1 which is a men’s sports watch with a black dial in a brushed steel case. This watch will set you back around $1300 USD. We put together a table where you can see the different price ranges of the different models that Tag Heuer offers.

For more information on how much it costs to own a Tag Heuer watch, you can check out this article. It will give you the exact numbers of the service costs for your new Tag Heuer watch.

Aquaracer$1450 – $7000
Autavia$3000 – $7000
Carrera$1750 – $30000
Connected$1800 – $2000
Formula 1$1300 – $3600
Link$1750 – $4900
Monaco$6750 – $7100
Different models and their price ranges

With the amount of luxury in Tag Heuer watches and the quality of their materials, it is safe to say that their watches are relatively affordable for what you get for what you pay for.


Accuracy and durability are also important factors when it comes to watches being good or not. The accuracy of a watch is quite subjective as there are different types of movements that cannot be compared to each other.

Tag Heuer offers Quartz movements and Mechanical movements, the quartz movements are usually way more accurate than the mechanical ones as quartz movements are battery-powered. You can expect an accuracy of about 1-2 seconds per month which is an acceptable range. For mechanical watches, you might be expecting 1-2 seconds per day which is a lot more but also acceptable.

The fact is that Tag Heuer owns certified chronometers which we talked about before. This is a good indicator that the watch has incredibly well-manufactured chronograph movements that are very well worthy of keeping time as good as possible.

If your priority is a watch that will keep its time as good as possible, we would recommend you look at one of their Quartz movements. Tag Heuer watches are also known to perform well in terms of durability.

Potential investment

A potential investment for a watch doesn’t particularly have anything to do with the watch itself being of good quality. But the fact that Tag Heuer is seen as a luxury watch brand, makes the heart of watch enthusiasts beat faster, as luxury watches could be potential investments.

The fact is that watches are usually seen as cars. When you buy them from the store and you walk out, you can expect significant value drops the moment you leave the store. However, this doesn’t apply to all watches. It is usually the higher-end luxury watches that can be used as an investment for the future.

Whether a watch could be an investment usually has to do with the price, materials, hand-made products, and brand awareness. Tag Heuer manufactures watches that are not great investments. You can expect a value drop of about 20% every year for the first three years.

This has to do with the mass production rate and them not being hand-made. This causes the supply to be higher than the demand for these watches, which causes prices to depreciate over time.

How long do TAG Heuer watches last

Whether a watch lasts long could be a deciding factor that determines how good a watch is. A watch won’t last long if you don’t use the proper maintenance every once in a while.

The fact is that Tag Heuer watches could easily last several decades when treated right. Batteries could last up to six years but are recommended to be changed every 1-2 years in every single Quartz movement that Tag Heuer offers.

If you are curious more about this and how much it actually costs to get a Tag Heuer serviced, we have an entire article on how much it costs to own a Tag Heuer and how often you should get it serviced over here.

So, is TAG Heuer a good brand?

With all of these factors being reviewed and checked on their quality, price, and accuracy, it is safe to say that Tag Heuer watches are a good watch brand. Tag Heuer watches manufacture watches that offer an amazing price/quality ratio, use qualitative and strong materials, and have an accuracy for their chronographs that is comparable to some of the best on the market.

Other than that, they have a wide history of watch manufacturing and innovations in the field of chronograph watches, and will always be the leader in timing huge sports events like the formula 1 and Chicago and New York City Marathons.

Is a TAG Heuer worth it?

After reviewing the brand and seeing the different pros and cons of Tag Heuer watch models, you can determine if Tag Heuer is buy-worthy. We would really recommend a watch like this to the people who are willing to own a luxury watch for a relatively affordable price.

With an average price range of about $3000 USD, you can expect good quality for their models. But with a price range like this, you can also expect less than the likes of Rolex or Patek Phillipe. The differences are usually seen in the materials and investment opportunities.

This could be a good thing if your budget stands a little bit lower than the tens of thousands of dollars that a very high-end watch comes with.

So, for a first-time luxury watch, Tag Heuer is an amazing start to your collection. Also, for people who just want to buy a good watch that is durable and has a very well-established name in the industry, Tag Heuer might also be a good call. The fact is that Tag Heuer offers very good watches that people are where it goes without saying that people leave good reviews.

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Oris is a Swiss watch manufacturer with an amazing reputation amongst watch enthusiasts and collectors. This enthusiasm is mainly due to the exceptional qualities that set them apart from their competitors. We did research into how good an Oris watch actually is. So, Are Oris watches good?

Oris is a good watch brand. They are known for providing some of the best value in the Swiss-made watch industry for the price you pay. With their real Swiss-made label they offer world-renowned quality and radiate a powerful legacy in the watch market.

Oris is known for making watches that are relatively inexpensive, yet offer what the customer’s need demands. But what exactly sets them apart from the rest? We did some in-depth research and looked at all the ins and outs of the brand.

Why are Oris watches good

Oris is an independent Swiss watch brand that has been manufacturing watches since 1904. They became known for only offering mechanical watches in their assortment. With their striving vision of continuous innovations and their collaboration as a 100% Swiss-made brand, it is safe to say that the brand offers guarantees of quality and innovative ideas.

The brand is known for having exclusive functions that other watch brands do not have. Like having modifiable functions that are popular amongst watch collectors, or the manufacturing of only mechanical movements. Their timepieces are also accurate in timekeeping, radiate a special appearance, and have amazing value for money. Besides that, their Calibre range is anti-magnetic, shock-resistant, and features power reserves that last very long periods.

The popularity of the brand has increased even more after the launch of their new models. The rich and successful history of Oris is really complimented on this launch and watch enthusiasts loved to see this. These are watches that complement the vintage look that offers great value for both its clientele and fans.

There are a few factors that we decided to take a look at for the Oris brand. We took an in-depth look at the materials the brand uses, the price/quality ratio, price, quality, and investment opportunities of their watches.

There are a few more interesting brands that might be interesting to look at when you are thinking of comparing the different available watch brands. We have articles on, for example, Breitling, Tudor, or Omega.

Are Oris Watches Good


With the use of 100% Swiss-made watches, the brand already guarantees good quality for their products. The carry a symbol that the brand is proud to share.

Watches in the industry that carry the “Swiss-made” symbol are known to have world-renowned quality and radiate a powerful legacy. They ensure a bunch of quality guidelines and make people trust that particular watch or brand way easier.

Oris watches are striving for a few things that make the brand special. Together with striving for ecologically friendly products, they also try to make their products as affordable as possible which at the same time should not suppress the quality of the timepieces. And it’s safe to say the brand is doing a great job in these areas.

Oris watches are (among other things) made of titanium, which is durable and hypoallergenic. As we mentioned before the movements are purely mechanical calibers. The watches are known to be built well constructed and incredibly accurate in keeping the time, and have interesting designs, making the materials very good for the price you pay.

Price/quality ratio

In this field, Oris is known as one of the best on the market. Together with their high-quality materials and their relatively affordable prices compared to other Swiss brands, ensure that this offers one of the best price/quality ratios in the watch industry. Especially their entry-level watches.

They possibly offer the best value in the Swiss-made watch industry. If you are looking for a quality watch that is relatively more affordable than an entry-level Oris, you probably won’t be able to find one. Oris is definitely the perfect brand if you are looking for the best value for your money.


As we mentioned in the paragraph above, the price is really good for what you get. Although Oris watches aren’t actually ‘cheap’ for the average human, the price is significantly lower compared to its competitors.

An average Oris watch costs between $2000 USD and $4500 USD. with an outlier from their most expensive model, the BIG CROWN PRO PILOT which sets you back around $7600 USD. The cheapest Oris watch is their TT1 model which should set you back around $800 to $1500 USD.

In the table below we put together a table with some of the prices of some of the most popular Oris models:

Model:Average Price:
Big Crown Propilot$ 7000 USD
Aquis$ 2000 USD
Divers$ 2500 USD
Prodiver$ 4000 USD
Artelier$ 5000 USD
Classic$ 1200 USD
Average price of popular Oris models:


In terms of quality, the watch brand doesn’t fail to disappoint either. Together with their Swiss-made label of world-renowned quality, powerful legacy, and great history, they have really put a hot dot on the market in terms of quality.

Oris offers different models for different activities, the quality and materials that are used really depend on the different activities that the watch is used for. Oris manufactures watches in these categories: diving, aviation, racing, and travel. All of these timepieces offer their own quality guidelines and in every area they offer significant quality related to their own activities.

Investment opportunities

Another factor that could play a role in watches being good is the potential investment opportunities. In general, most watches will depreciate in value the moment that they leave the store where you buy the watch, there are very few brands that actually hold their value or appreciate in value.

In general, Oris watches are not good investments. This is due to the lower demand than the actual supply for their products, the materials used, and relatively low prices compared to its competitors. An exception is the Oris Aquis, which has been proving its capable of holding value for years.

When talking about watches that could be potential investments, watch enthusiasts and collectors usually think about the big luxury watch brands like Rolex and Patek Phillipe. These are watches that have characteristics that can make a watch increase in value over time.

We see a few recurring factors like handmade models, high prices, high-end materials, and others that determine if a watch is a good investment. If you are interested in whether for example, Omega or Breitling is a good investment, you can check out the articles by clicking on the names.

The real guideline to see if a watch is a good investment is the supply and demand of the watch. If the demand for a watch is higher than the actual supply, prices tend to go up because it is less available people are more willing to pay more.

So, are Oris watches good

After researching the various factors that we consider important in a good watch, it can be seen that Oris has brought a great timepiece to the market. With its rich history, high-quality materials, and great value for money, it is one of the best watches for what you pay.

is Oris Swiss made

Oris is a watch brand that is known to produce Swiss-made watches. It is worth mentioning what a Swiss-made watch actually means for people who don’t understand the incredible value it brings.

All Oris watches are Swiss Made and quality controlled to the highest standards throughout the manufacturing process. Watches in the industry that carry the “Swiss-made” symbol are known to have world-renowned quality and radiate a powerful legacy. They ensure a bunch of quality guidelines and make people trust that particular watch without any doubts.

The fact that Oris is Swiss-made already states indirectly that the watch contains quality guidelines that make watch owners very happy. So, Oris is completely Swiss-made and their watches are very well made.

Are Oris watches waterproof

Another fact that we should mention in this article is the rate of water resistance of the Oris models. Oris is open about their quality and different specifies in their watches.

“All our watches are rated for water resistance according to ISO standards.”


Oris publically states the water-resistance possibilities of their watches. In fact, Oris watches are all tested according to their exacting quality standards so that they are entirely confident in their product when it leaves the store.

Is Oris made by Rolex

A frequently asked question about Oris is their collaboration with Rolex. The fact that we wanted to include this topic in this article is because of the incredible prestige and experience of the biggest watch brand in the entire industry, Rolex.

A collaboration with a brand like this, or even using the same manufacturers will definitely set a brand up for an amazing basis in terms of quality and experience. The fact is that Rolex does not own Oris. Oris is an independent Swiss watch brand that wrote its own history and experience since 1904.

Summing up

To sum up this article, we discovered that Oris watches are very well made watches. We discovered a few factors that determine why a watch could be good. Therefore, we looked at the materials, the price/quality ratio, price, quality, and investment opportunities.

After doing our research we came to the conclusion that Oris watches are very good in all of those aspects. If you are looking for a relatively affordable watch that offers good value for the price you pay, Oris is the right place for you.

If you want to read more articles on different brands where we also did research on their quality, we have a few more about Rotary, Tudor, and Breitling.

Rotary is a popular watch brand that is known amongst watch enthusiasts to be high quality and affordable. The award-winning worldwide brand was founded in Switzerland in 1895. With a rich history like this, you’d expect it to be a somewhat good watch. So, is rotary a good watch brand?

Rotary is a good watch brand. Rotary is from the Swiss manufacturing heritage, which already provides a good basis. The Swiss models use sapphire crystals and ETA movements that are highly accurate and reliable. Their watches from China with in-house movements, also offer good quality.

Rotary wasn’t always in its best shape. After hearing that some of their movements were not good enough in terms of quality, they reinvented their manufacturing process. In the next paragraphs, we’ll tell you exactly what is good about the Rotary watch brand.

Why Rotary is a good watch brand

Rotary watches are very popular in the United Kingdom. Rotary typically manufactures watches that are Swiss-made and watches that are made in China. Their Swiss-made movements have their own in-house ETA movements and come with all of their qualities. It’s safe to say that Rotary represents a successful history of Swiss watchmaking.

With their exceptional popularity in the United Kingdom, Rotary has won several awards like the ‘Watch Brand of the Year’ in the United Kingdom. This success was mostly due to their British design and incredible build quality.

With Rotary watches being known as watches that are very affordable, they offer a great price/quality ratio that offers a great value for your money. If you are looking for an affordable fashion watch that has good quality, Rotary might be a good choice for you.

There are a few factors for watches that we take into consideration when deciding if a watch can be considered a good watch brand. We discussed them in the following paragraphs.

is rotary a good watch brand


The materials that Rotary uses are usually pretty high-quality compared to its competitors and their price ranges. With the use of a global source of materials and movements to ensure the highest quality for the price you pay. Their materials are known to be durable and high-quality materials that are used in the manufacturing process.

The materials that Rotary uses are made of Titanium, gold, and Diamonds to enhance their exceptional appearance. Rotary’s best in-house ETA movements come with accurate and reliable qualities and are known to be some of the best movements in the world, used by several watch brands around the globe.

Price/Quality ratio

This is one we’ve talked about earlier. Rotary actually makes very affordable fashion watches that come with an amazing price/quality ratio. With their average price of $300 USD and their good materials, longevity and build quality, they offer an amazing value for your money.

The price

The price of Rotary watches is one of the biggest factors as to why the brand can be considered a good brand. The fact is that the watches they produce are very cheap compared to its competitors. With a price range of about $100 to $600 USD for their models, they come with a product range that is known for producing relatively cheap products.

Is a Rotary watch Swiss-made

Watches that are Swiss-made come with several qualities that leave an amazing legacy for their reputation. When a watch is Swiss-made it comes with the exact qualities that a watch enthusiast likes to see.

The industry’s required standard for a Swiss-made watch states that at least 60% of the entire manufacturing costs of the watch should be made in Switzerland. It is important that the movement is Swiss, and that the final inspection and the watches are assembled in Switzerland.

A Swiss-made watch comes with the experience of the biggest watch country in the world, Switzerland. With the experience of the Swiss watch brokerage, there are a lot of good features in the watch. Watches in the industry that carry the “Swiss-made” symbol are known to have world-renowned quality and radiate a powerful legacy.

  • Longevity
  • Incredible reputation
  • High market demand
  • World renowned quality

These are some of the qualities that come with a Swiss-made watch brand. But, is Rotary Swiss-made? Rotary is a Swiss-made watch brand. With the manufacturing of watches that are 100% made in Switzerland and their world-renowned quality and longevity, they build watches that are Swiss-made.

How long will a Rotary watch last

The longevity of a watch is important for a watch to be good. Rotary is actually known to have very good longevity for what you pay for. With proper maintenance of the watch, it can actually last several decades. With that comes proper maintenance and servicing once in a while.

The winding of the mechanical watches keeps the watch wound while it is being worn. For Rotary watches, these can last around 24-38 hours of lifespan before you need another winding.

All in all, Rotary watches have great quality in terms of the longevity of their models and you won’t be disappointed with the watch’s performance.

Is Rotary a respected watch brand

Another factor that could determine whether a watch is good is the respect that a brand has. Watch enthusiasts and people who choose a specific brand watch sometimes need confirmation that the brand is appreciated by other people. It can help to make a choice for the watch they choose.

As we mentioned before, Rotary owns an incredible legacy in the United Kingdom. With the brand being founded in 1895 you’d expect somewhat of a good experience due to the many years they’ve been founded.

Rotary actually grew out as one of the better and more respected watch brands that have competition with the likes of Seiko and Tissot, which aren’t the least watch brands. Rotary actually grew out and now sells its watches in over 65 different countries where it is known as an amazing, high-quality fashion watch for an affordable price.

Is Rotary a luxury watch brand

Luxury watch brands are watches that are a little more special than other watches. They have different characteristics and are usually seen as watches that have an investment opportunity, cost more money, and use special materials. Luxury watches are mostly hand-made and can are usually special and therefore good watches.

Rotary is not a luxury watch brand. Rotary manufactures watches that are usually mass-produced and therefore use cheaper materials and production costs. While luxury watch brands are usually hand-made and use expensive materials.

Luxury watch brands could be important when you’re making a choice about whether you want to buy a watch or not. We have a lot of articles on the different watch brands in the industry and why they are luxury watch brands or not. Examples are the competitors of Rotary like Seiko, Tissot, Citizen, and Breitling.

For more articles on watches and the different questions that are frequently asked. We have an entire website that covers all of your watch questions. Check it out over here.

Since the founding of the Tudor brand in 1926 by Hans Wilsdorf, the brand has started working itself up in the luxury watch industry. Even though this did not happen by accident and the brand needed a long time next to its big brother Rolex, it still worked out nicely. Modern Tudor watches are becoming increasingly popular and are crawling their way up in the luxury watch market. We went after it, is Tudor a good watch?

Tudor is a good watch brand. The brand is actually known for producing amazing manufacturing quality. Their own materials and own in-house movements have a great price/quality ratio. After becoming known as the “little brother of Rolex”, the brand has drawn more towards its own materials and vision.

Tudor isn’t only known for producing good quality movements and overall products. With the brand being backed by Rolex, you would expect a lot from the quality and perhaps investment opportunities. We answer all questions about how good the Tudor brand is.

Why Tudor is a good watch

Tudor’s history was built upon being the more affordable alternative to a Rolex watch. The watch was manufactured to attain the standards of dependability for which Rolex are famous for a more affordable price. With the brand being backed by such a large and experienced brother company. You’d expect one of the best alternative options for the biggest luxury watch brands.

Tudor was founded in 1926 and has been able to form her own vision over the years, moving away from Rolex. Over the years, the materials and colors have started to form their own identity. This was due to the global relaunch which happened in 2009.

Ever since the global relaunch, the brand faded away a little bit more from its status of being the “more affordable” variant of Rolex. The new relaunch has ensured that they produce new in-house movements and create high-quality, reputable timepieces.

This global relaunch made some adjustments and has therefore ensured that the modern Tudor watches are of good quality and that they offer a good price/quality ratio. We discuss a number of factors that make us think Tudor is a good watch brand.

is tudor a good watch


Materials obviously play a major role in whether a watch is good or not. Most materials differ in quality, but the quality of the materials also depends on the price of the watch. Tudor is known for producing watches that offer great value for money, which we will talk about later.

The fact is that the materials used in Tudor watches are actually of incredible quality and use some of the highest tier materials, also used by most of the biggest luxury watch brands.

Tudor uses titanium and steel in their watches. They also use sapphire crystals for the face of the watch, which is known to be anti-scratch and have an anti-corrosive nature. Also, the brand uses forms of gold for its products. Which can often be seen in the most luxurious watches on the market.

In short, for a luxury watch, the materials are exceptionally good and you do not pay more than is necessary for your new Tudor watch and its materials.

Price/Quality ratio

Tudor is actually known for producing watches that get you an incredible value for what you pay. For the quality of the materials and the look and solid feel of the watch, you are guaranteed to get back what you’ve paid for.

Tudor watches aren’t cheap, but they are compared to the rest of the luxury watch market and its competitors. As we know, Tudor was once founded to become the cheaper alternative to Rolex. And therefore to other major luxury watch brands. It only makes sense that they then want to change as little as possible in the quality and the feel of the watch.

And they have fulfilled this. Tudor and Rolex’s materials actually are quite similar. The look and feel of the watch are also reasonably comparable, and the quality doesn’t lack as well.

The difference is in the superiority of the materials and the expertise and time put into the watch manufacturing process. Because Tudor didn’t fail to score in terms of quality compared to other luxury watch brands. The brand actually offers an amazing price/quality ratio.

The brand name and the production rate also play a major role in deciding the price of the watch. We actually have an entire article on why Tudor is a luxury watch, and what the differences are from Rolex watches. We explain the price differences and what some watches are luxury watches over here.

The price

If we tell you that a Tudor watch offers a good price/quality ratio, it might be good to know how much a Tudor watch actually costs. An average Tudor model values for about $2500 to $5000.

Is Tudor a good investment watch

Another factor that could be decisive for watch collectors is whether the watch holds its value over time. The fact is that there are very few watches that can actually be a good investment opportunity. So, how is that with the Tudor brand?

In general, Tudor is not a good investment. While some Tudor watches tend to hold value or even appreciate, most of them won’t. Because there are certain Tudor models that are good as an investment, it is important to do good research before acting on a potential investment.

Tudor really only has two models that stick out in popularity when it comes to possible investment opportunities. The models that stick out are the following two:

  • Tudor Pelagos
  • Tudor Black Bay

Pelagos and Black Bay

There are certain lines that are worth looking at when it comes to investing in Tudor watches. One of them is the Tudor Black Bay series. With the use of in-house developed calibers and special retro-inspired watches. The Tudor Black Bay series is a good potential investment that is worth looking into. This line has become Tudor’s financially most successful watch with its modern vintage style. Especially the Tudor Heritage Black Bay.

Another one could be the Tudor Pelagos series that are also becoming increasingly interesting for investment opportunities. This is actually a really interesting one because of the figures that this model has achieved in recent years. In fact, from 2012 to 2016, the Tudor Pelagos had an increasing value increase of 26%. With a total value increase of about $900.

These numbers are not really to write home about but they are something to keep in mind when thinking of investing in a luxury watch from Tudor. But in general, the watches don’t tend to hold their value as well, and we’d advise looking into other watch brands.

Are Tudor watches good enough to be worth it

Tudor watches are certainly no longer seen as the sister or brother of Rolex. Of course, it still plays a role, but at least, the fact that they have started drawing their own plan has helped to create their own identity for the brand.

This new relaunch and identity also carry new design, manufacturing processes, and a different vision. For example, the manufacturing of the Tudor Bronze watches is an innovation that really shows a positive appearance for the brand.

So, is Tudor good enough? Tudor basically allowed consumers to gain access to a watch with the reliability and dependability of a Rolex, but at a lower price. So, it all depends on your personal needs for a watch. If you are looking for the same look and feel of a Rolex watch but without the sky-high price to pay, Tudor is a great option for you.

As we mentioned before, Tudor watches offer a great price/quality ratio and this never changed. The fact is that you’ll get a lot of worth for your money and you won’t be disappointed with the quality of your new timepiece. In terms of quality and price, yes, Tudor watches are worth it. It will be a great option for you if you have specific purposes. But it all comes down to personal preference when buying, really any timepiece.

In terms of investing only specific models will really be worth looking at. Although there are several better options to be made when thinking of buying a watch as an investment.

We have an article on how watches could be an investment. In this article, we explain exactly the differences between investment opportunities and we they could appreciate or depreciate in value over time.

Is Tudor respected

Whether a watch is good or not also has to do with the appreciation of the brand. Specific watch brands have different legacies and different stories. Tudor has a large history, they have always had a lesser reputation than their brother, Rolex because it was simply less known.

But that reputation has increased significantly since the global relaunch in 2009. They really established themselves in the watch industry and gained a lot of respect through the years.

With their new in-house movements, amazing link with Rolex, and innovative technology and design, the Tudor brand has really established itself through the years.

Tudor is a good watch

In this article, we discussed why Tudor is a good watch. There are several factors that we think are important for watches to be good. With the Tudor brand, the first thing that sounds really appealing is the fact that it has been founded by the same founder as Rolex, which is one of the if not the most legendary brands in the watch industry history.

By using the same materials and vision for many years, Tudor lays an amazing foundation for their brand to be a very good watch brand. And their global relaunch showed this in a very positive way.

Another factor that we thought stood out for Tudor watches is the price to quality ratio. While most luxury watches have an unbelievable price tag due to their high production scheme, materials, and demand and supply rate, Tudor offers luxury watches for the same talk for a more affordable price tag.

With the average Tudor model valued at about $2500 to $5000, the prices are significantly less than usual luxury watches and come with an amazing price to quality ratio.

In today’s world, watch investing has become increasingly popular, and that’s for good reason. Investing in the right watches could bring you some nice returns in the future. Omega is one of worlds most popular watch brands and that’s why we answered the question: Is Omega a good investment?

In general, Omega watches could be great investments. Compared to other investments though, most Omega watches are not worth investing in. However, past events have proven certain models like Omega Speedmaster, and Omega Seamaster offer different potential investments.

Before deciding to invest in a luxury watch, we recommend you do good research before buying one of these timepieces. We took a look into the Omega brand and figured out exactly where the potential investment lies.

Which Omega is a good investment

The better question that we might need to ask is not if Omega is a good investment, but which Omega is a good investment. This is usually the case with all watch brands. Watches as investments come down to the metrics that reflect inflation in the cost of new watches which makes the preowned models more valuable as alternatives to purchasing new ones.

When we look at the Omega brand, there are two types that immediately come to the mind of watch collectors and investors.

  • Omega Speedmaster
  • Omega Seamaster

For people that are not familiar with the Omega brand in general, these are two types of watches that Omega offers that have a model line underneath them.

Which Omega watch is a good investment depends on numerous factors. One that we always mention and that is very important is the demand and supply of the particular model. Basically, this means that when the demand for a model goes up, and the supply of that model doesn’t follow, the price of that watch tends to rise. There are certain factors that can influence the price of a watch. Which is the reason you will notice it fluctuate through the years.

Take a look at our article on how watches can be an asset. In this article, we go over all of the aspects that cause watches to appreciate or depreciate in value over time. It might be handy for you as you’d get a great understanding of these factors. You can look at it by clicking this link.

Chrono24 actually offers a graph for different models that show the price increase or decrease over the years. This graph shows the increase in prices of the specific models. They compare the list price with the resale price and come down to an average number. We checked out the prices for the two most popular Omega models.

Omega Speedmaster

The Omega Speedmaster is an interesting model and is very popular amongst watch collectors. In fact, this is for good reason. The price of this watch seems to increase every year when we look at the past decade. For example, the caliber 861 movement, was originally $2,400 in 2009. in 2021, this watch already sold for $6,500. This shows increases that can go up to 180%. Taking that into consideration shows that this watch was a great investment between 2009 and 2021.

However, this definitely doesn’t show that this is a proven way of investing in an Omega Speedmaster. Although investments are never certain, the demand and supply of this particular model cover a big audience and is hard to imagine that this model will suddenly drop in price.

All in all this model has proven to appreciate over time. When looking for a watch with future investment, Omega’s Speedmaster line should be a decent call when doing the right research. Take a look at the Speedmaster caliber 861 movements, or the Speedmaster Moonwatch line.

is omega a good investment
Omega Speedmaster Professional

Omega Seamaster

The Omega Seamaster line is also a very popular one amongst watch collectors as this line has also proven to hold or even appreciate in value over time. While this model isn’t known to get the same ROI as the Omega Speedmaster, they can still appreciate in value close to 150% over time according to Chrono24.

For example, the Omega Seamaster 300M model has proven to get these returns over the decade from 2009 to 2020. Other Seamaster models like the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean have also proven to at least hold their value over time.

These models tend to hold value because of their very high demand. However, when comparing these models to its competitors like Rolex, the returns will definitely not be as high.

So, Is Omega a good investment

If we take everything into consideration we can draw a conclusion as to whether Omega is a good watch brand to invest in. For that, we took a look at the following factors:

  • Models
  • Supply & Demand
  • Age of the model

The fact is that everything really comes down to the specific model of the Omega brand. In general, you can assume that most Omega watches will drop in price when you first walk out of the store, expect a value drop of about 25% to 40% of their purchase value.

The next thing to look at is the supply and demand of the specific model you are trying to invest in. You’ll have to make sure that the demand is higher than the supply of the model, otherwise, there will be no reason to let the watch appreciate in value. Therefore, taking a look at the right models is crucial for future investments.

Other than that, it also comes down to the particular watch itself. The age of your watch will also depend on the value of the watch. All in all, the only two types of watches that are really worth taking a look at are the Omega Speedmaster and the Omega Seamaster. Some great models to take a look at are some of the following ones that you can check out via this link. Also take a look at the following models:

  • Seamaster Planet Ocean
  • Speedmaster caliber 861
  • Seamaster 300M (Ref. 2541.80)
  • Speedmaster Snoopy (Ref. 3578.51.00)


To summarize this article, Omega is a fantastic brand that offers the potential to invest in luxury watches. Although the watch brand does have some potential investments, it doesn’t come close to the investment opportunities you get when you look at watch brands like Patek and Rolex.

When you still try to look at the opportunities, look at the two most popular watch types, those are the Omega Speedmaster line, and the Omega Seamaster line.

Breitling is known as a beautiful and relatively affordable watch compared to its competitors. If you’ve ever thought of getting one of Breitling’s timepieces, you’ll probably like to do some research first. So, is Breitling a good watch? We did a quality survey to answer this question as well as possible.

Breitling is a very good watch brand. Outside of Breitling being known for outstanding designs and extraordinary appearance, the overall build quality, and finish is laudable. Breitling offers its own (high) quality assurance standards, according to watch enthusiasts these standards are reflected in practice.

Breitling is an interesting brand that is incredibly well known to watch enthusiasts. With competitors like Tudor and Omega, there are more questions to answer about its quality. This is what we did in the rest of this article.

Why is Breitling a good watch

Those who have delved into the watch market, all know that Breitling is a well-known brand in the industry. You would say that it is not for nothing. Although it is safe to say that in terms of recognizability, they don’t yet compare to Rolex, they are actually comparable in quality with the world’s most recognizable and distinctive watch brands.

So what makes Breitling such a good watch brand. To check this, we looked at a number of distinguishing factors, from the point of view of the detail, we have examined the following factors:

  • Price
  • Durability
  • Materials
  • Potential investment

It is of course true that the popularity of this brand does not just come from anywhere. So that’s why we took a closer look at these factors.


The price of Breitling watches is immediately a positive addition for the brand. The overall build quality and finish are very laudable at the price point they are offered. In other words, you could say that the price-quality ratio is relatively positive.

For example, Breitling’s Chronomat Colt is already available for about $2,000 USD, making it one of the cheapest Breitling watches. The average Breitling watch will cost you between $3,000 and $10,000 USD, which is a fair price for a watch of this caliber.

Breitling prices start at less than half the price of Rolex watches and as we mentioned before, the quality is comparable. It is of course true that these watches have a hefty price tag, this has to do with their materials and the luxurious status they carry. But for the materials used, and prices compared to the competition the price is already a good one for the brand.


Breitling is known for manufacturing aesthetically pleasing watches. The problem with aesthetically pleasing is that there could be issues with lack of quality or durability of the materials. This in turn can have consequences for the watch, as it can have an effect on your investment or because you simply want to wear it for several decades.

Breitling has proven for decades or even centuries that they can make watches that last. In fact, Breitling is even known for making their watches that will probably outlive you as a person. This fact makes it even more attractive for investments and watches collectors. We will come back to that later in this article.


Materials are obviously a very important factor for watches to be good. Without the right materials or the right quality of the materials, watches can never be good. So, how are the materials of Breitling watches?

Breitling is known for manufacturing watches that use stainless steel and 18 karat gold or platinum materials. Which is actually made with real gold. These materials have the characteristics of an anti-corrosive nature, which even makes them hold considerable value due to the material’s long lifespan. These materials also guarantee water resistance. All in all, the quality of Breitling’s materials is outstanding and is known to last a very long time.

You can obviously keep up with this lifespan by servicing your watch every now and then, which is an absolute must for every watch owner of this caliber. We actually have an entire article on the service cost of a Breitling watch. This could be really handy if you are trying to sum up the costs of your new Breitling watch. Check the article on how much a Breitling service costs over here.

is Breitling a good potential investment

Why is a potential investment such an important factor for a watch to be good? Well, that has to do with the fact that the purchase price of these luxury goods is so high that you’ll also want a reasonable amount in return for the exit.

Luxury watches holding their value is a frequently asked question among watch collectors and enthusiasts. This is because some models in the industry are known to be potential investments over the decades. There are a few characteristics of watches that tend to hold their value more than normal watches, but it mainly comes down to the supply and demand of the watch.

Although Breitling watches are known to be more affordable than the likes of Rolex or Patek Phillipe, doesn’t have to mean that they won’t at least hold somewhat of their resale value. Due to the high reliability of the Breitling brand, watch collectors have gained convincing levels of trust for the brand.

The fact is that it obviously will depend on the model that you buy. But Breitling watches do not tend to hold their value over time as well as the likes of Rolex or Omega watches. A value drop of about 10% to 35% is expected after leaving the Breitling boutique. Although the resale value won’t be as high as other high-end luxury watch brands, you’ll still be able to get a considerable amount back for your previous order.

Is Breitling a Good Watch

Conclusion, is Breitling a good watch

So, what did we learn from putting these factors side by side? Well, there is a direct correlation between the value of a brand, the recognition of a brand, and the resale value. It is probably one of the most distinctive watch brands you’ll find on the market.

With their quality and long-lasting materials. The amazing durability, and a price tag that tends to be more affordable than its (huge) competitors. It’s safe to say that the Breitling watch brand is very good.

Is Breitling as good as a Rolex watch

Now that we have really taken a good look at what makes the Breitling brand so good, we want to distinguish one more thing as this is such a frequently asked query within the watch industry. Although we all know that Rolex currently carries the world’s most recognizable brands are known to be the best of the best, the comparison between these two is really worth it.

These two amazing brands’ comparison is due to the lower price of the Breitling brand but the more recognizable brand is Rolex. These two important factors in the watch industry make it very attractive for watch collectors to compare the two brands.

When it comes to recognition, Rolex wins this comparison as they are known to be the world’s most recognizable Swiss watch brand. Breitling doesn’t yet make it into the top ten of this list. But, we want to know which is the better brand, as that is what this article is about. In terms of quality, both brands tend to be exceptional. There is a small amount of quality difference between the brands. Which might even make it more attractive to buy yourself a breitling watch when it comes to quality and price.

If you want to go for a more recognizable brand, you’ll probably still want to go for a Rolex. But keep in mind that you’ll pay at least twice as much for this watch.

Is it worth to buy Breitling

After all, let’s check if this watch brand is actually worth considering for the normal watch buyer. Breitling owns and manufactured excellent watches. The fact is that most watches that are anything above the average price to tell you the time, are not necessary anymore. So, it really depends on your personal needs if you want to buy yourself a Breitling watch. Breitling is luxury timepiece that is more expensive than you”l need in your life. But, if you appreciate a piece of mechanical art. An affordable piece of a watchmaker’s work than the brand could be worth your money.

We’d say watch collectors or people that have enough to spend to buy a watch like this should have a good one for this watch. Because Breitling is a great watch brand that offers quality pieces that come with years of experience and expertise. It is worth buying a Breitling if you enjoy their story, or like to have a timepiece that exudes luxury and quality.

So in terms of price, Breitling watches might be a little overpriced when you look at it to see only tell the time. But, if you look at it from the eye of a watch collector. That’s passionate about these timepieces and appreciates the story of these watches, Breitling is a great watch to buy. With its amazing quality, innovative design, and high-end luxury, Breitling is definitely worth buying.

Summing up

Summing up this article, let’s add a little conclusion to what we’ve just discovered from the Breitling brand. Starting off, we’ve come to the conclusion that Breitling is an amazing watch brand. We’ve mentioned some factors that could determine whether a watch is good or not. Breitling basically ticks all of these boxes.

Breitling owns and manufactures watches that last a lifetime, offer great materials, and have incredible durability. This is all for at least half the price of its competitors. The cheapest Breitling is already available for about $2,000 USD. Which is an exceptional price for the quality that these watches tend to have.

With Breitling’s stainless steel and 18 karat gold or platinum materials that they use on their models, the materials are exceeding the expectations for the price. So, all in all. Breitling is a great watch brand that offers amazing quality luxury watches.

Omega is one of the most popular watch brands of today. With its large history, you’d expect good expertise and quality from the brand. But is that true? Is Omega a good watch brand?

Omega is a very good watch brand. Obviously, quality changes from different models. But Omega offers great accuracy, innovative designs, and sometimes even more features than its rivals. Over a decade of experience shows in their luxurious and high-quality timepieces.

What makes Omega such a good watch brand, and where did all of this experience come from. There are certain factors that determine if a watch is “good”, or not, let’s discuss them in the following paragraphs.

Why Omega is a good watch brand

Omega watches are worldwide known. With their incredible experience, you’d expect somewhat worth for your money when you buy one of their models. Let’s start with some of their key characteristics that Omega watches are known for:

  • Reliability
  • Precision and Accuracy
  • Affordability
  • Swiss manufacturing
  • Movement finishing

Omega is arguably one of the worlds leading Swiss watch brands, and not for no reason. The following few factors are some that we think are deciding and make Omega such a good watch brand.

Is Omega a Good Watch Brand

Reliability of the Omega watch brand

Omega is known for being one of the most reliable watch brands. This mainly has to do with the fact that their models offer a great value for money and large history. Omega’s history states back to 1848 when Louis Brandt founded the brand in a very important city for the Swiss watch market, La Chaux-de-Fonds. This makes up for more than a decade worth of experience.

Another reliable factor is the value of money. While Omega is known to be a sister brand for Rolex watches and has a lot in common with Rolex, they are a lot cheaper than it’s so said, brother Rolex.

Precision and Accuracy

The difference between Omega watches with some of their rivals is that Omega makes Quartz and Mechanical watch movements. Quartz movements are battery-powered and are usually more accurate than mechanical movements as they produce an electrical current when mechanical stress is applied to them.

Omega even offers a range as to where their watches are still respected to be. These Omega tolerances are from -1 to +6 seconds per day. The brand was very focused on improving accuracy, this was a major aim of innovation for Omega for their most popular watch brands. And with success, as today’s Omega movements are known to be very accurate and precise.


When people think of luxury watches they usually think of highly luxurious and pricey pieces of jewelry. While Omega offers luxury watches from $2000,- they are still seen as one of the most affordable values for money watches around the globe, and this wasn’t just for nothing.

As we mentioned before, Omega has a lot of similarities with Rolex watches. This is because Omega was actually founded by the same founder as Rolex, with a different vision. The goal of Omega was to offer a more affordable alternative to their more expensive brother, Rolex.

This vision carried through to this day, and this makes Omega one of the lower price luxury watches, with a lot of similarities in design, materials, and manufacturing experience. Making it a great bang for the buck.

Swiss manufacturing

For most people who know anything about watches, a watch made in Switzerland sounds like music to your ears. For the ones who don’t know why this is so important, let us explain.

Swiss-made watches have the following trademark: ‘Swiss Made’ is regarded as a level of quality. Swiss-made watches are known for their world-famous quality. They have a powerful legacy and gain trust through their exceptional craftsmanship. By legal definition, watches can earn a badge that says “Swiss-made”, when at least 60% of the entire manufacturing costs of the watch should be made in Switzerland.

Now comes the good part. Omega is known for going further than the expectations, by going beyond the required standards of 60%, meeting Switzerland’s highest demands. This means that all of the watches are Swiss-made and gain this trustworthy badge which stands for quality and a powerful legacy that brings a lot of faith and trust in the brand.

We have an entire article on Omega watches being Swiss-made, and what it means for the brand and for any of your future purchases, this link will take you there.

Movement finishing

Omega is also known for using its own in-house movements. This movement has excellent finishing and has very high quality. Some even state that the Omega movement finishing is way better than Rolex’s. All in all, it’s very hard to go wrong with an Omega movement.

Is Omega a luxury watch brand

With all of these benefits for relatively affordable prices, you might think that this brand can’t be a luxury watch brand anymore. But this is not true. Omega is a luxury watch brand. While there is no specific guideline or protocol for luxury watches, we do distinguish normal watches from luxury watches we mainly see differences in the materials, the brand name, the price tag, and the way of producing the watches (hand made or mass-produced).

When we look at these factors for Omega, we see all of these factors coming back in all of their movements. This makes it safe to say that Omega is a luxury watch brand. We actually also have an entire article on this if you want to know more about the brand and its luxurious history. You can look at the article here.

Is the Omega watch brand worth buying

Let’s sum up this article with the main question that you all probably want to know. Is Omega a good watch brand, and should you buy their watches?

Omega is definitely worth buying. This is because their movements offer amazing precision and accuracy, have a high worth of trustworthiness, and offer some of the most affordable luxury watch prices on the market. Therefore, the brand offers a great bang for the buck.

Not only do they offer a great bang for the buck, you also get some amazing quality back for it. If you are looking for your first or just an affordable luxury watch, with high-quality timepieces, Omega is the right address.

Omega is a fantastic brand, offering huge reliability and superb performance.

Grand Seiko is a popular watch brand that produces its own in-house watches and is located in Japan. With the high degree of luxury, together with master craftsmanship and made in exclusive watch manufacturing studios, comes the urge to see it as a potential investment. So, do Grand Seiko watches hold value?

Some Grand Seiko watches hold value. Depending on the model, most Grand Seiko watches are expected to lose 10% – 20% of their value immediately after the moment of purchase. Some limited edition models will hold their value, but you can expect a value decrease of up to 45% at the time of resale.

Grand Seiko is an amazing brand that offers exclusive movements and exceptional craftsmanship. Some of their high-end luxury watches will hold value and we will discuss the exact models in the following paragraphs.

Why most Grand Seiko watches do not hold value

Grand Seiko is a luxury watch brand. Luxury watch brands usually are more likely to manufacture watches that have good value retention. This is also the reason why people think Grand Seiko is a better brand to invest in than the regular Seiko watch line, which is true in a sense.

Grand Seiko is basically made by the same manufacturer as Seiko, the difference is that it’s made in one of Seiko’s two exclusive watchmaking studios, where they manufacture watches for luxury watch enthusiasts as their target audience. The differences are seen in the price point, quality of materials, and handmade craftsmanship. These factors usually make for a better resale price.

The fact is that most watches in the industry do not hold their value nor are great investment opportunities. Only the most premium brands like Rolex or Patek Phillipe make for a worthy potential investment. But it is also a fact that watches holding their value comes down to specific models rather than entire brands, due to the characteristics or emotional value of a specific model.

This is the reason why most Grand Seiko watches do not hold their value. The value retention of a watch usually comes down to the supply & demand of a model. if the supply is lower than the demand for that model, prices tend to rise as time passes. Let’s discuss which models hold value.

Which Grand Seiko watches hold value

Just like some other luxury watch brands, Grand Seiko offers some models that hold their value better than others. Although you can’t expect them to be an amazing investment like some, for example, Rolex models, the following models have proven to hold their value relatively well. The models you should look at are usually the limited edition or some popular discontinued series. While these watches won’t always hold their value, they have proven they are capable to hold up to 80% – 100% of their value.

Limited editions:

  • Grand Seiko SBGJ021
  • Grand Seiko SBGA405
  • Grand Seiko SBGH267

Grand Seiko SBGJ021

This model is a limited edition watch that Grand Seiko produced in 2016. It comes with a 55-hour power reserve and a 36,000 vph operating movement. This limited edition model has only produced about 500 pieces ever since, making the supply rather limited. Although this watch doesn’t have an amazing demand compared to the supply, you can still be up for a great resale value of its initial purchase price due to the low supply.

Grand Seiko SBGA405

This is another limited edition model that has proven to hold significant amounts of its value. When Grand Seiko first introduced this limited edition watch, it cost $12,500, we now see these limited edition models sell for around €10,800, which means it held its value really well through the years with value retention of about 85%.

Grand Seiko SBGH267

This is another popular limited edition watch amongst watch collectors. With a production rate of 1500 units since the first launch in 2018, the watch has sold out ever since. It used to sell for around $6,500, we’ve seen these limited edition watches gradually rise in price, and have even seen price increases of up to 150% of their initial purchase price. Making it one of the few Grand Seiko models that did not only hold its value but was also a great investment.

How much will Grand Seiko watches hold value

Grand Seiko watches are known to hold pretty good value when choosing the right model. Although there are a few models that hold their value, you can generally state that these watches are not great investments nor hold value well.

You can expect a value drop for these watches of about 10% – 30% if you wait long enough for your resale. Expect a bigger value loss of about 40% – 50% when selling it within a year after purchasing.

Does Seiko hold value

There is a difference between Seiko and Grand Seiko watches. Although they are made by the same manufacturer, Seiko owns two exclusive watch factories where their Grand Seiko models are produced. Seiko is an entirely different story when it comes to potential investments or value retention.

This mainly has to do with the fact that Seiko is not a luxury watch brand. This includes the fact that it is mass-produced, made by machines. And has a way lower price than its premium brother Grand Seiko. We actually have an entire article explaining if Seiko holds value or not, you can read it over here.

There are several factors that determine whether a watch will hold its value or not. A few of them are the price. The supply compared to the demand, and the rarity and mental value of a specific model. The fact is that Seiko doesn’t target the luxury watch audience.

They rather target an audience that is just wearing watches as fashion pieces, making their products very affordable. So, it’s safe to say that Seiko models usually do not hold their value. Except for some discontinued models.

Grand Seiko hold value

Is Grand Seiko good quality

A watch that has good value retention needs good longevity. This has to do with the fact that a potential investment or value increase needs time, usually years or even decades. Therefore, the quality of a watch that holds value needs to be rather good.

Grand Seiko is an amazing brand that carries a big package of experience through the years. The manufacturers that produce their watches have been producing watches since 1881 when Seiko was founded.

Grand Seiko is known to have an amazing value for the price you pay. This means that their products have very good quality compared to the price you pay. This is reflected in the materials, craftsmanship, design, and finishing of the watch.

To make it even better, Grand Seiko watches are known to have an outstanding quality of construction compared to their competitors. Grand Seiko is superior in terms of quality and is amongst the best quality watches in the industry.

Is Grand Seiko a good investment

There is a difference between a watch that holds value and a watch that is seen as a potential investment. The fact is that Grand Seiko is a luxury watch brand that offers limited supply and relatively high demand. This causes some sort of extinction that could provide a potential investment.

The fact is, like we mentioned before, that most Grand Seiko watches will depreciate around 10% – 20% after they leave the store. With some exceptions that have proven to hold their value. It is hard to say which models will exactly be good investments. But we’ve definitely seen Grand Seiko models that appreciate in value after some time.

In general, Grand Seiko watches are not great investments. When looking at potential investments you should be looking at other watches like Rolex or Patek Phillipe, maybe even Omega. But the general Grand Seiko won’t do more than hold a significant amount of its value.


To conclude this article, we can state that Grand Seiko does not hold value as well as some other brands do. You can expect a value drop of about 10% – 20% of its value the moment you leave the store. When quickly selling your watch after you buy a watch, you can expect a value drop of around 40%.

Grand Seiko has models that have proven to hold value really well and you can resell them for sometimes 80% – 100% of their initial purchase price. Which is really reasonable when selling your watch after several years of wearing it.

All in all, like other brands, Grand Seiko watches hold value when choosing the right models. Make sure you do your research when buying a watch as an investment or if you expect it to hold value.

We have more articles on watches and specific queries about them. If you have questions about all of the different popular watch brands, don’t hesitate to check out our website over here. For more articles on Seiko or Grand Seiko, you can check out this page, we talk about additional service costs, potential investment opportunities, and more about this particular watch brand.